Top 10 Email Tracking Software

Many business entrepreneurs say “Email tracking tool helps to improve conversion rate”. If you’re a newbie you would’ve several questions running on your head – What is email tracking? How does email software work? What is the best email tracking software available in the market? And on and on. All you need to stick here and get complete information about email tracking software.

Email tracking is an important feature on every platform. Tracking the emails of the customer can help sales and marketing team. The in-detail reports help to know the interested leads, follow-up messages, schedule emails and close the deal in a short period. Email tracking software such as HubSpot integrates with Gmail and other email platforms.

Comparison of top 10 email tracking software

Provider Provider Name Free-Trial Features Customer Support MYVU Score Visit Website
HubSpot Yes Track and log email
Value for money
Instant notification
Automated email scheduling
Excellent 9.8

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Mailtrack Yes Real-time noification
CRM integration
Fully compatible
Click tracking for Gmail
Unlimited emails
Excellent 9.5

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Yesware Yes Personal templates
In-depth reports
Role-based permissions
Instant remindars
Multiple team management
Excellent 9.4

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Kickbox Yes Bulk email verification
Email list management
Value for money
Excellent support
Good 9.3

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RMail Yes Large file transfer
Electronic signifure
Unlimited emails
Track and log email
Good 9.3

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Docsify Yes Multiple themes
Emoji support
Instant alerts
Screen sharing
Improved dashboard
Good 9.2

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Bananatag Yes List management
Email analytics
Pulse surveys
Email segmentation
Personalized emails
Good 9.2

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Saleshandy Yes Team-based dashboard
Enhanced security
Customized themes
Lead tracking
Third-party integrations
Good 9.2

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Autoklose Yes Sales force automation
Lead generation
User-friendly interface
Automated lead generation
A/B testing
Good 9.1

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Snov Yes Ulimited email tracker
Value for money
Multiple templates
Invisible tracking pixels
Good 9.1

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Mailtag Yes Link-click tracking
Real time notification
Excellent support
Detailed reporting
Good 9.0

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Streak Yes Shared pipelines
Mail mergers
Custom and magic fields
Saved views
Good 8.8

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Mixmax Yes Call management
Email based notification
Unlimited sequences
Workflow automation
Good 8.5

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What is email tracking?

Email tracking is the process of monitoring clicks of business emails. Also, it is the best way to follow-up with customers and clients. Email tracking is one of the metrics to improve brand quality. Many businesses use email tracking software to track emails. These tools use timestamp technology, it helps to know the exact time and date of the opened and clicked email by customers. Email tracking software is widely used when bulk emails are sent to customers or clients.

How does email tracking software work?

Email tracking software is used to track emails and collect information like volume of recipients, date & time, open rate, clicks, number of downloads, etc. Marketing and sales teams rely on analytics and reporting software to improve performance and ROI. If you want to grow your business, then you need to have powerful email tracking software. It is used to improve sales and communication with potential customers.

There are thousands of email tracking software available online. But most of the software just provides information about open rate and clicks – and nothing more.

Think out of the box!!! There are powerful email tracking tools available in the market.

  • Who has opened the email?
  • At what time the email was opened?
  • What is their location?
  • How many times does the email open?
  • What is the type of device?
  • Which links does the user click?
  • What are the opened attachments?
  • Information about downloading email attachments?
  • Does your email in the spam folder?

Tracking the email is one of the effective methods to improve business performance. Also, you can get to know that your business emails are not blocked by the users.

Who uses email tracking software?

The email tracking tool is used by

  • Recruiters
  • Executives
  • Digital marketers
  • Customer support
  • Sales professionals

There are multiple ways to track an email such as read receipts, image pixels and trackable links. Email trackers are used for link-building to save your time and effort. You can have clear information about who and when to follow-up. 



Want to close the deal within a few minutes? Yes!!! HubSpot email tracking software is perfect for you, it eliminates the guesswork. HubSpot is one of the popular email tracking software on our list. Did you know, HubSpot was the first platform to provide a HubSpot Sales plugin for “Gmail”. This plugin is used to track user’s log emails, receive a push notification, and desktop notification. Also, with HubSpot’s CRM it captures every email activity.

HubSpot email tracking works perfectly with Gmail, Microsoft and G Suite.

Know about your customer: With HubSpot you can get a notification when a customer opens an email and clicks the link. This is the best way to know about your business prospects. When a customer starts engaging with your emails, they can definitely visit your website. This way you can spend little time on cold prospects and maximum time on closing the lead.

