How to protect website content from copying with DMCA?

One of the most important factors in today’s digital world is protecting your content. Don’t you agree? With the digitalization wave, there came many websites and the problem is that apart from the success of these websites there are some inconveniences too. The digital wave is on the rise and there is no doubt that this is not going to slow-down in the next two decades. The internet has made people’s life easy, it is safe to say that people cannot live a day without the internet. What do you think is an exaggeration? Nope, it is not. 

Can you imagine a day without your mobile? No, right? That is the level of dependency people have on their mobiles. From reading daily news updates to connecting with your friends there is a lot that can be done on the internet. If you’re one of those people who create content on the internet like blogs etc. You know how much work goes into it. There is a lot of work that goes into creating a piece of content. 

It is not just words, there is a lot of thought, opinions, ideas, and creativity that goes into creating interesting content. However, if someone else copies your content and posts it on their website then it simply means that someone else is taking all the benefits of your hard work. In this digital jungle, there are all sorts of content creators, some work hard and give it there all to create content that is interesting, intriguing, and innovative. And some people steal content from others to promote themselves. 

So what can you do to protect your content from getting stolen? 

How can you prevent others from claiming your content as theirs?

The answer to all your questions is DMCA. In this post, we will cover everything you need to know about DMCA. The people who are on the most losing side are the small business owners and sole business owners. These people have little to no knowledge about copyright law and how it can affect their websites or business. So let’s start with what is DMCA? Slowly dive into how it can affect a business and how you can protect your content from getting plagiarized. If you want to understand, what is DMCA notice, what is DMCA protected, and what is DMCA takedown? Then stick till the end of this article

What is DMCA?

Digital Millennium Copyright Act or most commonly known as DMCA is a copyright law that came into force back in 1998. Because of this law now businesses and people have better control over the online content. Not only that they also have control over how other people use their content. But you must keep in mind a few processes and rules. The purpose of this law is to protect the creative work of creators online from thefts. It consists of a series of laws for different media and creative content posted online. The different media include photos, articles, and videos. 

If you think creatives are the only ones who are protected under this law then you’re highly wrong. It protects both the creators and the online or internet service providers (OSP’s or ISP’s). Using a protection badge for your website will protect your content from any possible online threats. The DMCA law came into force when technology has shed light on new issues that need to be addressed, which was not possible by the traditional copyright laws. 

The Internet has brought many good things to us such as music, books, etc from creators across the world. International copyright laws were violated as it was a different territory and had many new issues that could not be tackled by the traditional issues they needed new laws to tame them. 

This brings us to the next question, 

What does it cover?

DMCA or also known as Digital Rights Management (DRM) addresses the copyright infringements on the internet or the World wide web. Although many people know what DMCA is, many doubts are surrounding it. One of them is, what media is covered under this law. Under this law covers all the images, text content, video files, and audio files that are copyrighted by you. Once you copyright your media they rightfully belong to you. However, this doesn’t cover abstract items such as names and ideas.

One more important thing is that it applies to the content created in the U.S.A. For any other country, you must comply with your native laws. Also remember that DMCA only protects you from copyright infringement not from other violations such as non-closure agreements, defamation claims, trade secret laws, trademark infringements, non-disclosure agreements, etc. 

You cannot understand the laws and the power of DMCA if you do not know of copyright infringement. The simplest way to explain copyright infringement is when someone else creates a similar content to your or derivatives of it, distributes, displays, or performs your content with your approval then it is considered as copyright infringement. 

Let’s break it down for you with an example. For example, you have copyrighted the content on your website or blog, if anyone else uses this content without your authorization then it is considered as copyright infringement. In simple language plagiarism. You must be wondering then how people upload copyright-protected content to youtube or other platforms? This is where a safe harbour comes into the picture.

Safe Harbor and its conditions 

As mentioned above DMCA protects both the content creators and the ISP or OSP. It protects the rights of internet service providers and website operators. The DMCA comes with a provision for the safe harbor. Under this provision, the creators can issue a notice and take down the plagiarized content. 

There are conditions under which DMCA offers a safe harbor for website operators or internet service providers. Under any of these situations, they will issue a notice and takedown procedure.

