SEMrush Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals: Limited Time Offers

SEMrush Black Friday deals 2020

Searching for SEMrush Black Friday deals 2020 to avail some discounts on your Pro or Guru accounts? Relax! your search has ended here. Myvu has got some exclusive SEMrush Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals for you. 

No wonder, this is the best time to put your hands on any that is expensive as you get premium products at best discounts. The same goes with this tool, SEMrush offers amazing deals for a limited period. So let’s dive into them. 

Here are the SEMrush Black Friday deals:

Get double keyword bundle for just $99.95/month

  • SEMrush Pro account with more than 40 advanced tools

Get content marketing platform for $199.95 only

  • Enjoy access to Guru account

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When do the SEMrush Black Friday deals start?

Every year Black Friday deals start on 25th November and will be live till 15th December.

Apart from the above deals, SEMrush also offers the Pro and Guru accounts free for 30 days and 14 days.

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Click on the button and grab exclusive SEMrush deals for Black Friday.

When it comes to a premium tool, most people have few doubts like – Does the tool really worth the money? How to use the tool effectively? Does the tool cover all the features? etc.

What is SEMrush tool?

SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO tool required for any website or blog to drive huge traffic. More than 5 million people use SEMrush and access over 140 geodatabases. Apart from fetching huge traffic to your site, the tool also lets you-

  • Study your competitors in depth
  • Monitor backlinks of your and other websites
  • Estimate traffic and its sources for any website
  • Fix on-page related issues for your website
  • Analyze domains and compare
  • Perform keyword research and find powerful keywords


What is SEMrush used for?

Said that SEMrush is used to perform a variety of SEO tasks to improve your website or blog in many ways. No matter if you are a new blog or a well-known blog struggling to gain that skipped traffic from your cracks, SEMrush helps you out…

Benefits of SEMrush

Keyword research is an extremely difficult task

What do you think is the key factor in gaining a good amount of traffic? Most SEO experts vote for keyword research. Yes, we believe in the same. Finding powerful keywords is an important and difficult task as well. And this is one of the reasons why SEMrush has become the most recommended SEO tool. 

The reason why we stated manual keyword research is a difficult task is it consumes a lot of time. As a blogger, you will have much to do other than finding effective tools, so having powerful keyword research within your hands will let your job done easily.


The only thing you need to take care of is not to stuff those useful keywords multiple times but use relevant keywords to avoid search engine penalty.

Impressed to get the SEMrush account for your blog? Why not grab it at discounted prices!!! Get SEMrush Black Friday deal and avail the premium tool used by business experts for extremely low prices.

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Studying your competitors is key to grow your blog

No doubt, keyword research is one of the effective ways to foster your traffic, analyzing backlinks also joins the list. Yes, two factors that contribute to the growth of a blog or website are keywords and backlinks. Your immediate question might be how SEMrush helps in gaining a good number of backlinks(as we already discussed about keyword research)?

SEMrush’s backlink tool does deep research about backlinks of your and your competitor’s websites. All you need to do is enter the domain name and add competitors. You will get a complete overview and detailed information about the backlinks.


Analyzing backlinks was never easy before, thanks to SEMrush – it is an awesome tool that made complex tasks pretty easy. 

Thus by studying your competitor and analyzing what and how the keywords, backlinks they are using will help you find new opportunities to grow your website.

Not just keywords and backlinks, SEMrush allows you to analyze complete domain, their traffic sources, CPC, volume etc. Thus with the help of SEMrush’s advanced features, you can grow a list of relevant keywords, the effective number of backlinks, and grow link building strategies.

Site audit – a feature to build error-free site

Site audit is the most important tool that finds and fixes all the SEO related issues. Simply creating great content and posting it will not bring a good amount of traffic to your website. Your alt tags, lengthy titles, and very long meta descriptions can affect your website in terms of SEO. Hence having a powerful SEO tool in your hands will help you out from these kinds of issues. There is no other option better than SEMrush as it helps you fix all the on-page and SEO related issues.

These are just brief explanations about some of the outstanding features of SEMrush. Besides these, there are other tools that help you outperform your peers with the best social media strategies, ad campaigns, lead generation etc. Check out detailed SEMrush review to explore other amazing features and uses of SEMrush.

Therefore to achieve faster and effective results for your website or blog give a try for SEMrush free account for 7 days.

FAQs about SEMrush offers

Does SEMrush offer free-trial?

Yes, SEMrush offers a free trial for 7 days with Myvu exclusive link. Visit Myvu for learning more about SEMrush and SEMrush Black Friday deals.

Which is a better SEO tool: SEMrush vs Ahrefs?

Both the tools SEMrush and Ahrefs are strong competitors. But SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO package tool with all advanced features.

What is SEMrush pricing?

SEMrush pricing starts at $99.95 a month for Pro account and $199.95 a month for Guru account. Before you go for the full-time plan get a free account for 7 days with Myvu.


Summing up: Best SEMrush Deals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020

SEMrush is a worthy tool for your blog or website if you are really serious about your traffic and sales. Said that most marketing specialists use SEMrush to grow their websites. The best part about SEMrush is that it offers amazing Black Friday deals with exclusive discounts. 

Do you want to grab SEMrush Black Friday deal? Click here and avail free SEMrush account for 7 days (valid for both Pro and Guru plans).
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