Visit Website: HubSpot 

Get emails opened: Don’t forget to follow up with the customers. Because your brand might already be saved in their mind. So, it’s easier to turn the user into a prospect. Use desktop notification to follow-up after a user opens the email, check the links or download a pdf document. Make sure to send the email at the right time, therefore you can reach out to the maximum open rate, booked tickets and conversions.

Clients information at a glance: Stop wondering when a customer receives your email. Your journey doesn’t stop here. HubSpot provides an in-build activity stream, it automatically logs to user’s history and gathers information such as user name, email id, device name, IP address, links, etc. Using this information you can start customizing email. Users prefer customized email. This way you can gain sales easily. 


  • Email sequences and templates available. 
  • Email scheduling
  • Live Chat
  • Sales automation
  • Salesforce integration


  • Lack of flexibility
  • Lightweight software

Pricing: HubSpot Starter plan starts at $35 per month. 

Visit Website: HubSpot


Planning to schedule an email especially for Gmail users? Want to know whether an email is opened or not? If your answer is yes then look no further, Mailtrack is the perfect destination for you. Most business use Mailtrack to check whether the email has been delivered successfully to recipients or not. If yes, tracking software gathers information such as opened time, clicks and downloads. As soon as the user opens an email, Mailtrack starts tracking recipients account. Business uses this information for various purposes.

With Mailtrack you get clear information which emails are been opened and time. Also, you can know how many times the email is opened by users. Relax and hand over your work to Mailtrack and stop asking about the emails to your team. Mailtrack offers a user-friendly dashboard, within a single click you can find what emails are been read and not.

Visit Website: Mailtrack

Mailtrack is an amazing tool for clients and customers. It is available for multiple web browsers such as chrome, firefox and opera. Mailtrack is the best solution for someone who has no technical knowledge. Did you know, Mailtrack has over 1 million subscribers across the globe. Also, the tool got featured in popular brands such as Forbes, Lifehacker, Mashable, The Next Web and more.


  • Value for money
  • Fully compatible
  • Great customer support


  • Expensive
  • Integrates only Gmail

Pricing: Mailtrack monthly pro starts at $4.99 onwards.

Visit Website: Mailtrack


Yesware tool

Hurray!!! Yesware is the easiest way to increase sales. If you’re planning to improve sales then start using Yesware. Everything under one roof – connecting to business prospects, scheduling meetings with clients and follow-up. On top of everything, it offers a free trial as well. Sounds interesting right!!! Yesware is trusted by more than one million business entrepreneurs across the globe. The time required to install and integrate is “One Minute”.

  • Connecting to your customers is now super easy with Yesware. Customer teams can connect through email, phone or other social platforms.
  • Yesware is available for Gmail and Outlook.
  • The integrations of Yesware are Salesforce, LinkedIn
  • Within a single click, Yesware can schedule meetings with your buyers.
  • Organize and manage all the followup with the perfect message at the perfect time.
  • Yesware promises to deliver better business and improve traffic, conversions.

Visit Website: Yesware

Many business entrepreneurs choose Yesware because the tool offers the latest technology and high security to keep customer’s information secured. Yesware allows a business to curate and sends an email to prospects. With personalized email business are driving more sales. Yesware offers strong features such as tracking, personalized templates, automated email campaigns, CRM integrations and more.


  • Best email-tracking software
  • Ease-to-use dashboard
  • Event-based 
  • Great customer support
  • Customized emails
  • In-depth reporting


  • LinkedIn syn has low quality
  • Scheduling email is a time-consuming process

Pricing: Yesware pro plan starts at $12 per month. It includes real-time email tracking, presentation tracking, real-time analytics, personal reports, reminders and more.

Visit Website: Yesware



Want to kickstart your business with success? Yes!!! Kickbox is the perfect destination for you. The tool is a smarter choice for digital marketers and web developers. Kickbox promises to send emails at the right time to the right prospects. Did you know, Kickbox is offering 100 free credits. It is valid for new users.

Integrations: Double your savings by integrating with your favourite software such as Benchmark, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, Marketo, Zapier, Drip and more.

Verification: Kickbox service ensures that you verify email list in no time. This could be helpful to eliminate the bounce rate. On the other hand, it enhances social campaigns performance.

Real-time email verification: With powerful API you can escape from fake and unauthorized email id. Kickbox uses robust API such as Node.js, PHP, Ruby and more.

Trusted by million users: Kickbox is the trusted email marketing software around the world from the past few decades. It is providing better service, quick results and best performance at a low price.

Privacy: Customer’s privacy is a top priority for Kickbox. It helps you maintain better practices and provide the best email marketing solution.


