10 eBay Alternatives to Sell Anything Online


Before the advancement of the internet and the existence of e-commerce websites, the newspaper is the only option to sell products without having a storefront. Now, everything has changed for the better. With the existence of an e-commerce website such as eBay, people are selling their stuff and earning money without leaving their homes.

It’s no surprise selling your things online is one of the effective ways to earn money.

No matter whether you want to sell your old books or new handcrafts, there are thousands of selling websites available in the market. Entrepreneurs can promote their products or services with the target audience on selling websites and make money. eBay is the leading e-commerce industry. Also, it is popularly known for selling new and used products. For the past two decades, eBay has been offering selling services to the people who want to earn money at the comfort of their homes. The selling platform has over 1 billion visitors per month.

Planning to sell your products or services? Looking for a selling platform other than eBay? Great news for you!!! There are thousands of popular selling websites that will bring high visibility to your business. Depending on your niche, choose the right selling website like eBay.

Following are the 10 eBay alternatives to sell anything online


Want to sell your kitchen equipment? Do you have a good collection of vintage jewellery? Planning to sell them online. Bonanza is the best place for you. It has a tagline called “everything but ordinary”. The marketplace sells a massive range of products that are similar to eBay. According to analysis, over 12,000 sellers selected Bonanza as the “Best Overall Marketplace”. Customers can easily find your product and place an order. 

The selling fees of bonanza is 9% in which 5.5% fee for Google Shopping ads and the base fee is 3.5%. Choosing Google Shopping ads to sell is completely your choice. The base fee is fixed. For example, the seller needs to pay around 80 cents. Also, Bonanza is offering minimum charges i.e 50 cents/product. For the products with more than $500 and above, sellers need to pay 3.5% as a fee.


eBid is a popular online auction destination and fixed-price marketplace available in the UK. The platform is offering millions of products from 25,000+ categories. It includes antiques, art, baby stuff, electronics, fashion, health, musical instruments and more. Selling your stuff at eBid is the best choice for you. Though it has low traffic when compared to eBay, the fee structures are also low. eBid doesn’t charge a single penny for the items listed. In fact, it offers a flat-based commission model, sellers need to pay 3% on every purchased product. eBid is the best place for all the sellers who want to generate good revenue.

Creating an eBid seller account is simple and easy. All you need is to add your valid email-id or you can log in using Facebook or Gmail accounts. Enjoy zero listing fees at eBid and low selling fees.

Ruby Lane

If you’re looking for a trusted selling website, look no further than Ruby Lane. It is one of the trusted websites for sellers and buyers. As the marketplace is offering an excellent range of antiques, art, fashion, silver, vintage jewellery, collectable and more. The platform is offering amazing features such as high traffic, user-friendly and profitability. What else can merchants expect from a selling website? On the other hand, Ruby Lane is offering fixed fees.

Setting up a store on the Ruby Lane is $100. Sellers can list upto 10 products. Fees are starting from $0.19 per listing. No commission fee is included in sales. Instead, every seller needs to pay $69/month for running their store on Ruby Lane. Because of the base fee and no commission per sale, sellers can promote their products effectively.


Is there anybody who has never placed an order at Amazon? Of course nobody. Amazon is the one-stop-shop for the people who are planning to buy products at budget-friendly prices. Did you know, Amazon has more than 2.5 billion visitors per month? Yes!!! It is a known fact that Amazon is the top competitor for eBay and other websites. It’s one of the topmost visited e-commerce platforms in the world. Sellers can promote their products easily with any niche.  The top-selling products on Amazon are books, clothes and shoes.

Become a seller on Amazon. Start listing your products and services. You need to spend just 15 minutes to create a seller account at Amazon. With Easy Ship policy, Amazon will take care of deliveries. The professional sellers who are selling more than 35 products per month will have to pay a $39.99 subscription fee. And, you don’t need to pay for every item purchase. Individuals don’t need to pay a subscription monthly fee but they should pay $0.99 on every product sold. Sellers need to pay referral fees according to their niche. The referral fees structure is starting from 6% – 45%. Consider, if you’re selling media products at Amazon, you need to pay $1.35 on each item sold.


