10 Best Things to Sell Online and Locally to Make Quick Cash

Your car fuel tank is empty, your refrigerator is bare and your rent check is late. It’s clear that you’re in a cash-flow crisis. Whether your bank account is zero due to various reasons – unexpected emergency, business loss or ongoing issues. You need money badly!!!

Fortunately, there are several ways to earn money. Short-term job, find a better suitable job and cut your expenses. You can stay without Amazon Prime and gym membership. In the long term, you can find a better-paying job and earn money.

Here is an interesting thing for you!!!

You can earn money by selling your stuff. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Trading your possessions for money is the best way to earn quickly.


Books for sale!!!

Never ever throw out your textbooks as soon as your semester ends. Sell your old textbooks and earn money in no time. You probably would not get rich just by selling your old books. But, you can make your shelves clear. This can be a better approach to stretch your ongoing budget until next payday. There are hundreds of websites, such as Amazon and BookScouter that are ready to pay for used textbooks or other books. Many websites are offering fast payment options through gift cards, PayPal or bank transfer.

Handmade goods

Handmade products are the best for home decor. These products can offer immense quality and attention. If you’ve handy experience with arts and crafts. Hurray!!! You can start creating your own handcrafted products and sell online to make quick cash. There are popular websites especially for handcrafted items – Etsy, Artfire, Cargoh and more. People prefer to buy environmental friendly items. Design high-quality goods at affordable prices and earn great profits.

Rental Space

Do you love to stay at home or a hotel? Of course home right. The same way travellers prefer to stay in a homestay rather than a hotel during their vacation. Have an extra room? Yes!!! You can earn money by renting your room on rental websites – Airbnb. The renting options are available for days, weeks and months. The choice is yours!!! According to research, Airbnb hosts are earning a minimum of $500 per month. The rental cost may vary depending on the location and amenities you offer. Become an Airbnb host and earn money in a genuine way.


People hang onto their old and unnecessary electronics products. Many of them are worried about unwanted electronics since they’re occupying more space in their home. If you’re one among them, it’s time to vanish your worries. Start selling unwanted electronic items such as mobile phones, PC, watches, AC, refrigerators, oven, game consoles, etc on Decluttr.

Decluttr is a popular website that provides you with a proper valuation on your electronic items instantly. You don’t need to waste your time on guesswork, as the team Decluttr will provide great prices for your electronic products.


How often do you buy clothes? Weekly or monthly twice. Few people buy new clothes for every occasion. It can be a birthday or college fest, a new dress is all they need. These people’s wardrobe would be almost full with an old and new dress. Also, they have no space to load their wardrobe with a new dress. They’re also struggling with clothes that don’t fit for them or kids. If you’re planning to clear your wardrobe, then you can get all the old clothes to a local consignment store to make a good profit when they sell.

ThredUP is the best place to sell your clothes online. Visit ThredUP website and request a “Clean Out Bag”. Now, it’s time to fill the bag with old clothes and send them to ThredUP. When your clothing doesn’t get sold out, you will get them back. There are selling applications such as Facebook Marketplace, LetGo and Poshmark to sell unwanted clothes.


Shoes will protect your feet when you walk around. People are passionate about buying new shoes. There might be several pairs of shoes in their closet. If you’ve several pairs of shoes and are planning to clean your shoe rack, it’s better to sell your collection and earn quick cash. There are few popular shoes selling platforms available online such as Poshmark, Swap.com and Mercari. Sell your shoes at these platforms to make money.

Used Furniture

Are you bored with your old furniture? Yes!!! Sell your furniture online and make money. When your furniture items are not antique, it’s a better solution to sell them on Letgo. The website doesn’t charge you to display your furniture items for sale. No matter whether you would like to sell a dining table or wardrobe, Letgo will sell your furniture products quickly. All you need to do is get registered at Letgo, create an account and list your furniture products for sale. Just wait for a few days to receive an excellent offer. If you want to get your items sold in less period, upload high-quality photos of your furniture items. The Letgo app will take care of your furniture!!! It targets local people, you don’t need to bother about shipping the furniture items to other cities.

Gift cards

Have you ever received a gift card on your birthday or anniversary? Of course many times. It is a common gift when people have no idea what to present. There are times you receive a gift card that you don’t like. Sometimes, the gift card may not be from your location. This is the time to sell your gift card. Yes, you can earn little money by selling your gift card on Raise.

Raise app is the best place to resell your unwanted gift cards. Listing your gift card on Raise doesn’t charge you anytime. You will receive payments through PayPal, check or direct transfer once your gift card gets sold.


Whether you capture pictures professionally or for fun, you can earn money by selling your pictures online. There are a few well-known websites such as Shutterstock, Freepik and Getty. These platforms will have millions of users. You can earn a good income just by selling your pictures. The popular categories are food, travel, architecture and portraits. People often download pictures from these categories  Snap it, upload it and earn money.


Everyone is entitled to share their opinions on something, it can be a product or service. If you’re one among those people who like to share your opinions to the world. Apart from sharing your thoughts, you can make money from it. Yelp is a popular website where people share their opinions on local services. You can write a positive review for the products or services to make money.


Running on a tight budget? Yes!!! Want to earn money to fulfil daily needs. It’s time to sell unwanted stuff online and make quick cash from it. Thanks to the current market, there are hundreds of selling websites, from used books to unnecessary electronics, you can register and promote your products to make money.  Keep a note, while you’re approaching a website to sell your products, it’s important to check the reviews and policies. Also, check whether they charge to display your products on their website.

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