2022 List of Guest Blogging Sites

100+ Ultimate List of Guest Blogging Sites that accept Guest Posts (Updated in 2022)

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Ask a digital marketer or entrepreneur what do they like most? Without wasting a second, their answer would be “More Customers”. Many businesses are working harder to increase traffic on their website. As a digital marketer, one can follow multiple ways to improve website traffic.

Among all the strategies, Guest Blogging is my favourite one. Securing a high-quality guest blog on a related or reputable website is the best strategy to increase traffic and boost ranking on search engines. But, since there are multiple websites online, finding the best website and submitting your guest blog can be a daunting task. No more worries!!! Follow the below list of over 100+ high-quality websites and blogs. Stop wasting your time and start writing attractive guest blogs to boost your website ranking and increase organic traffic.

It’s no secret guest blogging is a popular approach to grow your business online. No matter whether you’re running a blog or large-scale business, guest blogging can do wonders such as quality traffic increases brand awareness, improve your writing skills, build credibility and a lot more. Guest blogging is an effective way in 2020. Make sure to learn the terms and conditions of guest blogging sites before contributing. Check the list of guest blogging sites 2020 updated.

Guest posting sites

What is Guest Blogging?

Nowadays I am contributing many guest blogs with commitment and investing maximum time. Because I believe guest blogging is a key method for growing your website or blog. Let me explain, Guest blogging is defined as a content marketing strategy and effective SEO technique where bloggers contribute a guest blog on relevant guest blogging sites. It is an excellent practice to promote their brand and generate awareness.

Contributing a guest blog on popular guest blogging sites can build relationships, exposure, quality backlinks and authority. Did you know guest blogging can effectively enhance bloggers reputation and build brand awareness? Yes!!! When I began a new blog, I was unhappy with the traffic driven to my website. Then I started contributing a few blog posts for other websites. By implementing an inbound marketing technique i.e guest blogging, I have gained a huge audience to my website. Within no time, my website started receiving a good amount of traffic. By contributing to related websites in return, I have earned quality backlinks and wider brand exposure. 

This is cool!!! Guest blogging sites accept guest blogs from different authors. Because creating fresh content all the time is pretty hard. But even if the guest blogs are free, many guest blogging sites have their own guest blogging standards. Be cautious before writing a guest blog, study the guidelines completely and contribute the content according to the guest blogging sites standards. In exchange, guest bloggers and blogging sites will receive links (do-follow or no-follow) to their own blog or websites. By contributing a well-written guest blog is the best way to attract new traffic to your website.

Guest blogs are a valuable and basic marketing concept with a clear sounding and win-win logic for bloggers. Guest blogging introduces you to a new audience. Let’s dive into guest blogging topic!!! Happy news for me!!! I discovered two great things about guest blogging this year. I wish I knew about it a year ago.

  • It’s a difficult task to get enough organic traffic with a guest blog alone.
  • Not all the guest posting sites are equal.

Bloggers need to consider multiple things while writing a guest blog. Write a captivating headline with supporting sub-headings. Include bullet points for easy understanding. Punctuate properly, use commas, full stop, semicolons and hyphen in the content that makes sense. Introduce a storytelling concept while writing a guest blog to attract users. Use images, graphics, videos and gifs to double the chances of guest blog sharing. Including keywords and backlinks in the guest blog is a better way to increase traffic and conversions.

You don’t need to toss away every guest blog opportunity from lower authority guest blogging sites. They can earn decent traffic and a backlink for your website. But, investing your time and effort on a high authority guest blogging site is the strategic way to increase ROI.

List of Blogs That Accept Guest Blogging

We have discussed what is guest blogging and its advantages. One of the popular benefits of acquiring the backlink from popular domain through guest blogging – increase backlinks, improve domain authority, etc. Guest blogging can do wonders!!! No matter whether you’re planning to increase traffic or ROI, a guest blog is the right solution for you. Looking for the list of blogs that allow guest blogging? Yes!!! Stick here.

