Privacy Policy

MYVU understands the importance of your personal data. MYVU collects, process and stores a lot of data. The privacy policy at MYVU is dedicated to help you better understanding such as how our team collect, process and store your sensitive data. Whether you’re a merchant or end-user that uses MYVU services or placing the order through our website, you’re agreeing to the MY VU terms and conditions of this privacy policy.

We have complete rights to update the terms of the privacy policy at any time. Consider, changes made in legal or privacy practice, we will notify with a revised policy through newsletter or website. Our website uses effective tools and techniques to make your personal information safe and secure.

Information we collect

Your information is under safe hands at MY VU. We collect two types of information from end-users such as personal and non-personal information.

Personal information – We collect users personal data for identification, such as name, mobile number, email id, gender or other relevant information. We use your personal information to confirm your identity, provide latest updates and contact you.

Non-personal information – MYVU team will collect the information about browsing the history, IP address, network connection log data, usage data and more. We collect this data to provide high-quality services for you. Also, we may use this data to display advertising depending upon your interest.

We suggest our users read and understand the privacy policy statement before browsing the MYVU website.

Use of information

The information captured by MY VU can be used for multiple purposes such as processing or placing an order. Recommending product or service as per your interest. Dealing with customer’s complaints and services. Use personal e-mail id for sending newsletters unless you’ve explicitly permitted us to receive.

Cookie policy

A cookie is a small files that are stored on a user’s device. The information stored in cookies contains dynamic information. It can change from time to time. Our website uses cookies to identify your device and provide a personalized experience. These cookies are used to serve Google, YouTube and Facebook ads. MY VU installs cookies in your device for various purposes. It is used to collect personal information to assign a unique or random number to identify an individual. Also, the information stored in the cookie can be used during login. You don’t need to re-enter your name again at MYVU. Our client use cookies to review and track previous visits.  A cookie cannot access the data from your hard drive.

If you don’t want to store MYVU cookies on your devices, you can opt for disabling cookies from settings.
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