10 Free Ways To Earn Money From Internet Without Any Investment

So, you want to know how to make money online with zero investments. You have come to the right place. As there are many websites and businesses out there which lure you with easy money tips but end up paying you nothing, it is crucial for you to learn the best yet legit ways before you join them. Else, you gain nothing but a lot of stress and zero money. 

This article helps you with 10 best and free ways to earn money online without investing your money. Some of these easy ways to make money require creative skills, some require presentation and communication skills or your past working experience. Not to mention, you can even earn a handful of money with your sense of humor. Above all, if you are passionate about getting rich there are plenty of ways. So, lets’ get straight into the topic without any ado.

10 proven ways to earn money without any investment

So, here are the 10 easy and legitimate ways to earn money without even stepping out of your home. As said, some demand some creative or advanced skills wheres a few demands basic communication skills. Read out the below, choose what suits you and start earning money right from the comfort of your couch.

Get paid for your skills

No matter where your skills lie in, bring them out and get paid for them. There are multiple platforms that provide work for designers, writers, marketers, SEOs etc. One of the best platforms among those is Fiverr. If you have got some skills in any creative or technical or digital marketing field, then there are jobs waiting for you on Fiverr.

So, explore the platform, publish your portfolio, find the work that requires your skills, finish it and get paid. You don’t need to invest a single penny on Fiverr. 

As there is a multitude of apps and platforms out there that urge you to pay some bucks to get paid later. Stay cautious and do not fall into the traps of those easy money tactics. 

Do content & copywriting

Do you feel that your words create magic or at least influence people? Then choose content writing and copywriting as a full-time or part-time career. The businesses require huge content to market their ideas and turn people into their customers. So, if you have got some writing skills, then give a shot to writing and get paid well. Wanna learn how to turn your content more effectively?


Assist virtually

The other simple way to earn money with just communication skills is to become a virtual assistant. There are many businessmen or businesswomen out there who need the assistance of someone to handle their accounts, check their emails, talk to clients on their behalf. So, if you are good at time management and have good presentation skills, then plenty of entrepreneurs are waiting for you. You can find these jobs on Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer etc.

Start blogging

Become one of those bloggers who earn at least $2000k/month. Yes, you can earn huge by blogging. However, you need some SEO skills along with good content marketing skills to captivate your readers and grow your blog rank and traffic. 

So, if your interest is in writing, then starting a blog in any of your favorite niches is a good idea. Though you can’t expect a huge income in the initial days, you earn a great amount of passive income and returns once ads started to display on your blog.

Become a freelancer

You can become your own boss, set your pricing and get paid if you have some skills into any domain. As a freelancer, you cannot only decide when to work or when to rest but also choose any domain such as designing, writing, web development, voice transcription or language translation etc. to work. However, to get highly paid you need sound past experience. Still, if you can find out what you are best at and hone that skill, you can easily earn $10 -$300 per hour. 

Read How to Start Your Freelance Writing Career

Become a Youtuber

Create your own Youtube channel and create interesting and unique videos to generate income. You don’t necessarily be a professional cook, or teacher, or traveler to drive users and gain massive subscribers, even failed cooking or prank videos are getting popular and making awesome money today. So, discover what you can do and start a Youtube channel to earn money with zero investment.

Earn through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is still on a steady rise. There are many ways you can earn affiliate income. You can promote products or businesses to make sales for them through your Youtube videos, blog, articles or website or even your social media networking if you have a good following. This is one of the easiest ways to earn money without much effort. Companies like Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc. are offering affiliate programs and offering impressive commissions for the sales.

The other way you can make good money acting as a middle man is to help sellers with the right buyers. You can just become a broker to sell the domains, properties by contacting both the parties. Again you need not step out of your home to earn as a middleman. All you need to do is explore buy and sell websites such as Flippa, Trustiu etc. and help sellers sell their domains or digital properties. You get a handsome commission.

Do guest posting

This again needs your content writing skills. Pitch yourself to businesses that you do guest posting for them. Though high authority and demanding blogs or sites don’t accept guest posts that easily, it’s not an impossible task either. You need strong research, writing, marketing, and pitching skills to get your guest post approved. This is worth trying because it pays you huge dollars.

Get paid for taking surveys

Well, as already discussed not all surveys pay you. It doesn’t mean there are no trusted paid survey sites that pay people. You can find a few sites such as Prizerebel, Swagbucks, LifePoints, Branded Surveys etc. that are trustable. 

It is always better to register into the sites that have positive reviews and a famous or genuine personality behind them. Do a little research and go ahead.

Micro working

There are some websites or companies ask you to do email scraping, give a rating, solve captcha or ask you to do research or do data entry. Though these don’t promise a lucrative amount, you can still get paid a reasonable amount for what you have done. Some of the websites that provide micro work are MicroWorker, GigWalk, mTurk, and Freelancer.

Bottom Line

Thus there are loads of free ways to earn extra cash from the internet. Some of the above-discussed ways such as blogging, freelancing, writing can actually help you gain full-time income without investing a penny if you can organize your time properly and have got some skills. Whereas the rest are just a few playful ways to earn some bucks.

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