How to convert YouTube to MP3?


The intention of this article is to teach you how to convert YouTube to Mp3. As you may know, YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform in the world. There is no other site that has a library that is as big as YouTube. It contains videos of all kinds across all categories. In this era of digitalization, YouTube has become one of the main sources for accessing any information. Whether it is entertainment or education YouTube has it all. It has both videos and audios every kind be it music, podcasts or audiobooks. In short, YouTube is the easiest source to access any information you need in a video format. But the main strength of YouTube is also its weakness.

Since YouTube is a video streaming platform the user can only view videos. Even the music and other audio have to be streamed as a video for the user to hear them. This is a problem for people who just want the audio portion. This is a valid concern because most of the music and podcasts are just audio. So opening a window to stream a video without any video content except for audio is frustrating. They want to know how to convert YouTube to Mp3 or how to download YouTube videos in Mp3. 

When searching to know how to convert YouTube to Mp3, a question may arise. Isn’t it illegal to download videos from YouTube?

Finding out how to convert YouTube to Mp3 is not a problem but there are certain legal terms you should know. Just so that you know google owns YouTube. It does not want anyone to download videos from YouTube. Because google earns money by running ads through videos on YouTube. When a user downloads a video it can no longer run ads in real-time to make money. Having said that there is no restriction for downloading videos. But there is also no permission for downloading them either. It is ok to download videos as long as they are for personal use.

Why is it only ok download them for personal use when you know how to download YouTube videos to Mp3? Why not use it for professional purposes?

There is a reason for that. Most of the content on YouTube is copyrighted. The copyrighted content is owned by the original content creators. Content creators earn money through the views they get on YouTube and ads that run on their videos. This is their only source of income. So anyone using their content without permission cannot earn any money. When Google finds out about copied content the revenue is automatically directed to actual owners.

Now that you know the legal issues lets see how to convert YouTube to Mp3.

There are two ways to convert a YouTube video to Mp3. One way is to use a website on the internet. Another way is to use a software program that you have to install on your desktop. Here are a few examples of websites and programs which you can use if you don’t know how to download YouTube videos to Mp3.


This the first site that pops up when you search how to convert YouTube to Mp3. It is probably the best website to convert YouTube videos to mp3. YTmp3 is a website that converts YouTube videos into Mp3 and Mp4 format. All you have to do is open YouTube and find the videos that you want to convert into audio. After finding the video just copy the URL. Then you paste the URL in YTmp3’s convert bar and select the Mp3 option. Just click the convert button and it converts the video into Mp3. Once the conversion is finished it shows a download option. Click on the download option to download the Mp3.


Y2mate is another website that works similarly to Ytmp3. This website also gives you the option to convert the videos or audios into various formats and qualities. Just like the above website you just have to find the video you want as an mp3 and copy the URL. After copying the URL paste it in the conversion bar. Select the format and quality that you want. Click the convert button and it converts the video into your desired format. Hit the download button to download the audio.

4K Youtube to Mp3

4K YouTube to MP3 is a program that you need to install on your computer. It is specially designed to strip audio from videos. It allows the user to save the audios in formats other than Mp3like M4A and OGG. You can also adjust the bitrates and the quality of the audio before converting it. Apart from YouTube, it can also save audio from other platforms like Facebook and SoundCloud. 4K YouTube to Mp3 also has a premium version that enables you to download entire playlists in a single go.

Any Video Converter Free

Any Video Converter Free is another software that you can install to convert videos into Mp3. It is a very powerful piece of software that can do a lot more than converting videos into Mp3. Any Video Converter Free is a large program that can convert videos into other formats. Converting video into Mp3 is not the only purpose it was created for. But it is very simple to use to save audio from a video file. Just paste the URL and wait till it gets downloaded. After it is download select output format as Mp3 and click the convert now button. Then you can save the Mp3.


No matter what may happen people will always want audio from a certain video. This may be of a music video, podcasts or audiobooks. It is essentially because listening to audio is effortless compared to watching a video. The usage of content from YouTube will not get you into trouble as long as it personal. Hope this article helped you understand how to convert YouTube to Mp3 and its legal consequences of usage.
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