  • Email list verification
  • Detailed analysis
  • Differentiate low-quality emails
  • Better customer support


  • Provides low quality user experience
  • New pricing plans are pretty expensive

Pricing: Kickbox verification plan starts at $5. The minimum verification are 500.

Visit Website: Kickbox



A standard email service is not just enough to make your business successful. Start thinking out of the box, if you want to empower your email then choosing RMail will work for you. Small and large businesses are using RMail in their email marketing strategy. RMail is trusted by more than 20 million people across 90 countries. Because RMail saves money, time, comply with legal laws, improve growth and communication for your business. The software works perfectly for various platforms such as Outlook, GMail and more. Installing and using email tracking software is simple. Also, your recipients don’t require additional software to read your emails. According to convenience, businesses can use their existing email id or RMail email id.

The RMail service will let your email platform worth by providing better solutions such as

Visibility: RMail helps you to keep every email on a track. It provides complete information about opening and sending an email.

Legal proof: The attracting feature of RMail, it provides legal proof on email record. Legal proof can be automatically generated for each RMail message.

Security: It’s a well-known fact, security is the major concern for many businesses. RMail simply encrypts the sent and received emails. It uses HITECH, HIPAA, FSA, GLB and SOX legal compliance.

Large file data transfer: Share large files and attachments using LargeMail feature. The file size can exceed upto 200MB. Also, you can insert private notification for the specified recipients using SideNote feature. RMail has the capability to convert documents from one format to another.

Visit Website: RMail


  • Track every email perfectly
  • Encrypt sensitive emails
  • E-sign is available
  • Send large files, upto 1GB


  • A free trial allows 5 messages per user
  • Lack of flexibility

Pricing: RMail free trial is valid for one user. Send upto 5 messages per month. Personal plans start at $6.99 and professional plans starts at $14.99.

Visit Website: RMail



Docsify is a popular mail tracker exclusively for Gmail. Within a single click you can add Docsify to chrome. Docsify extension is available for Gmail and GSuite. The software makes it easy for businesses to track their visitors. You can gain complete information about when recipients read email, download an attachment or forward the email. The software streamlines email communication and improves productivity.

Docsify offers an advanced email tracker for business. It means you can have a complete picture of your recipients. Additionally, you can know the location and device type of every recipient. Get a notification whenever recipients engage with your email. Start tracking your recipient using Docsify page-by-page attachment tracking system. Get detailed reports on the amount of time spent on your page, get notification whenever recipient begins and eng viewing the PDF file. Gain clear knowledge about every document view through page-by-page analytics.

Visit Website: Docsify

Did you know, Docsify is the best solution for your team analytics? Within a single click you can get control of email tracking information of every employee in your team. Understand and analyze the quality work delivered by every teammate using one-to-one communication.

  • Docsify offers centralized billing. So, only one payment for the entire team. The owner of the account is responsible to upgrade or cancel the subscription plan for the entire team.
  • No more spam with Docsify. All the documents such as images, links, pdfs will be linked using your sub-domain.
  • Automate your process by integrating more than 1000 applications through Zapier.
  • Add live chat application to your document and send. Solve customer’s queries while viewing your pdf.


  • User-friendly
  • Great email tracking software
  • A/B testing
  • Value for money
  • Custom domains


  • With email-tracking blockers, sometimes there might be incorrect email open.

Pricing: Docsify offers 14 days premium. The premium plan starts at $6 onwards.

Visit Website: Docsify



Are you using traditional tools for communicating with your team? You’re behind the race. Bananatag is here to fix everything. It is the one-stop destination to create, send, receive and measure your employee emails. The software introduces powerful tools to support your team. Install Bananatag and their team will assist you for the first 3 months. The tool will make sure you’ve installed successfully or not. Their team will help you to reach business goals. After Bananatag set-up, their account manager will support you with regular check-ins and other important aspects. Bananatag is trusted by more than 5000 leading companies. It offers powerful insights, this information is helpful to build a strategic plan.

Visit Website: Bananatag

Bananatag is an internal communication tool to develop employee relationships. Within a single click you can create stunning emails for your employees. Build a personalized employee list and distribute the email as per your requirement. Also, measure engagement to enhance internal team communication. Create eye-catching emails for your employee using Bananatag drag-and-drop. This email designer will assist you from creating the latest and trending designs within a couple of minutes. 


  • Tracking the employee’s email is easy
  • Convenient scheduling
  • Personalized emails
  • Send email to right audience
  • In detail reporting


  • User can encounter HTML errors
  • Work with only Gmail

Pricing: Bananatag is offering three plans such as essential, power and enterprise. Connect to Bananatag and get information about pricing.

