How To Start Investing With Little Money?

Investing a small amount of money can receive big rewards. If you’re dreaming about building a new home or buy a Lamborghini, you need to start investing from today. No matter whether you’ve $10000 or $1000 or $100, you need to begin your journey right away. When you don’t invest, you can fulfil your dreams. In fact, jackpot winners invest a little amount of money to participate in the game and win big amount of money.

If you don’t know how to start investing with little money, continue reading…

Following are the popular ways to invest with a little amount

Real estate crowdfunding

Investing in real estate is a win-win solution for investors. Take time and educate yourself with the real estate best practices and earn good returns. You can access the real estate market without having business connections. Choose real estate crowdfunding allows you to start investing with little amount i.e $500. Real estate crowdfunding work in a straight forward approach. At initially, you need to team up with trusted real estate investor, gather the amount and buy a property. When you invest your money, you will become a partial owner for that property. You need to wait for a certain period to double your investment while buying the property.

High Yield Saving Investment

Have you ever heard about the stock market, investment and index funds? Ofcourse many times rights. There might be few people get scared by listening to these terms. Because they imagine that investing in the stock market or index fund requires good financial knowledge to earn well returns. If you’re one among them, stop worrying about it and open “high yield saving investment” account. This is the best account to increase your earnings. High yield saving investment offers good interest that ranges from 20-25 when compared to traditional saving accounts. The high interest is often available for online banking.

Imagine, if you’re holding 5000 dollars in your savings account, you can get $10 interest per year. With a high yield saving account, when you hold $5000, you can earn $100 per year.


It’s no surprise investment managers and professional financial advisors are pretty expensive, no matter whether you open a savings account or brokerage account through financial agent or broker. If you’re worried about expensive charges, no more worries.

Say big thanks to the advanced technology. With the existence of “Robo-Advisors” cost is not a big issue for investors. There are few Robo-Advisors investing apps such as Betterment, Wealthfront and Ellevest available in the market. These Robo-Advisors will manage your portfolio effectively. If you’ve $1000 in your account, you need to pay $2.50 every year for maintaining and managing your portfolio by Robo-Advisors. Also, you can invest as small as $500, it’s the best solution to get rid of expensive charges and get easy access to your money.

Robo-advisors are completely safe, secure and easy to use. These Robo-advisors offers financial tools for investors to keep the track on their investments. They can analyse and identify their net worth within a single click.

Certificates Of Deposit

Looking for a secured way to double your earning? Choosing “Certificates of Deposit” is the right way for you. Feel safe and secure with CDs, because the risk is low when compared to other investment such as real estate and the stock market. It world almost similar to a savings account. But, certificates of deposit often provide high-interest rates for you by agreeing to deposit the money for a certain time period. The period could be 6 months, 1 year or 10 years. The choice is you’re, you can certificate of deposit according to your interest. If you set the time period for 10 years, you will earn good interest. There are times when you require money, at that moment you can get your money from CD’s, but you need to pay a fee for breaking the rules. 

Peer to Peer Lending

Do you’ve $1000 in your locker and want to double to money? You can lend your money to someone else. This is one of the popular ways to invest your money. Also, it can be risky as the person may repay you the amount with interest or not. If you want to decrease the risk, start lending with small amount of money i.e $25 or $40 to multiple people. This is called peer-to-peer lending. If you’re looking for popular lending platforms, look no further than Prosper and Lending Club, these are the best places to start with small amounts of money.

Gold and Other Precious Metals

If you don’t want to invest your money at peer-to-peer lending or Robo-advisors, you can invest in precious metals. Yes, investing in precious metals such as gold, silver, iron, etc can offer you a good payoff. Unlike stock market shares, these are the physical and tangible assets that you can hold all the time. As the demand for gold, silver and other precious metals are touching the sky, everyone will be desperate for the precious metals. It is a viable investment for everyone. You can purchase precious metals such as gold and iron through a brokerage.

Mutual Funds

Invest your money and let a professional work for you. Sounds amazing right. This can happen with mutual funds. A mutual fund is a common pool of amount where investors keep as their contribution. This money can be invested in various forms such as stock, gold, bonds, fixed deposit and more. These funds will be managed by the fund manager. Putting your all the money in the low investment mutual fund is one of the outstanding ways to get started.


There are few people who live their life without investing. Because they feel that they don’t have sufficient money to start investing. There is a misconception that they require millions of dollars in order to become an investor. But, the truth is, you can start investing with a little amount, whether you’ve $100 or $10 in your pocket, you can invest with this little amount. Follow the above-mentioned strategies and start investing with a little amount of money.
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