5 Best Places to Sell an Old Cell Phone


If there is one thing that you can be sure about technology that it is ever-changing. Technology gets old very quickly whether you like it or not. Today’s technology is no longer the latest tomorrow. This is because there are tons of products that get released into the market every single day. Most of them won’t survive as there will be a better product that does the same thing in an easier way. Some of these tech gadgets seem to get old quickly. The best example of this is your mobile phone. If you are millennial then you must have used at least two to three smartphones by now. This is because the smartphones you were using had become old and are no longer the way they were when you first bought them. 

The phones become slow so will feel an urge to replace them with the latest models that are available in the market. This is not a bad thing as it is a practical thing to do. If you are a millennial who is living on their own then you know how important money is. You would definitely know how to make a budget in order to save money. So if you keep track of your expenses then you will definitely know that buying a new mobile phone will be very costly. You will be spending a good amount of what you earn or what you saved on it. But there is a simple way to cut down the costs that are selling your old smartphone for a good price. This is something that everyone thinks of but they don’t know what to do when they can sell it offline.

Here are a few places where you can sell your mobile phones online at a good price.


This is one of the most popular websites when it comes to selling products online. Decluttr is a go-to place for so many people for selling their old electronics. One of the best things about Decluttr is how simple their platform is. You can either use their mobile app or their official. However, using the mobile app will make things a lot easier as all you have to do is scan the barcode of the product you want to sell. But if you use their website on a desktop then you have to enter the barcode by yourself which takes a little longer. As soon as you do that you will get an offer from Decluttr. If you like it then you have to ship your phone or tablet so that they can evaluate them. 

Another great thing about using Decluttr is that it provides free shipping so that you don’t have to pay to ship your products for evaluation. Keep in mind that the description of your product must be accurate if you want to get the price you have been offered when you place your order. They will take anywhere from 7 to 10 days to evaluate your product. You can even reject the offer that the company gives you and your product will be returned without any shipping charges. If you like the offer then you can get paid through PayPal or check. It is also one of the best sites to sell DVDs.  Not only that you can sell other things like books, video games, etc.


This e-commerce platform does not even need an introduction. It is one of the largest and most popular e-commerce websites in the world. You can buy or sell almost anything on eBay. One can even auction their stuff on eBay. This is a great platform if you want to earn money by selling your old phone. All you have to do is list your item and provide the right information about it so that you can sell it for a fixed price. But unlike Decluttr you won’t be getting any free shipping. On top of that, you would also be required to pay a small seller fee to eBay. The reason to use this site is that it is very popular so you can sell your items quickly. As soon as your item is sold you can get paid through PayPal or other payment methods.


Swappa is another great website where you can sell your used phones. This online marketplace is exclusively designed for buying and selling used electronics and accessories. There are no middlemen involved as you will be directly dealing with other people. This is a great thing as you can communicate with the buyers yourself and negotiate the price for which you want to sell your phone. But the item you wish to sell must be in good working condition if you want to sell it. The listing process is also simple as all you have to do is simply upload photos of the products you want to sell along with details. Then you have to wait for the buyers to contact you. Don’t worry about shipping as buyers are the ones who pay for it.  If someone buys your product through the website then you will receive the payment through PayPal.


Just like Swappa, this website is also exclusively built for selling electronics. OCBuyBack is a company based out of California that purchases things like tablets, phones, smartwatches, and other electronics. It is very simple to sell your products to them. The process involves going to their website and choosing the item you want to sell. After that, you will receive an offer from them. If you accept the offer then you have to ship the product. You don’t have to ship the product yourself as the company offers free shipping. Your product will be evaluated once they receive it. If everything is right then you will be paid within two days via check or PayPal. 

BuyBack Boss

The last website on this list where you can sell your phone is BuyBack Boss. If you are someone who uses Apple iPhones or iPads then this is the best platform to sell your mobile. This is because BuyBack Boss is known for buying Apple products. The best thing about BuyBack Boss is that it offers the highest price guarantee. To sell your mobile you have to choose things like the model of the phone, it’s storage capacity and it’s condition. After that, you will receive an offer. The shipping is also free which is a great thing for a seller. After they receive your item you will get paid through PayPal or check. 


Rather than throwing your old phone in a cardboard box or giving it to someone you can sell it for a good price. This will help you in saving money for the next phone you want. There are countless options to sell your mobile phone to make money so use them. Some of these websites are also great to sell your video games online. So use one of the platforms listed above to sell your used mobile phones.

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