I would recommend every blogger to check the list of blogs that allows guest blogging. Our team has researched and found a unique list of popular guest blogs rather than listing the same common list everyone is providing. Check out the list of blogs that allow guest blogging. Most of the guest blogs on the list are popular and reputed blogs.

They accept quality posts from guest bloggers. So, when you’re planning to write a guest blog for link-building or brand promotion, I personally suggest you read the terms and conditions of the guest posting. Our team is working harder to make your work easier. All you have to do is, check your niche and find the related and popular blog. Contribute and enjoy traffic to your blog via guest blogging.  

Top 20 Best Blogs from the List 

Website/BlogSubmit MOZ Domain AuthorityCategories
MyvuContact for ArticleDA 55Business,Technology, Marketing, Finance
MyVenturePadSubmit Guest PostDA 50Business, Technology, Marketing, Finance
ZeenContact for ContributeDA 50Business, Finance, Technology, Marketing
InfoBeatContact for Guest PostDA 45Business, Technology, Marketing, Finance
PostlingWrite For UsDA 50Business, Technology, Marketing, Finance
JcountContact for Guest PostDA 50Business, Technology, Marketing, Finance
MeldiumSubmit Guest BloggingDA 45Business, Technology, Marketing, Finance
LocationarySubmit Guest blogDA 50Business, Technology, Marketing, Finance
TechmaishWrite For UsDA 40Blogging, Technology, Marketing, Social Media
ReadWritecontribute guest postingDA 80Startups, Technology, Business, Finance
TipsBloggerSubmit Guest PostDA 25Business, Software, Marketing, Blogging
Frugal EntrepreneurSubmit Guest blogDA 30Entrepreneur, Business, Marketing, Finance
KillerStartupsSubmit StartupDA 60Startup, Entrepreneur, Business, Marketing
TListsGuest Blog PostDA 45Technology, Business, Marketing, Finance
TechRapidlyWrite Guest PostDA 35Technology, Business, Marketing, Finance
TechGenraContact for Guest PostingDA 35Technology, Business, Marketing, Finance
NorthcuttGuest EditorialDA 40Digital Marketing, Social Media, Entrepreneur
Elite Personal FinanceWrite Guest PostDA 40Finance, Business, Make Money
GeeksGyaanSubmit Blog PostDA 60Technology, Business, Gadgets, Gaming
GentlexpContribute articleDA 20Technology, Business, Gadgets, Mobile
BloggersPathSubmit Blog PostDA 45Blogging, Web Design, Software, Marketing
W3JWrite for usDA 40Business, Technology, Marketing, Finance
FalconHiveContact for Guest PostingDA 35Blogging, Web Design, Software, Marketing

Technology, Gadgets & Tech Software Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging

Are you a techie guy? Yes!!! Good news for you. These technology blogs manage almost everything – basic technical information to complete software product review.  If you’re running a tech industry or launched a new product, introduce it by contributing to these tech software blogs. The technology guest Blogging sites list that accept guest blogging will help you reach maximum tech geek.

Buzz2foneSubmit guest post

MyventurepadSubmit Guest Post

InfoBeat –  Contact for Guest Post

W3JWrite for them

TechGenracontact for Guest Posting

TechMaish – Write For Us

TechZoomIn – Write For Us

CentrinitySubmit Guest blog

ReadwriteWrite for them
Tips BloggerWrite for them
GigaomWrite for them
Smashing MagazineWrite for them
MobileTweaksSubmit guest post
Techie BuzzWrite for them
Techie BloggerWrite for them
Jcount –  Contact for Guest Post
Digital InspirationWrite for them
Trouble FixersWrite for them
Devils’ WorkshopWrite for them
Calling All GeeksWrite for them
Inspiration FeedWrite for them
The Pragmatic BookshelfWrite for them
Site PointWrite for them
The KernelWrite for them
Tech WallsWrite for them
iTech CodeWrite for them

Business , General Marketing, Entrepreneur, Startup Blogs that accept Guest Blogging

Great news for small business entrepreneurs!!! Contributing to business, marketing and new blogs is the best way to increase your website traffic. Myventurepad, InfoBeat and W3j are the popular business blogs. These blogs help to drive attention through guest blogging. Apart from contributing, you can gain immense knowledge from these business guest Blogging sites list that accept guest blogging. Reach out to them and contribute positively. Please don’t spam these business and general marketing guest blogging sites.

