10 Best Business Books to read

Do you enjoy reading books? What are your favorite genres? Romance, Thriller….. 

But do you enjoy reading business books? Books are books right at the end of the day it doesn’t matter whether you’re reading a fictional or non-fictional book. If you’re a vivid reader you will enjoy both. Wanna add more interesting books to your reading list? 

Then this article is for you. Myvu has searched for the best business books that are excellent reads. Thank us, later. Buy them or download the kindle version and start reading.

The Lean Startup

This book is written by Eric Ries and in this book he discusses an interesting concept called rapid idea generation. Most people have a notion that it takes money to make money which is only half true. As you know every business or new product idea has its own risks and tribulations. But the lean startup approach has brought a change in how entrepreneurs view and approach their business. Rather than sticking to a path, it suggests you adapt and change as you gather new information regarding the plan. Interesting right? If you’re someone who is looking to start up your own business or just generally interested in reading business-related books. Then this is a good read, check it out.

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The Innovator’s Dilemma

Whenever you’re about to embark on a new journey you need all the courage and positive energy that you could gather so in that case this book is perfect for you. This book shows how important it is for market leaders or companies to seek new trends and organize ideas into new technologies based on the success and failures of many major corporations. Even Steve Jobs has used this book as an explanation to make Apple understand why they must embrace cloud computing. It is written by Clayton M. Christensen.

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Shoe Dog

Are you familiar with Nike? Yes but you must be wondering what shoes have any business in the best business books article. Nope, there is a connection. The next book on the list is written by the creator of Nike. If you’re interested in self-employment but wondering whether it is the right option for you or in a dilemma whether to quit your job or not. Then this inspirational memoir by Phil Knight is a perfect read for you. There is so much you can learn from this book and the author itself. So give it a try.

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Are you looking for a book that will help you improve yourself and cultivate good habits? Then this book by Author Stephen R. Covey is the best read for you. He teaches you habits that will change your life and make you more proactive. He also stresses on improving your skills and planning. Although it may be practically impossible to just change overnight after reading a book. But consider this as a first step to becoming an effective person.

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The Four-hour Work Week 

Have you read this book? Not yet, then don’t waste your time, grab your copy now. Because this book has all the secrets that will help you in escaping nine to five lifestyles and becoming a digital nomad. The author explores the Pareto principle in the book and will show you how your 20% of work can transform into 80% of success. Sounds interesting, right? So read this book and gain insights into becoming your own boss.

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How to Win Friends and Influence People

This is one of the oldest published books on the list. It was published back in 1936. If people are still talking about this book then there must be something right with it, don’t you think? As you see in the business world building connections and forming relationships is primary. And if you want to achieve that you must be an excellent communicator and have the silver tongue. Not only business life, but having good communication skills are also a plus. So if you’re someone who wants to form relationships and friendships then this book is perfect for you.

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The outsiders

What are the qualities a successful CEO should possess? Charisma, excellent communication skills. What are the things that really matter when you’re running a business? Wanna know more about these questions then read the book. It was on Warren Buffett’s recommended reading list. Definitely more reasons to check out this book.

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Start With Why

The premise of this book is simple: it answers the questions that have been plaguing people’s minds for a long time now. Why are some more successful than others? How come some companies receive great loyalty from their employees and customers? Why are only a few businesses able to repeat their success? This book will spill all the secrets and help you in understanding the business world better. So if you’re a budding entrepreneur then this book is a must-have in your bookshelf.

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Good to Great 

Want to know the secret behind how companies become successful in their industry? Then read this book, in it, the author is also looking for answers to these questions. Even if the company is run by a charismatic business leader some companies cannot turn their companies into industry leaders. So the author explains what are the factors that hinder the growth of a company and how you can overcome them. So grab this book to seek answers to these questions. It is a really interesting read that may change the way you view a business.

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The Hard Thing About Hard Things

This book is written by Author Ben Horowitz. And it will give you a first-hand experience on how to run the business a hard way. In this book, the author shares all the ins and outs of the business world to help you in winning mental battles and facing difficult decisions while establishing a business. If you think these lessons are just for business then you’re wrong. You can even apply them to life too.

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Wrapping up 

These are a few books that should be part of your bookshelf and your reading list. Although reading business books is truly different compared to reading fictional books. But if you want to know more about the business world or just want to learn more about life then add these books to your list today.

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