How to Start a YouTube Channel

So, you have taken a step forward to start a YouTube channel for your business. Congratulations! That is an awesome step. But struggling to know how to start a YouTube channel in an easy way? You are at the right place! This article discusses how to create a successful YouTube channel for beginners. You might know that most businesses think promoting their business on YouTube is quite difficult as it takes a lot of effort to deal with the videos. They are right! Starting a YouTube channel is not as simple as starting a website or a blog. But you need to know one surprising fact, nearly one-third of Americans adults use YouTube. The stats may mostly remain the same across the world. Out of those 1/3rd YouTube, half users visit the giant video platform(YouTube) each day. As, it is the second most visited website across the world next to Google, which is its parent company. So you have high chances to gain users and visitors to your business if you use it properly.

Billions of internet users are spending millions of hours on YouTube and generating billions of views. In fact, U.S teens and adults prefer to use YouTube than cable networks. So, if you are still fearing that YouTube is hard to handle, hope this information will motivate you to kick start a YouTube channel for your brand. By the end of this article, you will know how to create a successful YouTube channel. Check out the 10 easy and simple steps to create a YouTube channel.

How to Start a YouTube Channel for Beginners

Starting a YouTube channel takes 10 simple steps. Remember using any web or mobile application such as Facebook for the first time? You performed a few steps such as

  • Signing up
  • Creating your profile
  • Adding your cover photo
  • Notifying your friends that you are on this platform
  • And posting some stuff on it

You are going to have an answer for the question ‘How to start a YouTube channel’ by the end of this article. Stick on…

Starting a YouTube channel also takes similar steps but as you are creating this for your branding purpose, you need to be a bit-perfect. So, let’s start seeing how to start a successful YouTube channel…

Step 1: Sign in to YouTube

Go to and you will see a ‘Sign in‘ button at the top right corner of the page, click on it.

You will find the below page. Proceed to log in using your Google account(email address) you would like to associate with your channel. Or if you don’t have one, create a new Google Account and sign in with the same.


Now click on the user icon at the top right corner, you’ll see a dropdown. Head to settings(the gear icon) in the list and click on it.


Here is the option to choose how you want to display yourself. YouTube provides an option to modify any of the changes to your Google account like Gender, date of birth and display name.

Click on ‘Create a new channel’.


Step 2: Provide your Details

Provide the name of your business or brand as your channel name. Now you will get to see a page similar to the below one.

You can see a section to describe your channel, here is the opportunity to tell about your brand and optimize with keywords as well. Perform a little keyword research, and describe your brand to widen your visibility.

Provide your email address in the about section for business enquires and location. 


You can even embed up to 5 custom links in the channel banner. 

Step 3: Describe your Brand

Now its time to describe your brand and purpose of your channel. Here comes an important task, create your channel art. By the way, this is your cover photo, if someone comes to view your channel profile -the first and large thing that appears is your cover photo. And the next task is uploading your channel icon. It is recommended to upload your brand logo as your channel icon, as this the only icon that appears to people viewing your videos on either desktop or mobile.

YouTube allows file size of up to 4MB and 2560×1440 pixels to upload your cover photo. 


Adjust your photo at the center of the screen and crop it in such a way that your channel art is visible clearly on all devices such as mobiles, laptops, PCs, and TVs.

Also, write channel description between 100 to 5000 characters.


Step 4: Upload your First Official Video

Now its time to upload your videos with some high-quality. Get all the required equipment to shoot or create your videos. As it is your business account, you might already know what to upload. For instance, if you are a technology-related company, introduce your new products and also upload videos saying how to use them. So, if you already have some in your hands, post them. Fill the video description which allows up to 100 to 5000 characters, put in only important keywords words to describe your video. Remember, do not stuff more number of keywords.


Step 5: Design your Channel Structure

You are all set up with your new YouTube channel for your business. Now, you need to focus on sorting your playlists. You cannot create an account, post a single video and them post nothing after a while. So have a handful of videos in prior, say have at least 5 videos to post in the next month. And create different playlists for different category videos. So that if your viewers come to your profile, they can easily access your videos based on their category interests.

Step 6: Release Channel Trailer

You designed your channel in the way you want, now its time to tell your to-be-viewers about your channel. So, YouTube provided an option to release a trailer(a short video) that will reach the people who don’t know you. Thinking what to say in the trailer? You can describe your channel and what are you going to post on it and when are you going to post your videos. Tell them a specific day when you are going to post the video every week so that they expect your videos on the same day. Do not be shy, ask them to subscribe to your channel.


Step 7: Make the Channel Visible

Now, you have almost become a regular YouTube channel. So now you need to carefully design the layout of your channel. YouTube provides multiple options such customize your layout, and adjust channel art according to different devices. You need to re-check the following things in order to make your channel page neat and clean.

  1. Your channel art, channel icon and links.
  2. The channel description, make sure you provided info with relevant keywords
  3. Your playlist and description to each playlist and description to each video(you need to do this every time you post a new video)

Step 8: Make it Accessible

Your business now has a new platform to promote it. You have already given links to your website on your channel. You also need to integrate the YouTube channel on your website. Along with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social channels place the YouTube links on your website. Promote your new channel and your new videos wherever possible to gain some subscribers to your channel. 


Step 9: Analyze Insights & Optimize

Though there are less business on YouTube, the competition is unimaginable. You can overcome the competition with little effort. First thing- your content in the video should be interesting, engaging and useful to the viewers. The second thing – analyze other channels in the same niche and gain insights. Optimize your channel accordingly with keywords and if you are interspersed with YouTube ads, simply go for them. Optimizing is not a big task, because if you have a good rank on Google, YouTube considers that factor and reviews accordingly.

Step 10: Join Partner Program

As a beginner, you cannot expect monetization immediately, but you can join the YouTube partner program, and verify your details. In 12 months if you get 4000 public watch hours and consistent 1000 subscribers, you are eligible to get monetized. However this takes time, you need to focus on creating and adding quality content on your channel.

Hope this how to start a YouTube channel for beginners’ guide helps you in creating a successful channel and gain millions of views…
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