MeldiumSubmit Guest Blogging

MyventurepadSubmit Guest Post

InfoBeat –  Contact for Guest Post

LocationaryWrite for them

FrugalentrepreneurContact For Guest blogging

CentrinitySubmit Guest blog

KillerStartupsWrite for them

W3JWrite for them

Jcount –  Contact for Guest Post


Blogging, Make Money & LifeStyle Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging

A balanced diet, exercise and good sleep are important for a healthy lifestyle. Don’t you agree? Of course YES. If you’re running a health or fashion blog, share your knowledge and experience by guest blogging on making money and lifestyle blogs. Have a look at blogging guest Blogging sites list that accept guest blogging. Do a background check before pitching the guest blog.

InfoBeat –  Contact for Guest Post

MyventurepadSubmit Guest Post

Postling –  Contact for Guest Post

Jcount –  Contact for Guest Post

BloggerspathSubmit Guest Posting
MeldiumSubmit Guest Blogging
Business2CommunityWrite for them
Blogheraldcontact for Guest posting
BloggerstackWrite for Them
KISSmetricsWrite for them
CopybloggerWrite for them
FalconhiveContact For Guest posting
Daily Blog TipsWrite for them
Freelance Folder  – Contact Blog
Godown – Write For Us – Contact
Blogsolute – Contact Us
MillioncluesContact for Guest Posting
Copyblogger – Guest Post Guidelines
YoungPrePro – Submit Guest Post
Blog Engage – Guest Blog Here
Kikolani – Guest Post Opportunities
Allbloggingtips – Write For Us

Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media & SEO Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging

Guest blogging on digital marketing blogs is the best way to increase traffic. No matter whether your beginner for digital marketing or professional social media strategist. Build yourself as a digital marketing expert in the digital world. These Digital Marketing guest Blogging sites list that accepts guest blogging on inbound marketing, latest Google algorithms, social media marketing, technical SEO and more. Many bloggers give practical advice on PPC and press releases.

Moz | Submit Guest Post

Jcount –  Contact for Guest Post

Socialmediatoday | Submit Guest Post

MeldiumSubmit Guest Blogging

Qiel | Submit Guest Post

Search Engine JournalWrite for them

Search Engine PeopleWrite for them

Magnet 4 MarketingWrite for them

Social FreshWrite for them

SearcheditorsGuest Blogging

k2seoWrite for them

DailySeoBlogWrite for Them

LocalseochecklistsWrite for them

SeoNickSubmit for them 

SeoTechyWorldSubmit for Guest posting

Web Design, Web Development, Software Development, WordPress Technology  Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging

Learning is an important part of everyone’s lives. Professional web design and web development never end. Web developers and designers are constantly exploring new opportunities to grow their business. Whether you’re a beginner to web development or web designer expert, you need to check software development blogs from time to time. The popular web design blogs are Falconhive, Designrshub and Thedesignmag. Check the Web Design guest Blogging sites list that accept guest blogging. These blogs are the best source of inspiration.  

