10 Legit Apps to get paid to Walk by Tracking Your Steps

Hey!!! There is interesting news for you. Yes, I’m talking about making money just by walking.

Sounds interesting right!!!! All you have to do is walk miles and earn digital currency through legit applications. On the other hand, you will lead a healthier lifestyle by walking. The more you walk, the fewer chances of heart diseases. C’mon, walk and make your health better. Also, earn money in no time by downloading these health applications on your mobile phones or tablets.

Following are the popular application to get paid to walk by tracking your steps


Make money in no time by downloading the Sweatcoin application on your devices. This application is available on the App Store and Play Store. Sweatcoin allows you to earn when you’re walking or running. Walk for 1000 steps and earn 0.95 Sweatcoin. The more you walk, the more Sweatcoins you can earn. You can redeem these coins through PayPal or rewards. Sweatcoin rewards are gift cards, music downloads, watches etc.

Refer your friends and family to download the Sweatcoin application and get 5 Sweatcoins on every referral. Many people are earning 5 Sweatcoin per day on the free plan. If you want to earn more Sweatcoin, you can subscribe to their premium plan. When you’re highly active on Swearcoins, you can get enough coins – 20,000 Swearcoins. If you exchange for the cash you can earn $1000.


Rover is one of the popular pet sitting and dog walking applications. It’s time to monetize your everyday walk with Rover. Did you know that Rover is offering dog walking in your location and pay you with enough money? Yes!!! Rover will pay you $20 for 30 minutes dog walking. Sounds fantastic right!!! If you love dogs, this is the best application for you. Get trusted pet care near your area with Rover.

There are multiple benefits with Rover

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Veterinary assistance
  • Choose the dog that you would like to walk
  • Setting your own schedules
  • Ability to set your own charges
  • Upto $1,000,000 in liability insurance

Delivery Gigs

Do you live in a city where you can find everything is accessible by your foot? Yes!!! You’re lucky enough to make money as an on-foot delivery person. There are hundreds of on-foot services available online, Postmates and Doordash are popular services for on-foot delivery. These applications offer various services such as food, grocery and alcohol delivery. Depending upon your interest choose the location and delivery the necessary things to the customer and earn money. As per the analysis, delivery guys are earning upto $25 per hour.

Fit For Bucks

Fit For Bucks is trusted walking app available in the market. With an easy-to-use interface, people are able to make money on the go. It works in a simple way. No matter whether you’re running, jogging, walking or hiking, you can earn good money with Fit For Bucks. It’s time to make every day special and healthy by downloading the Fit For Bucks on your smart devices. The innovative health application will make you connect with local businesses who are willing to compensate you for being fit.

When racking up thousands of steps, you’re eligible to earn various rewards. Let’s have a look

  • Get a free 30-min massage with 30,000 steps.
  • Enjoy free 16oz. Smoothie with 50,000 steps.
  • Get coffee with 35,000 steps.

The rewards may vary from one business to another. Choose the one that will reward you better for your steps.


HealthyWage is the perfect application for the people who are planning to lose weight. Users need to set a desired weight loss goal and workout every day to read the goal. There are multiple ways to lose weight such as following a healthy diet, running, workout and more. With “HealthyWage Prize Calculator”, users can check what prize they can win.

Get started by seething a weight loss challenge and reach your goal to win a cash prize. The top prize winners can get $10,000. The best part of this app is users can get participate in up to 10 challenges 

As long as you meet your weight loss goal, you win money! The top prize is $10,000 and you can participate in up to 10 challenges at the same time. Also, get rewards by referring your friends and family members to HealthyWage.


FitPotato is almost similar to other healthy applications. Apart from earning free cash just by walking, FitPotato allows you to challenge yourself and win rewards. Motivate yourself and get a chance to win high rewards.

FitPotato works in a simple way. Every week FitPotato members can participate and win a cash prize worth $1000. If you want to challenge yourself in the competition, you need to bet $5 on yourself.

At initial times, you need to complete 3 FitPotato sessions. You can walk, run or jog to successfully complete these sessions. You need to walk upto 6000 steps to complete one session. Sounds easy right!!! Download the application right away and challenge yourself to win cash.


Motivate yourself and make money with trusted applications – Achievement.

It is one of the popular health fitness apps that will pay you for participating in multiple health activities such as running, walking, swimming, biking, meditating and more. Participate in these activities and keep yourself fit and healthy. Download the application and earn upto 80 pounds every day for every activity. You can download other applications to track these activities.

After collecting the points from Achievement, you’re eligible to earn gifts by redeeming your points. As soon as you collect 10,000 points, you can earn $10. You can redeem these points for cash through PayPal or gift card.

Start referring and start earning with Achievement. Users can refer to their dear ones and get 100 points on each referral.


Lympo is an outstanding fitness application that is pretty similar to Sweatcoin application. Download the Lympo application and earn LYM tokens. After collecting enough tokens you can redeem these LYM tokens for multiple rewards such as gift cards, gadgets etc.

According to a recent analysis, Lympo users have earned more than $401,635.62.

The Lympo app allows you to connect with other health apps such as Google Fit, iHealth, and more. These applications will record all the activities – indoor and outdoor.

Refer your friends to Lympo and earn 50 LYM tokens as rewards.


Earning money is now simple and easy with Gigwalk. It is the best application available on Play Store and App Store for free. Download the application on your device and earn money while walking, running or jogging. Earn money during your spare time with Gigwalk.

Make money with a Gigwalk application by completing the given task. The time duration for every task may range from 5 minutes to a few hours.

Consider, a “Gig” in your current location may ask you to capture photos in a retail store. Sometimes, they may ask you to submit the image of a food court menu. The prize worth may vary from depending upon the task given. The earnings will be redeemed through a PayPal account.

Charity Miles

“Helping hands is always better than praying lips”

If you want to donate money for a good cause, download the Charity Miles application right away. All you need to walk for miles and make money. Now you can donate the money to charity. The application will track every step when you’re walking, jogging or running. Depending upon your earnings you can send money to your favourite charity. Currently, there are more than 40 charities on the Charity Miles application. They have received over $2.5 million till the date.


Improve your health by walking every day. On the other hand, download these legit applications that will pay you when you’re walking, running and jogging. Apart from earning, you can get exciting rewards by referring your friends and family members to download healthy apps.

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