How to Take Your Brick and Mortar Business Online?

Did you know, the number of brick-and-mortar businesses venturing into the online market has increased greatly? Yes!!! These businesses are experiencing success in terms of growth and revenue. It’s no surprise there are multiple benefits to take your brick and mortar business online. Selling online is the easiest way for every business.

Are you planning to take your brick and mortar business into the world of e-shopping? Yes!!! Building an effective online storefront from scratch can be overwhelming for you. Follow the below-mentioned steps and take your brick and mortar business online without hassles.

Register a domain

If you want to build an e-commerce website, you need to register the domain name. Simply put, a domain name is the address of your website. Users will type your domain name on their web browsers and visit your online store. GoDaddy is the popular platform to register your domain. Search for your domain name and add it to your cart.

Sign up to a hosting provider

If a house is your brick-and-mortar place for customers to visit, then a web hosting is virtually a website house online. Creating an account with a hosting provider will offer great service. It will let you set-up an e-commerce site online. GoDaddy also provides hosting plans.

Choose the powerful web hosting plan to protect your website from hackers and malware attacks. These hosting providers will protect your sensitive data in the servers as well. Additionally, server backups are also available in case of data recovery.

Install WordPress

Installing WordPress is easy. Therefore many businesses install WordPress to handle their website. You can install WordPress from cPanel software. cPanel is considered as the dashboard that provides web hosting services to their customers. With auto-installer, you can install WordPress in no time. These auto-installers will automate the complete installation procedure. Instead of performing every task manually, you should provide basic information and click on the button. That’s all!!! Your WordPress is ready.

Prep your important pages

The faster you set up an online store, the soon your customers will purchase your product or services. There are few essential pages such as homepage, shipping FAQ, return and exchange policy, contact us and product pages. These pages are important for every online business to get successful.

Available payment methods

According to statistics, the online store having multiple payment options has more number of purchases from customers. If you want to increase traffic and sales, offering multiple payment methods is the best choice for you. It includes cash-on-delivery, PayPal, net banking and more. Make sure these payment platforms support your currency.


Security is the major concern for customers, clients and entrepreneurs. In fact, security plays a vital role when it comes to online shopping. When the customer feels the online store is not safe, they jump from the website and never return again. Getting an SSL certificate to your website is important to increase the trust and authority of your online store.

UX and UI

Want to build a successful online business? Yes!!! Don’t forget to incorporate UX and UI principles into your online business design.

User experience and user interface are two major aspects of online business.  Your website UX and UI are first impressions for a customer. Make sure, they’re great and impress the customers to place an order.

A significant UI and UX allows you to determine your customer journeys. Design a user-friendly website and increase traffic. With the increasing number of traffic, the conversion rate will also increase gradually.

Content management

Content is KING!!!

Your website content plays a significant role in the online store’s growth. Keep an eye on your website or blog content. Make sure your content is unique and engaging. .It’s not just what you sell to customers, it’s also the approach you sell your products or services. Considering the content management system can take you a long way. Within a few simple clicks, you can add pages, pictures, videos and infographics in your content.

Shipping and fulfilment

Creating an online business means promoting your products and services to your customers. As offline stores, you may pack the products in a bag and customers will receive the product after payment at counters. Online business work in a different way – shipping and fulfilment are involved. The first is to pack the product and deliver it to the customer’s address by yourself. The second way is to rely on third-party services. These providers will ship the products to your customers on behalf of you. If you want to simplify the shipping process, select ShipperHQ. It is the popular shipping service help to meet your shipping needs.

Human Resources

Hurray!!! You’re all set to open a new sales channel. It means new challenges are up for you. You need to manage your online business wisely. Hiring an HR team can be beneficial for you. The HR team is responsible for managing accounts, keep a track on stats, updating the federal law and more. If you cannot afford to have an HR team, you can manage it by yourself. Make sure you need to have complete knowledge of how to manage your e-commerce platform effectively. Approach a tech-savvy guy if you require any help.


No matter how great your products or services are, without reaching the audience they’re useless. It’s important to promote your products and services on multiple platforms. Marketing them on social media channel will help to increase your audience reach. Make a note, always keep your customers, social profiles and community in a loop. Spread the news about your online store as much as possible. There are few services such as online listing management, social media marketing, email marketing, guest posting and POS software are the better marketing strategies for every online store.


Your hard work is meaningless without having an online presence of your business. Setting an online business and getting a wider reach overnight can be a difficult task for newbies. Follow these steps while setting your brick and mortar business online.
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