10 Online Typing Jobs you can do From Home

Typing jobs are suitable for everyone. No matter whether you’re a student or housewives, you can earn a good income through typing. Switch to a typing job and get paid without holding any degree. Also, you don’t require 5+ years of experience in typing. On top of everything, you can get into a typing job without investment. Start working and fix a dedicated schedule at your comfort.

While you’ve got a PC or laptop with an internet connection, basic knowledge on Google Sheet, Excel and good typing skills you can make money through typing from your home.

Basic skills required for typing jobs

  • Fast and accurate typing skills
  • Basic knowledge on Google Docs, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • A reliable desktop with an internet connection
  • Mobile phone to interact

Keep a note, beware of scams!!! Yes, there are many scammers associated with online typing job opportunities. Don’t just choose the company blindly. You need to spend time on research and register a legitimate company.

Our team has made your work easier. The article will cover top companies that are offering legitimate typing jobs. These jobs let you work-from-home. They don’t ask for investment or upfront charges to apply.

Following are the top 10 online typing jobs from home


SmartCrowd was previously known as “VirtualBee”. It is the one-stop destination for online typing job. The company often recruit for data-entry position to complete their data entry task for their clients. All you need to meet their qualifications. If you’re eligible for the position, drop your resume to their official email address. After accepting your application, you are allowed to work for SmartCrowd. Initially, you need to log on to “SmartCrowd” system and work on data entry projects assigned to you.

The pay structure may vary from one task to another. SmartCrowd offers payments from $0.20 per 1000 keystrokes. The company send payments once you’ve earned $30. Weekly payments are generated through check.


Become a data entry operator at Clickworker and set your own schedule. Clickworker was founded in the year 2005. Clickworker is constantly looking for passionate typing workers world-wide who can create or correct content, categorize information and participate in search or online survey. The company will assign microtask for you in the data entry field.

Clickworker will notify you as an “individual contractor”. You need to have a desktop or laptop and an internet connection to complete the task. The income you will earn depends upon the assigned project. Don’t worry, Clickworker will inform your pay scale at the beginning of the project. The payments will be transferred to your SEPA or PayPal account every week or month.

Data Plus+

Data Plus+ is a 100% genuine method to earn money online. It is free and risk-free typing job. The company headquarters is located at Atlanta. The company is offering typing services for nearly 30 years. This business have done specialization in all date entry formats such as handwritten originals, online sources, type copy and more. Sometimes, you need to enter data for warranty cards, accident vehicle report, registration cards, mailing list, professional certification, etc. Work independently without any disturbance from your home.


Want to enjoy a flexible work schedule? Rev is the best place for you. Did you know, Rev hires 50,000+ employees every time? Yes!!! These transcriptionists support more than 180,000+ of Rev clients across the globe. Become a Rev freelancer, contractor or transcriptionist and earn money. As there are numerous projects available every day, you get a chance to choose the project that is best for you.

All you need to do is take a Rev grammar test online and finish the assigned transcription. Perform well and get approval in no time. Now, you can work as a freelancer for the best organization – Rev. Work according to your choice weekly or monthly. Receive weekly and monthly payments through PayPal. As per research, Rev freelancers are earning $245/month.

AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global was founded in 2020. The platform is offering excellent transcription services to thousands of clients across the globe. AccuTran Global hires the transcriptor to help them to meet their client requirements. Want to work with AccuTran Global? Yes!!! You need to deadline-driven. Also, have the ability to follow the guidelines. Once you get hired, you will get access to transcribe press conference, business meetings, etc.


Axion was founded in 1996. It is the best place for freelancers who are looking for the best package. The company is hiring for various processes such as data typing outsourcing and data verification. Also, they’re hiring for internet data researchers. Since they have hundreds of clients, the requirement would be more.

Want to work become a data-typing operator at Axion? Yes!!! You need to have a minimum of 2 years-of-experience in the data entry field. Also, you need to type – 48 WPM (word-per-minute). No errors should be involved. The payments structure is flat-based. The charges will be depending on the project.


TranscribeMe is a popular and accurate transcription service available online. The platform provides accurate and detailed audio/video service. If you want to work in a peaceful environment, TranscribeMe is the perfect place for you. You don’t need to pay registration fees or other investment to get selected. You need to clear a basic English test. That’s it!!! WorkHub account will be created by TranscribeMe team. Get started with TranscribeMe and earn $15 to $22. The payments are transferred through PayPal. For the people who have a medical and legal qualification, they can earn more income.


It’s no surprise SigTrack is the leading database platform where people prefer to land typing jobs. The platform works in a different way. A data entry contractor and a proofreader will together earn money. Every project base rate will be split into two categories. The amount of share you receive will completely depend on the accuracy. SigTrack will deposit the payment on every Friday via PayPal.

Capital Typing

The leading business “Capital Typing” is providing excellent time-saving services to its clients. The services are data entry, market research, data entry and more. Capital Typing is looking for professionals who can work at their home. If you’ve good typing skills and basic computer knowledge. This job is for you!!! Capital Typing is providing part-time and full-time positions.  According to your comfort level, pick the job type. Initially, you need to finish the test transcription example given by Capital Typing. Once you get hired, you’ll get a call from the Capital Typing team. They will explain your salary, timing, projects and other information.


Xerox is famous for selling digital prints, documents and other products. In addition, Xerox is planning to hire remote workers. As per the analysis, Xerox is hiring over 8000 data entry executives from corners of the globe. It is hiring people to perform multiple tasks such as data entry, proofreading and more. The business is hiring for software programmers also.

If you want a secure data entry position, Xerox is the best place to work from your home. You can opt for a full-time position or part-time position according to your interest. Xerox data entry executives can earn more than $14/hour.


Work-from-home typing jobs are a good way to use a common skill to earn extra income for short or long-term financial goals. Are you a professional and accurate typist and looking for remote working? There are hundreds of companies offering data typing experts who can accomplish their task for their clients. Give a look at the above companies who are offering part-time and full-time typists. The pay scale may vary from one project to another. Depending upon the accuracy the payments will be generated.

Good luck to you!!!!

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