FalconhiveContact For Guest posting

DesignrshubSubmit Design News

MeldiumSubmit Guest Blogging

ThedesignmagSubmit Guest blog

LogodesignerblogSubmit Guest posting

OnextrapixelWrite for them

Steve’s DigicamsWrite for them

I Heart FacesWrite for them

ColossalWrite for them

InhabitatWrite for them

Daily Art FixxWrite for them

NoupeWrite for them

Inspiration FeedWrite for them

SkyjeWrite for them

Web and DesignersWrite for them

Light StalkingWrite for them

Finance & Investing Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging

Managing finance can be a daunting task. Looking for Finance guest Blogging sites list that accept guest blogging? You’re at the right place. Learn investment ideas and manage your finance accordingly. Follow the incredible investing and finance blogs on the list. Professional investors are sharing their ideas and knowledge. Stay up-to-date with industry trends and grow your business.

MyventurepadSubmit Guest Post

MeldiumSubmit Guest Blogging

GabbrWrite for them

Modest MoneyWrite for them

InfoBeat –  Contact for Guest Post

InvestopediaWrite for them

ComFree BlogWrite for them

Investor GuideWrite for them

I Will Teach You To Be RichWrite for them

Five Cent NickelWrite for them

Fat WalletWrite for them

Money Saving MomWrite for them

Wise BreadWrite for them

Saving AdviceWrite for them

One Cent at a TimeWrite for them

Financial HighwayWrite for them

Financial SenseWrite for them


Benefits of Guest Blogging

list of Guest posting sites

Guest blogging is a popular marketing technique you can invest in. If you’re planning to increase brand awareness and increase trust among the target audience, start contributing high-quality blog posts on related guest blogging sites to your niche. Not convinced? Let’s discuss the benefits of guest blogging

Instant exposure

Blogs are powerful. Don’t you agree? Yes!!! As a business entrepreneur, you can use guest blogging to get instant exposure for your website or blog. By contributing to guest Blogging sites, you can attract a new audience. Also, get a chance to establish yourself as a niche expert. When you cannot spend maximum time in everyday blogging or if you’re looking to increase brand exposure and build awareness, writing guest posts for related guest Blogging sites is the great way to attract the new audience and promote your products or services naturally.

Quality traffic

Website traffic plays a vital role in businesses. Traffic is the lifeblood of websites or blogs. Getting quality traffic allows your business to increase trust, build credibility, improve conversions, etc. Guest blogging is a traditional marketing strategy to gain quality traffic. Contribute a guest blog and get in front of your new and relevant audience. Finally, boost your website ranking on search engines. Also, increase domain authority and trust by providing high-quality and valuable guest blogs on guest Blogging sites. Once you contribute valuable content, these readers will definitely visit your website. I personally recommend implementing guest blogging concepts to get quality traffic. Many times I receive 1000 visitors from guest blogging on niche sites. Sometimes I get more than 10,000 visitors from contributing a single guest post on reputed guest blogging sites.

Increase brand awareness

Have you ever noticed people relate themselves as “iPhone users” or “Nike users”? iPhone and Nike are popular and favourite brands. These brands are referred to as “popular”, “best”, “trending” or “buzzworthy”. People don’t think twice before purchasing these brands. Hope you understand the importance of brand awareness. Brand awareness denoted how familiar your target audience is with your business and how well they recognize it. Brand awareness among targeted audiences doesn’t just happen overnight. It also doesn’t happen from running a campaign on social media. Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness.

Develop your domain authority

Domain authority is a popular metric developed by Moz. DA is a search engine ranking score. This individual score is enough to identify the performance of your website. The score ranges from 1 to 100. DA score is calculated by taking multiple factors into consideration such as page speed, social signals, quality backlinks, domain age and more. Always keep an eye on your domain authority to rank better on search engines. Develop your domain authority with guest blogging. When you submit a guest blog, you can include website internal links in the content. Obtaining do-follow links from a related or popular website is an effective way to improve domain authority of your website.

Getting valuable backlinks

Backlink plays a crucial role in the digital marketing world. A backlink is also called inbound links. These links can be do-follow or no-follow. Backlinks are the links from related or popular websites to your blog or website. Obtaining a backlink from popular websites are valuable and credible. These links will definitely boost your website’s ranking on search engines. While writing guest posts, you can include one or more links to your website within the content.

