How to Sell Makeup Online 

Have you ever waited a long time for your favorite make up brand to launch the latest item? Your wait has now come to an end, the product is launched. But!!! It is not as good as you expected. Oops!!! What to do now? You can’t use the product or get a refund, then what to do? Why not sell makeup online. Now, you must be thinking? What is it a thing? Can you sell your makeup online? Yup, you can sell your barely used makeup online.

 Not only above-mentioned case, if you’re someone who loves makeup then there are chances that you will buy a lot of products and there is also a chance that you may throw a lot of barely used products as they end up in the farthest corner of your drawer and more likely you would have forgotten about them. But if they’re not expired and as mentioned if they are used barely they can be sold online.

Selling the used makeup online is surely legal. And there are many websites available where you can sell used makeup. But only sell your makeup online if you have followed basic hygiene standards because people can even get someone sick from makeup too. Shocking!!! But true. It is better not to sell if you didn’t follow hygiene or stored them in unhygienic places as the makeup touches the eyes, mouth, face, hands. 

As you’re however not going to use some of your makeup, why not sell it in the second-hand market and cut down some of your losses. Or simply just make some cash to buy new makeup. 

Will People buy?

See if you’re someone who purchases makeup frequently but didn’t use much of it then you can sell it to others who are interested in it. But it is natural to have doubts, whether people will buy it or not? So lets clear that. Many people are interested in second-hand products. Wondering why? See many people love decking up and makeup. But not everyone can afford costly brands or some of them are interested in trying the products but they are not interested in spending such a hefty amount just to sample. So for all such people getting the makeup products at such a reasonable price in the second-hand market will not have a problem. Also isn’t it better than buying counterfeits?

But this brings us to the question, how to sell the makeup online? Stick till the end to find out.

Selling Makeup Online

There are several ways to sell your makeup online. So let’s discuss them in detail.


You don’t need to have a website or a huge network to sell your makeup. Why not just go good old fashioned way? Social media. Yup, using the resources you have will bring you results quicker. The best thing about using platforms like Instagram is that you don’t have to worry about the commission or hosting charges. Also, if you have a good following then selling becomes easier. It is just that you have to use the right hashtags. It will become easier for your buyers to find you. Not only Instagram, but you can also try selling on other social media platforms too.

Also, Wanna know how Instagram makes money? Check out our article.


There is no single person who is not familiar with this platform. eBay is a platform where people can sell or buy anything they want. So why is makeup any exception? Frankly, this is one of the best platforms for selling stuff. But remember that your pictures should be exceptional if you want your products to stand out from others. Always remember to check the fees and try to find offers that will make sure you have lower listing fees. Putting two products together works best on this platform. So try coupling items together if you want to sell fast. This method increases your chances of selling.

Facebook Marketplace

This another great place to sell your makeup online. One of the reasons is that it has a large user base. As you know Facebook is not just a social media platform. Many groups are made especially for trade/ selling or buying. But one thing is that if you want to share on this platform then you must for sure follow the rules. As the market place has specific rules on what you’re allowed to sell and what you’re not. Selling on this platform can be quite lucrative if you oversee that you’re exchanging conversations with a stranger. No doubt selling online is risky when compared to selling in person. But with its larger user base, you can sell out for a good price. 


There are many websites or apps available that will help you in reselling your makeup. As there are many sites it can be quite hard to differentiate between the fake and real sites. These sites have a widespread user base, so you will be able to make a good deal. But most of these have specific like which type of products and brands they accept. So you need to check those specifications. Also, remember to check the commission fees if they charge any. Some of these sites sell both new and secondhand products. Some of the sites where you can sell are GlamBot, Poshmark. 


If you have made it to the end then you must have understood how you can sell your makeup online. In this modern-day anything is possible, it is just that you need to find a way and this article has provided you that. But while selling remember to package your items well and be honest about the remaining product. Also quote prices reasonably, as everyone knows that the item is second hand if you quote too much your chances of selling will decrease. This is a good side hustle to earn money and it is quite suitable for people who purchase so much makeup. 

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