How to Make Money as a Grocery Shopper?

Are you planning to earn money during your free time? Yes!!! Become a grocery shopper and make extra money easily. Supplement your income by delivering the groceries during your spare time. Many people neglect grocery shopper job, but becoming a personal grocery shopper have more advantages than others. You don’t need to invest money and more importantly, you don’t require a bachelor degree.

There are many reasons why people hire a grocery shopper,

  • Lack of time
  • Not interested in shopping with crowded stores
  • Older people who have medical issues and don’t travel a longer distance on their own

How to earn money to deliver groceries?

The amazing things about side hustle way of doing grocery shopping for others. Grocery shoppers can create their own schedule according to their availability. There are few grocery shopping portals that allow you to make money without investment. Download the on-demand delivery application and work at a flexible schedule. Also, you can sign in and sign out when you are free. If you don’t have any plans on weekends, do grocery shopping for others and earn cash.

How does it work?

Already discussed, there are many grocery delivering platforms available online. Customers will visit these platforms and order their required groceries or household essentials. Delivery gigs get registered at companies, whenever a customer places an order, the order list will be sent to their mobile phones via grocery delivering the application. According to their schedule, delivery people may accept or reject the order. When the delivery person is available, they will accept the request and deliver the groceries at customers doorstep.

As grocery companies are rapidly expanding their services, many customers are using these applications to get groceries without stepping out from their homes. They find it online grocery shopping as a comfortable option. As customers are increasing, it’s important to have a check on the notifications every time. Check whether you any customers are requesting for delivery in your area. If you’re available to pick the order from the local store and deliver at customers doorstep. After delivering the grocery or home essential product, you will earn money for every delivers. The payment may vary from place to place. You can become a part-time or full-time grocery delivery person as per your choice.

Following are the best ways to make money as a grocery shopper

Mystery Shopping

Be a mystery shopper and make money. Mystery shopping is an effective way to earn income without investment.  Get paid on time and also get compensated for all your grocery purchases. As a mystery shopper, you can shop anywhere at any time from Walmart to Ikea. Find the legit mystery shopping company and get paid for every grocery shopping you do. As per research, BestMark and Secret Shopper are the popular mystery shopping companies. These companies pay the best salary for every delivery.

Pick up other people groceries’

When you’re at the grocery store, you can earn better passive money just picketing up other people groceries. There are few leading grocery delivery platforms such as Instacart and Doordash, get registered as a delivery driver. Pick up the orders and deliver them to customers in your area. According to your schedule, pick and deliver the orders to make money. Shoppers are earning upto $25 every hour at Instacart.

Get paid for every step

Getting paid while walking during your grocery shopping is the best way to earn money. Choose a large size grocery store such as Walmart, and get paid for every step. All you need to have an activity tracker such as FitBit. The more steps you walk, the more reward points you can earn. You can redeem them for savings at other grocery stores.

Pay with a cashback credit card

Paying your grocery payments with cashback credit card is worth to save money. While paying through these cards you will earn a few reward points for the money you’re spending on groceries or other items.

Use discount codes or coupons

Think smarter while shopping for groceries online or offline. There are few grocery platforms offers discounts and coupons on grocery purchases. Use these coupon codes to avail discount on your total value. All you need to do is a plan in advance before visiting the store. Check whether your coupons can be redeemed at your local grocery store or not.

Wager with friends to get healthy

Planning to lose weight this year? Yes!!! There are multiple ways to lose weight i.e eating healthy food, walking, exercise and more. How about losing your weight and making money? Sounds interesting right. There are few websites such as DietBet and HealthyWage allow you to bet on yourself. Set a weight loss challenge and earn money whenever you lose weight.

Shop online and pick up in Store

Shopping online has many benefits. If you’re doing grocery shopping at your local store, you’re missing a great deal to make money. Checkout the cashback website and place your order and earn reward points. After placing your order, pick them at your local store. When you purchase groceries through cashback websites or shopping platforms such as Swagbucks, you will earn points for the money you spend. Later you can redeem these points as a gift card, direct deposit or PayPal transaction.


On-demand grocery delivering jobs are the best way to make money. There are several on-demand grocery shopping delivery business are available online. These companies allow people to earn passive income by delivering groceries and household essentials to their customers. The process is pretty simple and easy. Basically, you need to gather the required grocery products according to the customer’s request. And deliver them to the customer’s doorstep. All you need to have a reliable vehicle, driving license and smartphone are enough to apply for a grocery delivery job. Select the best grocery delivering site and make money. Also, you can save money by placing grocery orders through cashback websites. There are few grocery platforms such as Walmart and Amazon, these stores are offering coupons and discounts, don’t forget to apply coupon code while purchasing the groceries.
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