  • If the internet service provider or website operators have no prior knowledge about the plagiarism or copyright infringement on their websites. 
  • If they don’t receive any monetary benefits from the plagiarized materials/content.

To implement the notice and takedown procedures, the internet service providers and website operators must 

  • Have a designated Copyright Agent, who will handle all the claims
  • Create a DMCA policy, display it on their site and keep it available for all users
  • If they have received a copyright infringement claim they must comply with the DMCA policy. 

If you want to benefit from the safe harbor then you need to have a designated copyright agent. File a request with the copyright office and complete the registration process. The registration process can also be now done through the new electronic system of the office (copyright office). The most important factor to remember is that it is only applicable in the U.S and the shelf life of registration is only three years. You must renew after expiry to remain under the wings of safe harbor protection. 

It also ensures that your e-commerce site, website, or platform are protected from their users. Safe harbor has helped online platforms such as Facebook, Youtube to remain the primary source of creativity and intriguing content. 

What needs to be included in your website DMCA policy?

You can either include the DMCA policy along with the terms and conditions on the same page. If not you can create a separate page for the DMCA policy. In case you have created a standalone page then make sure you add the reference link of it along with the terms and conditions page. Adding reference links makes it easy for people to find it. If you have no idea on how to draft the DMCA policy for your website, you can always seek help from your web development company.

Basics to be included in the policy

This brings us to the question, what content should be included in the policy. Always remember that your draft must be highly clear and specific. It should mention the rights of the site owners in case of infringement. Some of the basics that need to be included in the policy are

  • Identification of your copyrighted work
  • Identifying any content that is copied or plagiarized from the original
  • All the information relating to the person submitting the claim
  • Signature of the person along with the statement that the claim is accurate and liable for a penalty

When a person or site receives the copyright claim, they must remove the piece of content they have received the claim form from their website. Even if it is uploaded by your users, you must notify them to remove the copyrighted content. However, if that person has not violated the rules then they can simply file a counterclaim. Also if there is a user whose content is bringing repeated copyright claims to your website then it is better to remove access to the particular person to your website. It will save you from the trouble.

Benefits of DMCA for your website/business

Complying DMCA will prove to be beneficial for your business. There is a lot of blood and sweat that goes into creating a piece of creative content. Not only your hard work, but they’re also going to make a lot of money and time to create it too. But if someone else copies your content then there is no point as all your hard work simply goes into waste and someone else is making profits out of your hard work. The problem is that most businesses are not even aware that their content is copied by others within their niche. So it becomes highly important for businesses to be tracked and monitored for plagiarism. If you want to gain a competitive advantage and save your content from any possible theft then you need a system in place that would track any content of yours that is plagiarized. 

Other benefits

One of the main reasons why most people steal content from your website can be due to the high performance of your website in terms of SEO. If someone else is also posting a copy of your content or similar content then the SEO rankings of your website will fall. However with DMCA policy in place you can send them notice and make them take down your content and save your brand from such situations. Sometimes this plagiarism can be an unconscious mistake also. So before sending them the official notice for the takedown. You can first message them personally and talk to them if they have understood, they will take it down themselves.

However, if they don’t then you can follow the rules of DMCA policy to make the claim. One thing that platforms or websites should remember is that even if their users have done something wrong, it will become the responsibility of your company only. So having a strong system in place along with DMCA policy will save your business from expensive lawsuits along with infringements. 

How to take down your content from other websites?

If you want to understand what the takedown is, then you must first understand what DMCA notice is. A DMCA notice is a tool that helps the website owners to get their content (plagiarized) taken down from the other website. As mentioned before, sometimes the copyright infringements may occur unknowingly too. Simply put, the site owner who did not have had an idea that the content was already published on your website.

So to avoid any uncomfortable situations, it is advisable for you to first talk to the site owner. Give them a call or send them an email. Explain to them of the issue and if they take care of it, then you don’t have to take action. It will save both you and the other party from the trouble. If you don’t get a reply try contacting them a couple of times. However, if it doesn’t lead anywhere and if you still don’t get a reply from them then it is time for you to take it down systematically and issue a notice.

