What is SEMRush and How to Use SEMRush?

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What is SEMRush and How to Use SEMRush?

When you are searching for different SEO tools for your website, you might frequently come across a tool called SEMRush on the internet. What is SEMRush? How to use SEMRush? How can it help my website? How has the tool become so popular? These are the questions most people get when they get to see the popularity of the tool, this article explains all the answers in detail.

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SEMRush is a SEO tool that has a package of tools integrated in it which help any website to gain huge traffic and sales. An immense number of tools with outstanding features as one suite package made SEMRush a successful SEO tool. As you know already, your website needs a powerful tool to handle SEO, traffic, ads, backlinks, analyze competitors etc. The tasks you need to perform for a website will scare you when you look at them as a batch. This is where you need an SEO tool. Any SEO tool, especially SEMRush helps you prioritize, sort and manage all the tasks in a perfect manner.


In addition, the tool collects data of your domain, traffic, type of backlinks, keywords and ad history etc. As there are a plethora of tools available on the internet today, SEMRush is treated as one of the Ahrefs alternatives. Also the best part is you can all the premium features with SEMRush free trial. Cool right?

This article discusses what is SEMRush? And how to use it in an effective way? Readout till the end to make the benefits out of this amazing software.

What is SEMRush?

It is always good to know about any tool before you start using it. That is how you will know the worth of any specific tool or the software. And as already mentioned, there are many articles about SEMRush reviews, this article explains what exactly SEMRush is, how to use it and how it helps your website.


SEMRush is an SEO tool that performs keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, traffic analysis, complete domain analysis and what not? It is a one suite package of all SEO tools that help you in every step of your website growth. 

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Know in Detail About SEMRush SEO Tool

A website needs high-quality content, with effective backlinks and powerful keywords to gain traffic. SEMRush helps you create good content with SEO content template feature, performs a deep research analysis for backlinks and identifies top keywords with less competition. The tool performs a very detailed analysis of your domain and even subdomains. As you know the new Penguin algorithm of Google resulted in position loss for many websites, each detail in SEO has become an important factor to protect the rank of the website. And particularly, the backlinks became a top criterion. Hence, you need to analyze each backlink of your domain and subdomains.

Top Features

SEMRush has plenty of features that give users advanced benefits. Right from keyword research to tracking your links, you will have numerous features to choose from. Thus, SEMRush makes you consider each detail of your domain that matters for ranking and driving traffic. Check out those amazing top features below.

Domain analytics

Know more about your and your competitor website or domain before you perform any strategies. The domain analytics will let you learn a deeper overview of your domain.


The domain analytics also consists of various tools. Check out below.

Organic research – Know the accurate position of your website, position changes, and your competitor’s position. Find the traffic, top-ranked keywords, ads keywords and backlinks of organic pages. You can filter and monitor your positions according to different countries.

semrush-orgainc research

Backlinks – Know complete details of your backlinks. The total number of backlinks, number of worthy backlinks, rate of spam and unwanted links, referring domains, monthly visits, referring IPs, anchors, new and lost links etc. As discussed already, backlinks play a crucial role in SEO. You need to know each detail of your backlinks in order to save your website from Google penalty and also to further strategize for powerful backlinks.


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Advertising research – This lets you know your complete history of ad campaigns such as positions, position changes, competitors, ad copies, ad history, subdomains and pages. Thus, you can track the success rate of the as and be more careful when you are planning your next campaign.

semrush-advertising research

Traffic analytics – Analyze your traffic. Know the location, devices, audience overlap, clicks, interests of visitors, the average duration of visit, bounce rate etc. of your traffic. Organic research is a primary factor that helps you understand more about your domain and your visitors.

semrush-traffic analytics

You can even know the paid campaigns details and history using different features like PLA research and display advertising.

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Keyword analytics

Keywords are important factors for your website ranking. You need to find effective keywords with less competition to outperform your competitors. At the same time, the process consumes a lot of time. SEMRush has extraordinary tools that provide powerful keywords with minimal effort.

semrush-keyword analytics

You can spot the keywords that drive amazing traffic with SEMRush keyword research tool. It gathers those keywords from resources such as manuals, FAQs, video tutorials, SEMRush API. You can view nearly 120,000,000 keywords in 16 languages with the upgraded plan.

The keyword magic tool, keyword manager, ad history and keyword difficulty tools will help you analyze and research keywords for your domain. 

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Other Important Tools

There are many tools like keyword difficulty, domain vs. domain, charts, my reports, keyword magic tool, CPC map, SEO writing assistant. Thus, SEMRush is an all-in-one tool package you need to handle your website.


All the above tools can be accessed using SEMRush free trial.

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How to use SEMRush?

You have come to the right place to know about SEMRush. SEMRush is one suite for all tools that help you in performing keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, traffic analysis and domain analysis. You need to know how to use these tools in an effective way before you dig into it.

How to use the tool for keyword research?

  • You need to register first on SEMRush to access any feature.
  • Right after logging in, a dashboard appears with a lot of tools and features.
  • Go to keyword analytics where you can access keyword magic tool, keyword difficulty and keyword manager.
  • The keyword overview gives you detailed information about organic search, paid search, CPC distribution, trend, keyword suggestions, phrase match keywords, related keywords, organic search results, and product ad copies.
  • The keyword magic tool helps you find effective and low-competition keywords with high search volume. It has a growing database of 18.6 billion keywords, 14 million ideas for any single keyword, 118 geodatabases. 
  • The metrics such as competitive density, keyword density, search volume, SERP features give you accurate keyword databases.


