10 Easy Side Hustle Apps to Make Money in Your Spare Time

It’s no secret there are thousands of ways to earn money, especially passive income. According to a recent analysis, more than 34% of side hustlers are earning $500 every month with their side gigs. Yes, you’ve heard it right. If you’re passionate about earning money, You CAN DO IT.

As mentioned earlier, there are thousands of ways to make money, but finding the right path can be a daunting task for newbies. If you’re struggling to figure the best side hustle apps to earn money, here is the list for you. Start earning good money during the spare time without investment.


If you’re good at playing lottery-type games, Lucktastic is the best place for you. Install the application and earn money. There are several games available on the platform such as “Crack the Code” and win 1 million dollars. Participate in Lucktastic’s LIVIN’ LIFE contest and get a chance to win $25,000. Participate in Lucktastic “IT’s Stream Time” competition and get a chance to win unlimited streaming with Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ for one year. Hurray!!! Stream and get a chance to win. 10 lucky players will be selected in this competition.

No matter whether you would like to participate in Crack the Code or IT’s Stream Time, the choice is yours. The amount may vary from one game to another. If you want to earn money in a fun way, Lucktastic is the best place for you to earn money while enjoying.


Buying and selling mobile phones or electronic devices is one of the legit ways to earn money. If you want to sell your smartphone or laptop for cash and looking for the right place, Gazelle is the best option for you. For more than a decade, Gazelle has offered excellent services to both buyers and sellers.

Recycling used old, damaged mobile phones or laptops on Gazelle. People are selling their electronics without hassles and making good cash. It guarantees the best possible cash for your electronics. All you need to get registered as a seller at Gazelle. Write a brief description of your electronic product. Get a price quote instantly and ship your product for free. The team at Gazelle will receive and validate your products and you’ll receive the money the next day.


Freelancing is an energy booster for full-time employees. Also, it’s a rewarding thing one can ever do. Because, freelancing gives great freedom, control and independence. A freelancer can work on their own schedule, work at the comfort of their home and choose the task according to their expertise. If you’re looking for a freelancing service website, Fiverr is an outstanding marketplace for you. Whether you’re looking for website building or logo design, within a few simple clicks, you can find the best freelance service for you. 

Fiverr is offering freelancing service to multiple projects such as digital marketing, graphic design, animation, programming, writing, business, lifestyle and more. Pick the best niche for you and start earning money during your free time. The payments will be received once your task gets approved by the client. There are no hourly-based payments, Fiverr encourages only fixed-based payments. Keep in mind that Fiverr will take 20% commission from your payment.


Do you’ve old books lying at the corner of your room? Yes!!! How about making money by selling your books at BookScouter? Great idea right!!! Download the BookScouter application and get registered with your details. Scan the barcodes of your books that you would like to sell. You can find websites that are willing to buy books from you. There are more than 30 sites ready to purchase books from college students, librarians, and individuals. The offer price may vary from one site to another. When you receive the best offer for your books, sell them and make money.


Want to reload your wardrobe with classy and latest fashion clothes and accessories? Looking for the platform to sell your old clothes or jewellery? Yes!!! Have a look at ThredUp. Turn your old clothes or accessories for cash.

ThredUp is the popular thrift store. Order a clean-out kit at ThredUp. Fill the kit with unnecessary fashion stuff. Send it to ThredUp through FedEx or USPS. ThredUp team will work for you to sell your items. After receiving the kit, they inspect your items, capture a beautiful image of the items. Write a detailed description of your items to help them sell easily and quickly. Once the customer places an order, they will carefully deliver your items to their address. Get paid once your items are sold out. The payout percentage will depend upon the selling price.

For example, if the item value is $19, you can earn 15% payout. If the item value is more than $200, you can get 80% payout. The more selling price, the more payout.


Do you love pets? Planning to make money during your free time? Yes!!! Pet sitting is a perfect job for you. On top of everything, you don’t require extensive training. No certifications are necessary to become a pet sitter. The qualifications required to become a pet sitter are to love pets, feed them, be reliable, friendly and caring pets in a safe and loving environment. Rover is the best place to make money through pet sitting. The platform helps pet owners to search for pet sitters for their pets.

If you can take care of pets, get registered as “Become a Sitter”. Set your flexible work schedule and charges. Brief about your services such as dog walking, pet boarding, doggy daycare and more. Accept the offer and earn upto $1000 per month. Keep a note, Rover will collect a commission fee of 20%. After completing the service you can get your payments through Paypal or check.


Instacart is the popular grocery delivery destination in the market. Find thousands of groceries and other homes essential from the local stores that you already shop at. If you’re good at driving, become part-time or full time at Instacart and earn a good income. As per the analysis, Instacart delivery persons are earning upto $20 per day.

Download the Instacart application and create an account. Shoppers will receive grocery and home essential requests on their application. As an Instacart employee, you need to fulfil customers’ requests by picking up the grocery or home essential from the requested local store. The compensation is given depending upon the number of orders, working hours and number of products you have delivered.


Do you have a spare room or a guesthouse? You can earn great money with your extra room or a guesthouse. Create an account at Airbnb and showcase your room on the platform. Rental owners are earning a minimum of $945 every month. If you host a luxury villa, you can make great passive income from it.

Download the Airbnb application and list your rental space on the application. Start accepting rental requests from the visitors and get paid instantly.

Homeowners need to meet a few requirements to list their space. Capturing the best quality pictures, brief description about location, availability, number of room, price and amenities. You can also list rules and guidelines for guests during renting your space.

Money App

The Money App is a popular market research application. People are making money with the Money App during their spare time. In order to earn rewards, you need to complete the task. The task can be completing the survey, watching videos, mystery shopping, freelancing, shopping at third-party websites, mystery shopping and more.

Download the Money App and create an account for free. Start earning rewards by completing the tasks. If you’re good at writing surveys, start writing surveys to earn cash. If you’re expert at website designing, you can make better money with Money App. After completing the task you can turn them into real money through a PayPal account. The amount of money will be transferred to your account within three days.


Foap is the ultimate money-making application for photographers. The application is available on Google PlayStore and AppStore. If you capture beautiful images then Foap is the right place for you. All you need to capture photos and sell them on Foap. Download the Foap application on your smartphone. Create an account and start uploading excellent photos that are of high quality. When a user downloads your photo, you will earn $5.


No matter whether you’re a software developer or a student, you can find the best hustle app on this list. Pick the best app and start earning from this week. All you need to do is download the desired app. Complete the task and collect the rewards during your spare time.


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