How much money does 1 million youtube views make?

Do you watch Youtube? Obviously Yes, right?

From the latest songs to prank videos, Youtube has a treasure of videos (rare) that can cheer you up when you’re sad, lift you up whenever your mood is low, and entertain you whenever you’re bored.  

Most people related Youtube to fun, but over the years this platform has offered videos for a niche. Name the niche and you would find related videos of it on Youtube. Come on, where do you go to check out the review of the electronic gadget you’re planning to buy. Before placing the order you would at least check out 2 reviews on youtube. Even for the latest rhymes or the slime videos for the kids, you come back to Youtube. 

Youtube is omnipresent in people’s everyday lives. And with the insane amount of talent on youtube, one can’t get enough of this platform. It has everything from cute babies eating lemons for the first time to business-related videos, where people help you make money from Amazon.

But a question? Have you ever wondered about the behind-the-scenes of these videos, like the amount of money these youtube videos make? Yes, oh!!! then join the club. 

If you haven’t, come on, aren’t you curious to know, not even a little. In case you’re then stuck till the end to find out. 

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How much money do 1 million views make?

Coming to the topic, how much money does a video with 1million views on Youtube earn? If you look at the video, below it on the left side you will find the views of that particular video. So many videos essentially have more than 10,000 views. There are so many videos on Youtube that have over a million videos. For a music video, You can see that there will be much more than 1 million views. 

If you’re someone who is planning to start your own Youtube channel.


Someone who is curious about the money a video over 1 million views makes. 

Come on, Let’s take a look. 

Usually, Google pays around 55% of the AdSense revenue to the YouTuber. But one thing that needs to be cleared out early on is that Youtube doesn’t pay anything for likes, comments, shares, and subscribers. So whatever money a YouTuber makes is only out of the views a video gets (for the money to be made within the YouTube platform). 

Before anything else, you must have an idea about the AdSense of youtube revenue analysis. You can start by understanding what CPM is?


CPM stands for Cost per thousand or Cost per mille (cost per 1000 impressions). This is a metric that shows the money advertisers are spending on ads on Youtube. If you’re wondering why this metric is important. As mentioned above Youtube pays a part of AdSense revenue to the video creator. So the earnings of a youtube view video are directly proportional to the amount an advertiser spends. If the advertiser spends more on the ads, you will also naturally receive more. 

This metric is actually an indicator to see the amount advertisers are willing to pay the videos and the niche. Although one thing to remember is that your revenue is not CPM*Views, as CPM only defines the amount advertisers pay, not the amount you receive. There are so many things that come into consideration. Some videos don’t have any ads, while the others are not eligible for ads (advertiser-friendly). Because of the unavailability of ads at a point in time, some views may not have ads. Every view that has ads is considered as the monetized playback.

And the other important thing is that fluctuations in CPM are also quite normal. It can happen because of various reasons like viewer geography, time of the year, and the shift in the available ads (formats). 

Viewer geography: The advertisers have control over which region/ country they would want to reach through their ads. Not all regions have the same level of competition in the AdSense market. Thus these CPM’s vary from country to country. 

Time of the year: Usually advertisers bid for their ads to appear on Youtube. And these bids highly depend on the time of the year. For example, most of the advertisers usually bid high before the holidays.

The shift in the available ad: Usually different ads have different CPM’s i..e, no-skipping ads (ads that you can’t skip) have different CPM compared to the skippable ads. And the ads playing depends on ad inventory.

$2000 for 1 million views?

So it is natural for people to think that there is a particular standard amount that comes from the 1 million views. And most of them consider that amount to be $2000. While there are others who consider it to be somewhere between $5000-$10,000. None of them are right, but none of them are wrong too. Because many factors affect the monetization of youtube views. As mentioned CPM is the metric in which the advertisers pay for the ads. And a part of this is what the video publisher receives for views. 

But one thing you must remember is that there are different ways a YouTuber makes money from their videos. It not just includes Adsense revenue but includes the merchandise, live tours, brand deals, and affiliate links. Ads are a way in which the YouTuber gets paid within the Youtube platform. As you have already understood the CPM, there are different factors that affect the amount of money they receive.  

The amount you earn varies depending on where your viewers are from. If they are from countries where the CPM is pretty low then you’re earning will also be less. As you know Youtube takes a part of the CPM money you will only receive the remaining amount. The factors that affect are the topic of your video if it is family-friendly or not, the age of the viewer. The CPM varies from niche to niche. So if you’re someone starting Youtube to make good money then select a niche that has a good CPM rate. 

On average a video with 1 million views may naturally make anywhere near $2000- $4500, but the thing is that your income can go either up or down from this number as it depends on factors mentioned above. And frankly, you can’t control them or the algorithm. All you can do is keep putting in your effort, understanding the Youtube algorithm, and keep making videos.

Bottom line

If you have made it to the end, you must have understood that nobody can exactly tell you the amount of money a video with 1 Million views can make. It varies from channel to channel, not only that within a channel it changes from video to video. No one can ever guess how much a YouTuber makes from a video. Hope this was helpful for people who’re planning to open their Youtube channel. And have provided answers for the curious souls out there. If you want to know more about how companies like Facebook, TikTok are making money, check out other business model articles on MYVU.
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