What to Do When You Hate Your Job and Want to Quit

Many people say these things “I hate Monday”, “I hate my job”, “I don’t want to work in this company”, “I really hate my team lead and boss” and the list goes on and on.

Sometimes even you felt the same. Most of them have complaints about their job, it can be office timings or the leave structure. Hating the job is common these days.

Many people hate their 9-5 job and look for work from home opportunities or start a new business.

If you hate your job and want to quit right away, continue reading…

Never Ever Broadcast your Feelings 

This is the primary thing for you when you hate your job or want to quit then you need to stop broadcasting your feelings. Keep it to yourself. While complaining about the company or job will have a chance to backfire. Don’t showcase your feelings when you went for a team lunch with your colleagues or managers. There are times where many employees express their feelings during the late hours at the office.

However, it’s not necessary for you to stay at the place where you feel uncomfortable. If you’re a fresher and just started your career there might be things that you can do to impress your boss. Most of the people have down maximum years in a work environment they hate.

Find the best job that is perfect for you. Hence you’ll show interest while working and be happier at work. This could offer better opportunities such as incentives, bonus, promotions and more.

Keep Your “I Hate My Job” and Other Thoughts Aside 

No matter how much you hate your job, you need to keep your thoughts to yourself. You can discuss your thoughts with your closed ones i.e best friend, siblings or life partners. Some people express their feelings and thoughts on social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter, don’t ever blast your thought on social media accounts. When you share your thoughts there may be a chance that your boss to view the post or your coworkers can screenshot the post and share it to your supervisor or boss.

Know It’s Not Just You

Out of 10, 8 people hate their job. There are many reasons to hate their job, some people might not get jobs that they have expected. Though the work is satisfactory the employer may be always back of you. You might hate it when your boss doesn’t appreciate your hard work. Boss or colleagues can be awful.

It’s not just you. There are several people who are struggling in their work environment.

Finally, you might reach the point where you come to know that you hate your job. This is not a suitable place for you to work.

Don’t Just Quit

You might be pissed off with your job. Sometimes you might be frustrated with the work conditions. Also, you might feel irritated when you work for longer hours. At that moment, it might be harder to handle such situations. Most people decide to quit their job without searching for another job. Don’t ever do such a mistake.

Consider a few things before quitting the job:

  • Are you clear about quitting your job or going through hard times?
  • Is there anything that will make you happy at your work? This can be promotion or compensation.
  • Are you planning to request a transfer or change in the shift timing?
  • Do you feel anything that will convince you to continue your work?

Perhaps there might be certain things that you would like about your company or job. Weigh your points before quitting the job. Because finding another job is not as simple as said, if there is a chance to fix the problem, it’s worth it to continue your job.

When you don’t find any good thing to stay, that’s okay. It’s time for job hunting. Search for a better job without quitting your current job. Because finding another job while working will be easier. If you start job searching after quitting the job, you might be unemployed for a certain period until you get a new job.

It’s better to prepare yourself in advance by searching for a job opportunity. Take time and create a powerful profile at LinkedIn. Update your profile with educational background, work experience, achievement, certifications and more. Don’t forget to write an outstanding summary to impress HR managers. Also, update your resume. Increase your connection at LinkedIn and let people know that you’re actively searching for the job. Within a couple of days, the company HR will contact you when your profile meets their requirements.

Be Careful About What You Say and to Whom

After applying for the job on popular job portal such as LinkedIn, within a few days you’ll get a call from the company. And the HR manager will schedule an interview at their office. You might be happy by getting an opportunity, don’t miss this opportunity and attend the interview. Be well prepared before attending the interview, you need to focus on various aspects such as outfit, carry at least 3 resumes, pen, folder and most importantly you need to prepare for common interview questions. During the interview, your HR manager will ask you questions such as “Why did you leave your previous job?” At that moment, don’t broadcast your feeling and never say that “I hate my last job”. It’s always better to say good things about your previous company though you hate it. Also, they might ask about previous working environment, compensation and employer. Keep note, you need to answer carefully. What you say during the interview really matters. Since companies will check for references. When you get selected they might call your previous organization for background verification.


Do you hate your job? Want to quit right away? Yes!!! Don’t just rush away. There are many things you need to consider before quitting the job. It includes, you should not broadcast your feelings in front of your team members or employer. Never quit the job without searching for another job. Once you get a job in another company, send a formal resignation letter.

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