Generating referral traffic

Obtaining a backlink is an SEO benefit while writing a guest blog. Did you know, your backlinks also bring outstanding referral traffic. Whenever a user reads your blog post, get impressed and click on the link that will redirect to your website. This way, you can increase the traffic to your website. While writing a guest blog to your website, you need to plan strategically. Write a useful article and service page.

How to Pitch a Guest Post and be a Perfect Guest Blogger?

How to guest post Guest blogging is the smart move to increase the traffic of a website, build a strong backlink profile and improve conversions. These days content development teams are working harder to build interactive and attractive content. Editors often work harder and spend maximum time on guest blog pitches. But, impressing bloggers and getting your guest blog published on well-known Guest Blogging site can be difficult. So, I’m here to vanish your difficulties while pitching a guest blog. Follow the below instructions before pitching your guest blog on reputed Guest Blogging sites.

Select the target blog

Choosing the blog is the first step of your success. In fact, it helps to save your time and effort on guest blogging sites that are not solid.

Write an attractive subject line

It’s important to have a clear and concise subject line to grab the blog owner’s attention. While sending an email to the editor, be polite and address them by name. Mention the title you are planning to write. Impress them with a personal note.

Personalize your pitches

Personalization works as a long-term strategy. It’s no secret sending a personalized email to Guest Blogging sites owners is the effective way to grow your business and increase the success rate. Write every email right from scratch. Write down the editor name. Appreciate their blog and tell positive things that you liked it. Don’t forget to add an outstanding quote at the end.

Send a well-written email

How can a blogger believe that a guest blogger can write a quality blog post if they send an email with errors? Ultimately, you’ve missed an opportunity. It doesn’t make sense!!! Therefore send an email that has no mistakes. Proofread the email twice and thrice. Edit the mistakes, read the email again before sending. Now, Share a well-written email to Guest Blogging site editors confidently.

Include visuals

Finding the right visuals (images, infographics, gif and video) for a blog post requires more time. No issues, spend time on researching the right visual to impress the editor. Because editors don’t have enough time to find the visuals. Make editors jobs easier by sending everything that your guest blog requires along with it.

Follow the guidelines:

It’s important to keep an eye on guidelines. The guidelines for one blog can be different from another. Don’t just blindly pitch the content. Spend little time on understanding the guidelines of the blog. Then, pitch the content accordingly. For example, there might be few Guest Blogging sites that accept only related blog posts. Pay attention to these things

Have a good email signature:

Email signature is a valuable tool.  Having a good email signature is important in the modern era. Make sure the email signature is professional and prove that you’re a genuine person. Impress guest blogger owner by including your social media accounts and website URL.

How to Find the Best Guest Blogging Sites – Methods Used 

search guest posting sites Guest blogging is awesome!!! Guest blogging is an excellent way to grow your business. Did you know guest blogging is providing endless benefits to bloggers and editors? Yes!!! It builds credibility, positive reputation, increases audience, improves domain authority and more. However, finding the right Guest Blogging sites can be difficult for a newbie. And even when you find the reputed guest blogging sites, your approach can make or break your opportunities of successfully contributing your guest post. Sounds like a scary story right!!! No more worries!!! Continue reading the article. Below, we have explained the key factors of guest blogging.

List of Search Queries – Google Strings

There are three types of search queries such as informational, transactional and navigational. Guest blogging is denoted as informational. Google is a popular search engine. Did you know that more than 95% of users prefer Google to search guest blogging sites? Yes!!! Google provides useful and valuable information according to the user’s search query. The search results are generated within less than a second. Start searching for “List of Guest Blogging Sites” and get valuable results. Check every result and proceed with the best result that meets your requirements.

