How to Quit Your Job the Right Way?


It’s a well-known fact that there are multiple reasons for a person to quite the job – planning to start a business or not satisfied with the current position. Quitting the job is not as easy as getting a job. No matter how much you hate your 9-5 job, you cannot easily wait to restart your career. There are times where an employer fires you for unnecessary reasons, but you need to well prepare yourself to resign the job in the right way.

Once you have realized that it’s a perfect time to move on, make sure you resign from your job in the right way. Follow these steps and ensure

How exactly do you quit the right way? These steps will ensure your job change is stable. Also, keep your relationships protected when you quit the job.

Consider your reasons for quitting

Take a long breath!!! Sit comfortably and consider reasons for leaving your job. Evaluate your present and future conditions. Also, consider the advantages and disadvantages of sticking to your current job role versus leaving the job. You can consider a few important factors like compensation, working hours, travelling hours, work environment, work-life balance and more. Take time and analyse your reasons, make your next move wisely. Don’t rush, spend maximum time to consider the reasons for leaving the job. Once you choose to leave the job, it’s vital that you have another plan that is suitable for your successful career.

Have the right plan

Once you have decided to quit the job, you should develop an excellent plan that helps to get clarification. With the right plan, you can jump to your next move without worries. According to the situation, a career change may vary from one person to another. Some people apply for a new job, while others start a new business. Few people already have received an opportunity as a full-time employee in other organization. There are few people who join courses to develop their skill. According to your situation, you need to have the right plan. Quitting the job with no plan can be risky for you.

Inform your line manager or employer

Whether you’re planning to attend for an interview or starting a new business, it’s important to inform your employer regarding your resignation. When you already decided to quit the job and have a career plan, you need to have a conversation with your team lead and employer.

During the informal conversation with your line manager or employer, there may be chances of providing benefits such as compensation, promotion and more. If your employer is satisfied with your work then you’ll be offered with benefits. If you’re not satisfied with the provided benefits and prepared to quit the job, have an informal conversation with the lead or employer. Prepare them for the formal resignation process. Informing your employer in advance shows that you’ve enough respect for them. Be kind and respectful, this can preserve your relationship in the future.

Send a formal resignation letter

Once you’ve decided to leave your current job, the professional thing you need to prepare is submitting a resignation letter to your line manager. The resignation letter will make your quitting ease and maintain to have a positive relationship with the company. You can send the formal resignation letter to your line manager. It’s completely fine to send the resignation letter to the manager, they will initiate your quitting process. No matter how close you’re with the line manager, you need to be professional while sending a resignation letter. Make sure to double-check the resignation letter before sending. Make the things official and serve notice period according to company terms.

Asking for a Reference

No matter how supportive you’re at work employer will forget about you once you leave the organization. As the days pass, the manager and employer will stop remembering you. Therefore, before you leave the company, request manager for a recommendation letter. With the reference letter in your hand, you can apply or get another job easily.

Continue your work as usual

Continue your work until the last day. Work hard for the company until you get experience letter, relieving or other documents. Don’t think about kicking the work when you’re planned to leave the company. All it matters is “your reputation”, this is valuable assets you might receive when you continue doing great work as usual through your last day. Make sure to complete your pending work before you leave. Delivering good quality during work will gain a great reputation and impression on your colleagues and employer.

Discuss departing information

Don’t forget to keep an eye on employee benefits. Also, check your salary make sure you receive a complete salary. Know about sick, paid or unused vacation leave. You might have an exit interview, you can ask these departing details during your exit interview.

Returning Company Property

Returning company property might be your last step for quitting your job. Return keys, laptop, mobile phone, company documents, etc that belong to the company. If you’ve damaged anything ensure you replace the things with your own money. Make sure the employer doesn’t chase you after leaving the company.


Are you not satisfied with your current job? Expecting a high-paying salary for your work? Or starting a new business. Quitting a job can be a heartbreaking moment for the one who has great bounding with the organization. However, depending on the current situation, you need to quit the job. When you decide to quit the job, it’s important for you to do the resignation process in a graceful way. Be professional by discussing with your line manager or employer. Send a formal resignation letter through email and serve the notice period. Complete the pending work and submit to your project lead before your last day. Working hard will leave a good impression on your co-workers, this is important for you. Whether you’re a fresher with 6-month experience or 15 years experience, follow these important steps while quitting your job.
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