Looking to get a free online storefront? eCrater is the perfect place for you. You don’t need to be a technical expert to sell your products at eCrater. The marketplace offers a user-friendly experience for shoppers and sellers. Shoppers can easily find their products and buy them. Sellers can easily create an online storefront and sell their products, especially new products. The downside is that eCrater has less traffic when compared to Amazon. It can take a while to sell your products. However, you don’t need to pay a single dollar to open a storefront and list your products at eCrater.

If you’ve created a selling account on eBay and listed your items there. Within a single click, you can import your list from eBay to eCrater. The tea at eCrater will submit your products listing to Google Shopping. When you get traffic directly from your store, you don’t need to pay a fee. If a user lands on your listing page from the eCrater home page, you need to pay a selling fee of 2.9% on every sold item.


Every day a new mobile phone is launched. People are switching between one mobile brand to another. If you want to sell your old mobile phone for a good deal, Gazelle is the place for you. It is an e-commerce destination where shoppers can buy used mobile phones, PC, tablets and pay money to sellers.

Gazelle is giving a new life to your old mobile. Gazelle works in a simple manner. All you need to create a seller account at Gazelle and get an offer within a few seconds. You don’t need to worry about shipping charges, items worth $1 and above are shipped for free. Receive your payments through Amazon gift card, check, PayPal, etc. 


When you want to sell used mobile phones or gaming consoles, Decluttr is the best place for you. The platform is trusted by millions of people around the world. Did you know, sellers have received over $250 million through deposit, check and PayPal. Send your tech products to Declutter with zero shipping prices and receive payments after getting your items.  Like, Gazelle, you don’t have to pay for creating a storefront or auction fee. You can make money at the comfort of your home by selling your used CDs, DVDs, phones and other tech stuff at Decluttr.


If you’re a fashion freak, Poshmark will make you happy. It is an excellent fashion destination for people who are planning to sell their used fashion goods. Sellers don’t need to have a storefront to display their products, all they need to have is a closet. Customers will visit the closet and purchase fashion products. Professional merchants can offer a unique range of designer collation called boutiques. If you’re an independent designer, it’s time to sell your designer collection on Poshmark and earn a great income.

Creating a seller account at Poshmark is easy and straightforward. The process takes around a couple of minutes. Keep a note, the fees at Poshmark are pretty high when compared to other selling websites. For example, if you sell a product worth $15 and below, you need to pay $2.95 as a base fee. When the product value is more than $15, the base fee will be 20% on every sale done.


If you’re an expert in designing handcrafted products, Etsy will help you to reach a global audience. The platform is popular for handcrafted and unique products. If you’re a newbie and want to explore your handcrafted items, Etsy will make it possible for you. The marketplace has more than 26 million active customers worldwide. Simply put, Etsy is the best place for small businesses who want to reach their target audience around the world.

Sellers are allowed to open their storefront at Etsy. The platform is popular for easy-to-use, sellers can easily create a list and promote their products. Also, sellers can easily track their sales anywhere at any time. The marketplace offers a fixed base price. 


If you’re running an electronic or tech business, Newegg is the best suitable place for you. Newegg is the one-stop destination to buy and sell tech products. No matter whether you want to sell electronics, PCs, gaming consoles, gadgets and more. Many sellers are listing their tech products on Newegg, as the platform has reached over 36 million consumers so far. You don’t need to worry about deliveries, Newegg will handle all your shopping. The marketplace is offering outstanding distribution facilities across North America, California and Canada. Besides, Newegg is offering services for over 50 countries.


Do you’ve electronic products or fashion stuff? Want to sell without hassles? Yes!!! Check these selling websites and make money in no time. This can be a great choice for small businesses and people who don’t have the technical knowledge or are running a low budget. Pick the best selling website that works for you perfectly, create a storefront, list out your products and increase conversions.

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