General Search Queries in Google

“Write to us”

“Guest Posting Sites”

“Blogs that accept Guest Blogging”

“Guest blogging”

“Guest Blogging Sites”

For Categories Search – Add category name along with a query

  • “Write for us” Technology
  • Technology + “Write for us”
  • “Technology blogs that accept guest posting”

Competitor Backlinks

Want to grow your business? Of course YES!!! Spy on your competitors backlinks. Think of your niche competitors. They might be performing well. Checking the competitor’s backlink is a powerful idea. There are few popular tools such as SemRush to check the competitor’s backlinks. Bloggers need to understand the importance of link building strategy. Check their guest blogging sites and request a pitch to these sites. This is a better way to get potential customers. 

Featured on or Guest Post Pages

Getting featured on popular guest post pages can be a dream for many bloggers. Reaching millions of audience is now easy with these pages. All you need to focus on is

  • Your expertise
  • Adding real value to the blog audience
  • Follow guest blogging site guidelines
  • Create a curated and informational blog post

What are you waiting for? Get featured on reputed guest post pages is the amazing way to add social proof, improve your audience and domain authority.


Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites. No matter whether you’re running a small or reputed blog, the platform helps you  promote your brand. Search for guest blogging sites in the twitter search bar. The list of guest blogging websites will appear, check the blogs and pick the blog that is relevant to your blog.


Every one of us has a Facebook account. In fact, Facebook is the king of social media platforms. Expand your audience on Facebook. Yes, you’ve heard it right. There are thousands of guest blogging pages and groups are available on Facebook. Like and join the groups to contribute your work.

Premade Guest posting list

Good news for bloggers. A premade guest blogging sites list is available online. You don’t need to waste your time on finding the guest blogging sites list. Check online and find the popular guest blogging sites. The list may have popular and unpopular blogging sites. Spend time on checking the genuine guest blogging site. Contribute a pitch according to their guidelines.

Do’s and Don’t of Guest Blogging

dos and donts of guest posting The word guest blogging is the buzz word in the digital world. Guest blogging is gaining popularity and a better way to build backlinks to your website. A blogger needs to follow standard guest blogging rules to contribute a guest blog. 

Do’s guest blogging Read the guidelines:

Blogs can be different from one to another. The requirement of one blog cannot match with another blog. Pay attention while reading the guidelines. There are few Guest blogging sites that accept 700 words blog posts; another website may accept on an individual niche.

Show your expertise:

Do you have in-depth knowledge of social media marketing? Yes!!! Let the world know about it. Create a pitch with complete information about the topic – definition, advantages, strategies, etc. Your experience is a worthy gift that merits to be shared.

Exceptional content:

Content is KING. It is an important factor to generate traffic to your website. The content can be different forms such as blogs, images, infographics, audio, video, etc. Business always ensures that websites have high-quality content to generate better traffic and more conversion. Content marketers are creating exceptional content than before. Find a trending topic and spend time on research. Curate a high-quality content and make sure it doesn’t have grammar or spelling mistakes. Include attractive images and infographics for visual effectiveness.

Write to audiences:

Know your audience before writing a guest blog. It helps guest bloggers to make correct decisions about content – what information needs to be included and whatnot. Don’t use complicated words, use plain language in guest blogs to ensure the audience understands its easily. Ultimately, your audience should understand the content and get back to your website.

Edit guest blog:

Edit your guest blog before contributing. You need to ensure the final draft is perfect. If you think editing the content is the responsibility of the blog owner, you’re absolutely wrong. It’s your responsibility to take care of grammar, punctuation, word choice, paragraph length, alignment and the general flow of the guest blog. Take a second opinion before submitting your guest blog.  

Don’ts guest blogging Say no to spam:

Want a guest blogging work for you? Yes!!! Stop encouraging spam emails. Never ever send bulk emails to blog owners while requesting for a guest blogging opportunity.

Don’t repost articles:

Stop reposting the same article again. When you want to become an incredible guest blogger, work on it seriously by creating quality and unique content every time.