Visit Website: Bananatag



No more worries of switching from one software to another. Everything under a single platform i.e SalesHandy. The tool is especially business to improve business productivity. Also, it is the perfect tool for sales professionals. Let’s consider every lead is important for a business. Therefore SalesHandy provides complete information about customer engagement to help to close the deal in no time.

SalesHandy helps bloggers to connect with more audiences such as sending the newsletter. Also, tracking their overall growth is easier with SalesHandy. The software works smoothly for realtors as well, these businesses need maximum word-of-mouth publicity. SalesHandly helps to build great campaigns with instant follow-ups of every customer. Within a single click, you can track the success rate.

Email templates: SalesHandy will save you time. It will store emails that are shared more frequently. Add templates using shortcuts and also start sending personalized templates for a group of people. Using a merge tag you can send email in bulk. Track, analyze and measure the template performance with the success rate.

Visit Website: SalesHandy

Auto follow-up: Schedule automatic follow-up emails straight from Gmail compose box is now easy with SalesHandy. Businesses are driving 100% response rate by using follow-up emails. Also, send personalized follow-up using SakesHandy behavioural triggers.

Document tracking: Track and secure your emails under one roof. SalesHandy enables you to know everything about your document once you hit the send button.

SaleHandy is compressed with great features such as instant notification, track location, set expiration date, document open rate, capture viewers details, document management, custom document link and more.

SalesHandy is seamlessly integrated with popular applications such as Gmail, Suite, Outlook, Office365 and Exchange. 


  • Lead tracking
  • Seamless UI
  • Value for money
  • Document management
  • Powerful integrations


  • Limited time tracking data
  • Low-quality dashboard


  • Basic plan – $7 per month
  • Plus plan – $16 per month
  • Enterprise plan – $40 per month

Visit Website: SalesHandy



Autoklose is the best email tracking software for small and large businesses. The real-time email tracking will help you to target the right customer. It helps to monitor and manage your rates such as sent, deliver and bounce. Autoklose offers a free trial for two weeks. Installing Autoklose is simple, it just takes a couple of minutes to set-up. Also, no credit card is required to get started for a free trial. Within a single click you can identify who opened your email and clicked at what time and more. Start tracking high-level open and replies for every campaign. Autoklose uses an advanced algorithm to track every email. This top-notch algorithm will help to improve your email campaign every time.

Visit Website: Autoklose

Get complete control over the campaign using Autoklose. Track everything under one roof right from open rate to bounce rate. Autoklase predicts engagement and behaviour of the customer. It can identify when your prospects are ready to place the order. The detailed reports will help you to keep track of every team member – performance, quality, etc.

Autoklose supports application such as Gmail, GSuite, Microsoft Office and Outlook. It keeps tabs on crucial conversations without disturbing the work process. Autoklose can instantly connect with any email account to improve the open rate.


  • Time-saving tools
  • Email campaign management
  • Real-time email tracking
  • Email sequence templates
  • 14 days of free trial


  • Lead capture functionality is unavailable.
  • Expensive

Pricing: Autoklose basic plan starts at $49.99 per month.

Visit Website: Autoklose



Are you planning to buy the best email tracker? Snov is the best email tracker for you. It is rated as the best email tracker tool in the chrome store. There are more than one lakh users using Snov software to track their emails. Many businesses use Snov for various reasons such as secure, signature free, real-time and more. Scheduling an email is easier with Snov. Did you know, Snov allows you to schedule an email in advance of 3 months. These scheduled emails are stored in the draft folder.

Snov is well-known as productivity software. It is helpful to track the open, close and downloaded documents from an email. Snov reminds about follow-up and schedules emails to your customers in Gmail or GSuite. The real-time push notification will let you know when the customer opens an email or clicks any link from it. Snov doesn’t include signatures or logos. Therefore your email will not be tracked by a third person. Also, customer’s don’t know they’re tracking their data.

Snov has different types of reminders to improve the work process. It includes unread emails, unclicked links, follow-up reminders. Snov track every email using “Invisible tracking pixel”. Therefore recipients are unaware of the fact that their data is being tracked.


  • Effective follow-ups
  • Provides complete history
  • Real-time notifications
  • Unlimited email tracker


  • Poor user interface
  • Expensive
  • Reporting

Pricing: Snov basic plan is starting from $69 per month.

Visit Website: Snov



Want to drive more sales in a short period? Mailtag is the right solution for you. The software will provide a complete picture about when the recipient opened your email, track the open-rates, link clicks, downloads and more. On the other hand, receive desktop notification, email notification and dashboard with complete information instantly. Mailtag is trusted by more than 8000 users across the globe.

