Top Criteria When Selecting Live Chat Solutions for Your Business

Are you a business owner looking for live-chat solutions for your business? If you have searched online then you must have probably come across many options. By many, we mean a lot. Choosing between them can be quite confusing and daunting. Then how to choose the one that fits your business requirement. If you want to see choose the perfect live chat solutions for your business then first you must understand your business requirements. How will you know what your needs are when you don’t understand them? 

Nowadays it is inevitable for every business to have a website. They may not have a physical store but they will definitely have a website. Agree or not websites have become quite important for businesses. In a way, they have become the face for business and help them improve their communication with customers.

Websites & Search engine

Search engines are taking over the world. What is the first place you search for when you need information about a specific brand or product? Google, right? It is not an exaggeration to say that people take google opinions quite seriously. So it is natural for people to search your brand on search engines before coming to a conclusion. 

Google can only bring visitors to your website. This is just one side of the coin. But what about after they come to your website? Your website naturally has all the information that your users are seeking. But what about when they have a query that needs to be solved? In a store, there are sales executives or customer executives who are always there to assist customers in case they have any queries. But what would they do when they have doubts while visiting your website? This is where your live-chat support enters the picture. 

If you’re still wondering why you need live-chat support? Then read further to know more about Live-Chat support.

Why Live-Chat Support?

Live-chat support makes it possible for companies to communicate with their customers face-to-face when they’re online. They don’t have to send you their queries through email and immediately get answers for their queries. Most customers value their time more than money. You won’t want to lose a loyal or potential customer because of your delay in reply, right? Stats show that more than 73% of customers say that the best way for a company to provide good customer service is by valuing their time. Not only that, but studies also prove that more than 50% of your customers are going to buy again from you. 

Keeping those stats aside if you want to improve communication with your customers then it is time you add a new channel to communicate i.e., Live Chat. This will take your customer experience to the next level. At the end of the day, businesses do everything they can to keep their customers happy. A happy customer can become your loyal customer and their word-of-mouth publicity can bring more customers to your business.

Importance of Live-chat in Businesses

If you have seen other websites on the internet you would notice that irrespective of the industry, you would definitely find live chat support. Why do you think all the businesses are including live-chat support in their websites? Why has live-chat support become important for businesses? The answer to all these questions is that the time and world is speeding, so are your customers, people want everything to be fast, be it deciding something or receiving responses to their queries.

If you’re late in attending to their needs, there are so many options available for them and it would n’t take them a minute to shift to your competitor. There are many tools live-chat support in the market. One of such is Olark, it is among the top live chat software. With this platform, you can resolve your client issues in no time. If you wnat to read the detailed review about this software then Click Here

Is Live-chat Support Right Investment for a Business?

There is no doubt that live-chat support is the right investment for your business. It provides you with an opportunity to improve your connection with your customers. You can so interconnect your social media platforms with your live chat support. It makes it easy for your customers to contact you and your live agents will not miss a single query and they will easily recognise your customers.

The live-chat application will give your customers the impression that you’re always present to solve their queries. This will boost your online conversations too. And most importantly you can interact with your customers in real-time. You will get on the good side of your customers and improve your customer interactions.

There would have been many doubts in your head on how to choose the best live-chat support tool? Currently, in the market there are many live-chat tools available, so choosing the best of the lot can be quite a daunting task. 

Don’t worry!!! We’re here to help you, here are a few important features you should consider while choosing a live-chat solution for your business.

Top Criteria

These are a few features you need in your live chat software to meet your business needs.

Integration with Social Platforms

As a business owner, it is important that you must understand how important social media has become. Social media has become an integral part of people’s life. It is not surprising to say that it has opened up new doors for businesses. People are always active on these platforms. And studies are proving that you can retain more than 85% of your customers if you provide consistent and quality customer service across various platforms. The best live-chat software will definitely be able to integrate with all the communication channels.

The purpose of live-chat is to communicate with your customers whenever they want without waiting for the reply. Integration helps your customers to get answers to their questions without contacting more than one live-chat agent. And lastly, integrations will help you in providing your customers unified, seamless brand experience. 


Did you know? Screen sharing can improve your customer’s satisfaction. With it, you can provide your users with an engaging experience. Not to mention, the experience will be unique, fast and personal. So it is important for your live-chat software to have a co-browsing feature. This feature will improve your consumer experience along with revenues and conversion rates.

Remember, your customers are not having a conversation face-to-face they’re communicating through chat, so there are many chances of things getting complicated. However, with co-browsing, you can avoid trouble and solve your customer’s trouble quickly. With this feature, you can guide your customer in your live chat session. It has many benefits such as you can provide them remote support, walk them through your website, etc.

Companies are looking for ways to improve customer satisfaction as there are many choices available for them in the market. Not to forget it is beneficial for your agents too, as it increases their productivity and reduces call-handling time. It is always convenient to solve problems while having real-time access to your customer’s screen. Lastly, better customer experience will make sure that your customers keep coming back. 

Live Chat Widget & Auto Triggers

The best feature any top 10 live chat software possesses is customisation. This feature is highly important as it provides you with an option to add your brand’s personal touch and make it more convenient for your customers. You must have worked hard to maintain brand consistency over all your channels. So why not do the same for live chat widget too. Along with improving customers experience you would look professional too.

Auto Triggers play an important role in your live-chat. They are the smart triggers that will help you in starting a provocative conversation with your visitors. It allows you to send customised messages to your visitors and initiate the conversation. With all these features see that your live-chat support software will help you in providing fast, real-time support.

Intelligent Routing & Mobile apps

Intelligent Routing is an advanced routing that helps you in delivering excellent customer service without compromising on your business KPI’s. This feature is must, so when you are looking for the perfect live-chat support for your business see that this feature is available. It allows your customers to communicate with the right agent during peak hours. This way they can provide the right solutions to the customers at the right time.

The mobile phones have become highly important for people and it is almost impossible to imagine them without one. So there is no wonder in saying that most of your customers access your website from mobiles so it is quite important for you to integrate your live-chat with mobile applications. Make sure that your chat support has offline messaging options too, which would help them to know more about your agent’s availability.

Analytics, Rating, etc

You must have analytics to understand the visitor’s behaviour. See that your live-chat support provides you with such features. They accumulate all the crucial data relating to your customers such as average time spent, details, chat history, conversion tracking etc.

Live chat support must have rating or feedback options too. This way you can understand your customer behaviour and their performance. If you want to provide your customers with great satisfaction then you must-have feature to track your operator activities. Collect all the essential data and improve your existing strategies.


These are a few important criteria that should be ticked off while selecting live chat support. But these are not all, there are so many other features. If you want to improve your customer satisfaction then choose the best live chat software that matches your business requirements.
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