Don’t get depressed:

Stop getting discouraged when your guest blog submission is rejected by the blog owner. Send a polite email to the blog owner, request them to tell about the required changes. Focus and work on required changes. Continue writing and never stop contributing your articles.

Never post on low-quality blogs:

Low-quality blogs don’t contribute well to your website. Never choose spammy or low-quality websites. Writing for a spammy website can damage your reputation as a blogger.

Don’t stuff too many links:

It’s no secret blog owners are picky. It just takes a couple of minutes to identify the self-promotional link in the guest blog. Unless it’s required to include a link, never stuff them into the guest blog. If you seriously want to get a backlink to your blog or website then use the byline.  

Myths of Guest Blogging

What’s smarter? Placing a bunch of apples in your own basket or placing it another person’s basket? If you’ve encountered these questions, keep reading… myths of guest posting Guest blogging is a powerful and effective long-term strategy for marketing and SEO. Because guest blogging works in a simple way, even an amateur can approach and contribute to high-authority blogging sites and improve authority, traffic and conversion. Guest blogging is becoming a hot topic but unfortunately, there are few myths in the modern world.

Reputation is necessary to start

The hidden truth about guest blogging – Your website must be popular. Reputation is rewarded. Reputation plays a key role in guest blogging. If you’re a newbie or running an unpopular website then you need to start small. Because getting featured on reputed guest blogging sites can be difficult. Therefore, small business guest blogs or local publishers will help you to get featured. Your website will start receiving traffic. It doesn’t pay off at the initial stages, but you require a foundation before you approach the reputed website.

More work

Few bloggers say “Guest blogging is a waste of time”. Because it requires more time and effort. Blogger has to spend time on research. Also, understand the target audience and write a guest blog according to guest blogging site guidelines. The guest blog should be well-written. Also, it should include content, images and videos to look attractive. Creating curated content can be a daunting task. Choose a trending topic. Start writing your blog post – clear, useful, valuable and relevant. Make necessary changes for a final draft and share the post to the blog owner.

Free contribution

The misconception about guest blogging is that you are contributing content for free. Bloggers are writing content for getting a backlink from a popular website. These link can fetch their traffic to your website. A quality backlink is a long-term strategy to drive potential customers.  


Guest blogging in 2020 is not what it was earlier. It’s no secret, from the past few years, the employees at Google are developing better ranking algorithms to ensure users receive quality and relevant content according to their search query. Prior to this guest blogging was an easy task for bloggers.

  • Bloggers find relevant niche blogs.
  • Pay a few bucks to guest posting websites.
  • Get the guest blogs posted with a backlink.
  • Relax and enjoy the traffic and improve ranking.

Now, everything is advanced!!! In 2020, bloggers are contributing to the guest blog in a strategic way.

  • Check the curated well-researched guest blogging sites list. 
  • Make sure these sites must be relevant and popular.
  • Visit the sites and read the terms and conditions properly.
  • Give a call or drop an email to blog owners.
  • Pitch your content.
  • Get accepted by the guest blog owners.
  • Create a high-quality guest blog that gives real value. Introduce storytelling, keywords, backlinks, visuals, etc.
  • Rinse and repeat around multiple guest blogging websites.
  • Relax and enjoy the immense traffic and conversion to your website.
  • Get the blog posted on their Guest Blogging sites.
Disclaimer: The mentioned list doesn’t guarantee that listed guest blogging sites will accept your content or guest blog. The list is treated as the reference or go-to-resources for the one who is planning to grow their audience base. Contributing to multiple guest blogging sites is the best way to grow your business. Few guest blogging sites would need your experience or expertise before allowing you to contribute. So, take your time and create a top-notch content before reaching blog editors. While you’re here reading this post, there may be few blogging sites that have changed the guidelines for guest blogging or stopped accepting the submissions. That being said, our experts will make sure to keep the list of guest blogging sites updated. Also, we ensure to provide an accurate, valuable and comprehensive resource.


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