Email scheduling: Send your emails at the right time using Mailtag scheduling. It helps to improve open rates by selecting the date and time your campaigns are delivered. Ideal for email scheduling and reminders to your team and clients.

Automatic follow-up: Hurray!!! It’s time to save your time and effort with Mailtag automation. And it helps to improve the response rate and improve sales. Personalize your follow-up and grow business in a short time.

Powerful dashboard: Create your emails that arrive at the right time to business prospects. Sending at the perfect time will automatically increase the open rate and decrease bounce rate. With a powerful dashboard, creating, scheduling and tracking made it easier.


  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Attractive features
  • Value for money
  • A/B testing
  • Email tracking management


  • Poor campaign management
  • No audience segmentation

Pricing: Mailtag offers a free trial program. It is valid for two weeks. Mailtag basic plan starts at $9.99 per month.

Visit Website: Mailtag


Streak is popularly known as best email tracking and CRM software for Gmail. There are millions of users use Streak to improve their business – Sales, Support and Fundraising. You don’t need to be a technical expert to use Streak, within few simple clicks you can install and start tracking emails. All it takes is 30 seconds. Many businesses prefer Streak email tracking tool. Since Streak is easy to use the software, it remembers your preferences. And Streak remembers your preference and works accordingly.

The sales team will receive instant notification whenever a customer open the main and get information on when to follow-up. Steak helps the sales team to know whether the email is in read or unread mode. Streak track customer support as well. It informs whether the support message has solved customer problem or not.

Visit Website: Streak

Streak is integrated with effective email sidebar. Yes, you’ve heard it right. It includes a view chart, exact view times and mapping. This information can be useful to connect customers. The attractive feature of Streak – Sort By Response.


  • Project management
  • 900+ integrations
  • Custom reports
  • Flexible customer support
  • 30 seconds to get started


  • Setting up the pipeline is daunting
  • Low user experience

Pricing: Streak professional plan starts at $49 per month.

Visit Website: Streak



It’s the perfect time to upgrade your Gmail with Mixmax. Businesses use Mixmax to send better engaging emails, track and schedule emails right from their inbox. Personalized communication is now easy with Mixmax functionalities. Besides, Mixmax is offering attractive features such as instant scheduling, polls, survey, endless integrations and more. The software is perfect for everyone such as sales, recruiting, customer success, sales operations, entrepreneurs and more.

Mixmax is trusted across the globe. It provides GDPR compliant, data privacy and encryption, TrustArc certified and other security mechanisms. Hence, a business entrepreneur can track every moment of their customers with no risk. Maximize your traffic and sales with Mixmax. Workflow automation is ruling the business world. Mixmax is here to spread the good news with implementing automation techniques.

Visit Website: Mixmax

The ultimate goal of business is to interact with business prospects through personalized communication. Also, Mixmax enhances communication experience and reduces the administrative overhaul.

  • User can create engaging emails using polls and survey.
  • Mixmax email tracker is used to know exact details about when and who read the email.
  • With an easy drag and drop functionality, the team can schedule the emails with a single click.
  • Ensures to provide a powerful workflow to save time and effort.


  • Easier to track clicks, open rate, etc.
  • Self-service drip
  • Better user experience
  • Value for money
  • Responsive support system


  • Difficult to attach documents
  • Tricky to set Mixmax reminders

Pricing: Starter plan starts at $9 onwards.

Visit Website: Mixmax


Whether you’re running a mobile service website or large enterprise, customer communication plays a vital role. Email tracking software is a kind of tool that every business need to have. It allows you to keep track of every customer. Also, users can gather analytics from these tools. The in-depth report includes open rate, recipient clicks, downloading attachments, time & date of the email read by customers and more. Besides, Email tracking software evaluates and generates maximum sales.

  • Integrates with email platforms, therefore users can create, schedule, manage and track all the inbound and outbound emails.
  • Enables users to send and schedule emails according to time constraints and business prospect status.
  • Receive a notification on customers actions such as email opened, downloaded, etc.
  • Deliver in-detailed analytics to improve your business.

If you’re not using email tracking software then you’re behind the market competition. Stop wasting your time and get a powerful email tracking software. The popular tools are HubSpot, Mailtrack, Yesware and more. Few software offers unlimited emails and some tools provide limited emails. Go through every email tracking software, understand the features and pick the best one that meets your business requirements.

Overall, business entrepreneurs recommend using HubSpot email tracking software!!!
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