5 Ways to Make Money Teaching English Online


There are lots of methods in which an individual can make money. This is no secret. Because this is the age where people can make money by satisfying the needs of others. People are getting paid to small things. A decade ago no one would have thought that they can make money by taking online surveys. But in this current world, you can do that. Not only that but you can even earn money by investing. Even if you do not know how to invest there are great micro investing apps that will help you learn about investing. However, not all people want to make money through investing. Some people just want a simple job through which they can earn a decent amount of money. Most of all they do not want to get out of their houses to do this work. 

This is not an outrageous demand in the current world. Many people are looking for work from home jobs so that they can dedicate time to other things in their life as well. There are lots of jobs that allow you to work from home. You can become a virtual assistant or freelance writer. But they need patience and some skills. But if you want you can make money by teaching something you already know. You can do this as there are many online platforms that allow you to teach students and make money through them. The best thing you can teach others is language. If you are someone living in the west then you can easily make money by teaching English. This is because many people in the east want to learn English to improve their professional career.

Here are a few ways in which you can make money by teaching English.


This is one of the best platforms you can join if you want to make money by teaching English. This is because the rules for becoming a tutor on this website are not as hard as the other sites that will be mentioned on this list. The best part about Enroll is that the age limit for being a tutor on this platform is also very less. An individual only has to be fifteen years of age if they want to join this site as a tutor. The only criteria are that you should be absolutely good at the subjects they want to teach which is an obvious one.

But don’t think that you will be making money right away. You have to conduct your first two lessons for free. This is to help you get reviews and grow your business. Once you do this you can start making money for every session of yours. Not only this but Enroll offers you a few other ways of making money. You can even make money by selling tutoring tools to other tutors or by selling lesson plans. 

Education First

If you join Education First then you will have the opportunity to teach students from all over the world. These students can be individuals studying in universities or professionals with full-time jobs looking to improve their English speaking skills. A major portion of its students is between the ages of 25 to 50. So you can understand that these are adults who want to learn English for career-related reasons. But not all people can become a tutor on this platform there are some rules for it. The first thing is that you must have a university degree.

Apart from that English should be your mother tongue. A person has to be engaging in order to be a tutor on this website. You will be teaching one-on-one or group classes for students. Each group class may have 4 to 6 members. The content you will be using is also provided by Education First. But you can customize it. You can earn upto $20 an hour which is a combination of incentives and base pay.


If you are a tutor on Chegg then you will have the opportunity to teach English to people from all walks of life. This is because the platform allows tutors to teach high school students, middle school students, college students, graduates, and others. The best part about this online platform is that you don’t have to teach just English. You can teach a variety of subjects if you are a tutor. An individual can teach any subject that they are good at. They can teach biology, zoology, computer science, calculus, and others. The tougher the subject the more you can earn. If you teach subjects that are on the level of middle school students then you will earn less money compared to higher-level gigs. But you can earn good money by teaching English. You can know more about payments if you visit their website.


The name itself is enough to let you know what the platform is all about. This website is similar to Chegg, you won’t just have to teach English on this site. You can teach a wide range of subjects to make money. You can teach subjects like maths, science, social studies, etc. One can even make money by teaching foreign languages. If you become a tutor on this platform you can teach students from fourth grade to the ones in their college. In order to become a tutor on Tutor.com, you have to be a college student or have a college degree. It is very important for you to be an expert on the subject you want to teach. The pay depends on various factors including the subjects you teach. You have to take a mock tutoring class if you want to become a tutor.


You must have a college degree if you want to become a tutor on VIP KID. This tutoring service is exclusively designed for Chinese people to learn English. So it would be fair to say that you will be teaching English to a lot of Chinese students. You have to teach these students to speak English fluently. You will be teaching English to students between the age of 4 to 15. VIP KID also provides you with lesson plans to teach students. You will also be earning prizes, referrals, and bonuses.


These are some of the platforms that allow you to earn money by teaching English. If you are a mother who wants to work from home then tutoring is one of the best stay-at-home-mom jobs out there. You can take care of your kids and earn money. So if you are good at teaching English then use one of the above platforms to earn money. 

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