  • The tool works like magic with its auto-grouping and smart filters option. You can also directly integrate your keyword list with your convenient tool. No more spreadsheet needed.
  • The keyword manager helps you collect useful keywords from SEMRush and lets you save or export the data into CSV or XLSX files. You can integrate the data with other SEMRush tools to ease your job.
  • The keyword difficulty tool lets you view and compare the difficulty of different keywords. You can estimate difficulty, volume, results, trend, and SERP source. The tool allows you to view the domains that are used to calculate the difficulty score.
  • You can also understand keyword gaps in your domain using gap analysis.

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How to use SEMRush for competitor analysis?

  • SEMRush has a competitive research toolkit in the drop-down menu of the dashboard.
  • The tool has traffic analytics, market explorer, organic research, keyword gap, backlink analytics, backlink gap, and advertising research.
  • The traffic analytics tool allows you to discover your website’s traffic, audience, region and sources.
  • Know present market traffic trends and shares of competitors with the market explorer.


  • Understand the interests and demographics of your market audience.
  • The organic research makes you learn more about your competitors SEO practices which in turn help you plan better strategies.
  • The keyword gap helps you identify target keywords of your competitors. You can unveil the keyword opportunities that boost your ROI. You can also find powerful keywords for SEO and Adwords.
  • Backlink analytics conducts a deeper analysis of your and your competitor’s backlinks. Know referring domains, IPs, and top-level distribution. This helps you find link-building opportunities by monitoring lost and spam links. You have a disavow tool where you can dump unwanted links and make the search engine aware of it so that you will not get penalized for harmful links.

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  • A backlink is a top factor in SEO, hence SEMRush has powerful backlink checking tools that help you in building and maintaining healthy links. This is one of the reasons why SEMRush is considered as an Ahrefs alternative.
  • In the drop-down menu, in the SEO toolkit there exist tools for backlinks such as backlink gap, backlink analytics, backlink audit, and link building tool.
  • Backlink gap is the tool that comes under a competitive research tool. Here you can compare up to 4 domains at a time. It lets you compare and understand where and how your competitor is ahead of you in terms of backlinks. 


  • You can view the authority score, backlink profiles of your competitors. SEMRush collects the list of domains to target to build your powerful backlink profiles.
  • The backlinks analytics gives complete data of your backlinks. You can know the total number of backlinks, types of backlinks, link attributes, anchor texts, TLD, countries, new and lost backlinks etc. 
  • The tool gives authority score which is an overall metrics of your domain, and the number of referring domains, monthly visits and keywords.
  • The backlink audit tool helps you find all your backlinks and lets you remove dangerous links referring to your website. SEMRush has a database of more than 1 billion backlinks to find out the link pointing to your site. Thus by finding and disavowing toxic backlinks to disavow tools, you can keep your backlink profile clean and safe.
  • The link building tool helps you boost SEO performance by providing advanced features.
  • You can discover plenty of backlink opportunities at prospects sources tab. From those opportunities, you can select best links based on domain quality or domain relevance or domain health. 
  • The tool has customizable email templates to reach out to domain owners for acquiring backlinks after selecting the links.
  • Finally, you can track the status of your backlinks so that you can process them when they are lost or broken.

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How to use SEMRush for advertising and social media?

  • The outstanding features of SEMRush made it as an Ahrefs alternative, advertising and social media tools are also a reason.
  • SEMRush has Market analysis is a tool in advertising dashboard that lets you perform domain overview, advertising research, display advertising, PLA research, CPC map and ad builder.
  • The domain overview does complete analysis of your domain. You can analyze target markets, your backlink profiles, advertising performance, search performance, top content, and traffic sources with the available inventive tools.


semrush-advertising tool

semrush-advertising tool

  • Competitor analysis acts as a powerful tactic to outrank your competitors. The advertising research tool lets you conduct a deep analysis of your competitors, their ad strategies and helps you find their strengths and weaknesses.
  • When you know your competitor’s budgets and strategies of ad campaigns, or PPC campaigns you can plan higher strategies in order to step ahead of them.
  • The display advertising tool helps advertisers to check the complete data of ads. The tool displays information of audience targeting gender, age, interests, publishers, categories of publishers, display ads types, landing pages, countries, and devices.
  • The product listing ads research helps you find target keywords, projects, and lets you track the ads.
  • CPC map is an easy access tool that allows you to view average CPC in all regions, PPC demand based on industries and popular keywords. This helps advertisers to plan a budget for the campaign before running it. 
  • You need to select Advertising toolkit in the drop-down menu to access the above features.
  • Get creative ideas for ads, perform competitor analysis, use those ideas as a template, or import from your file using ad builder.
  • And finally you can track your ad with the position tracking tool.

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SEMrush has an easy user interface which makes you understand all the features & tools with minimal technical knowledge. There are many articles on the SEMRush website to make you understand easily about the tools and features it offers.

Hope you are clear with what is SEMRush? And how to use it to run your website with massive success? Do not forget to use SEMRush free trial and know the tool in-depth before going for a paid plan.

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