Steps to issue a notice

Normally there are few steps to follow to issue the notice. If you want to remove your content from appearing on someone else’s website then you or your authorized representative must send the notice to the service provider. First, you must locate the DMCA link in the service provider’s website and then submit the takedown form. You will find all the instructions along with the takedown form. However, if the site owner does not provide the form then you must draft your takedown form. And then it takes around 10-15 days for the site to take down the material. If the owners or the users of the owner find that the content is not subject to infringement then they can send you counter-notice. 

In all this process it takes a lot of time and effort and there is no doubt that until and unless you’re an expert in the field of copyright law, it is better to leave this in the hands of the experts. There is another way of handling this matter. 

Details included in the form

This is where comes into the picture, they will save you from all the trouble and will help you in taking down your content from any other websites on the search engine. Taking down your stolen content is not a simple task, it includes a lot of money, time, and effort. But the tools offered by the will take you in the right direction and make the takedown process simple and easy. When you have noticed that your content is stolen or used by others without your authorization then you can approach to take it down. All you have to do is fill-up the form and enter all the takedown details.

Form Details

The details included in the form are

  • The URL of the takedown website
  • You must provide the statement of ownership on above-mentioned content
  • Enter your account info such as your name, company name, email id and mobile number
  • Source URL of the takedown content

Tick the agreement and select your service type then you can proceed to check out options. Once the takedown sign-up is done, then the will do the research and call you to confirm the details of the case and then go to work on it. They offer both commercial takedowns and personal takedowns. One of the main reasons why most people prefer the DMCA is because it gets work done fast. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete the form and they will remove your content even before your lawyer has started. Not to forget they work 24/7 on these takedown claims and are experts at their work. So there is not a single doubt that they will handle your case professionally and protect your data.

How long does it take to take down the copied material?

In the most common cases, it takes around 3-4 days. But in some cases, it can be resolved within 24 hours too or may take months too. So it varies. It is safe to say that it completely depends on the internal policies of an organization. Resolving the takedown notice depends on the speed of the company in resolving the DMCA requests along with the location of the content. If you’re approaching a company outside of the US to take down your content it may take some time before it is resolved. However, most host providers, even the ones outside of the region, will also try to help their best. If you approach the then your issue will be resolved fast, saving both money and time.

How to handle a takedown notice against you?

As we have said above, sometimes plagiarism can be unintentional. So without knowing some can use the other content. This can happen to you too. So whenever you receive a DMCA complaint, your web operator or ISP will demand you to remove the content immediately. The first thing one must do is not to panic, respond immediately because if you don’t there are high chances of them shutting down the hosting. The providers don’t want any issues to arise, so there are high chances of them not even checking whether the content is copied or not, to put the notice to rest they will take action as efficiently and as fast as possible, according to the laws bound in the particular area. 

Details to be included in the counter-notice

But if you’re sure that your content is not copied from anyone and the complaint is an error then you can send them a counter-notice. But before you do it, be sure that you have copyrighted the content, if you’re not sure then it is better to take the legal opinion before you make your next move.

The important details that need to be included in the counter-notice are:

  • Name, phone number and address
  • Url of your content before it was removed
  • A statement stating that the material was removed because of misidentification or mistake
  • Consent to accept the services of the process from the other party that issued a notice
  • Consent to the jurisdiction of a federal court in your area or your service providers area

What happens if a takedown notice is wrong?

Not every takedown notice that is issued is legit. There are cases where these notices are sent to people who didn’t infringe the copyrights. It could be a simple mistake of judgment or misidentification. If you’re confident then you can send them counter-notice. Simply put, anyone who disagrees with the takedown notice has the right to send counter-notice to the other party.  The contents of this draft will be similar to takedown notice but there will be some additions such as the proof that the material in question is not plagiarized and is compiling all the laws.

But one thing one must remember is that before sending the counter-notice make sure that you have all the proofs in question to the content. Because if they’re not then it will lead to further legal action. In case the owner has copyrighted the content then it will end in a lawsuit. If you’re not sure about all of this, before filing a counter-notice it is better if you seek a legal opinion. Make sure you have all the proofs to back up your case in front of the owner.

How to handle counter-notice?

Most people don’t go to counter-notice. But if the content in question is there they will send the counter-notice. Some people try to make use of these amendments to protect their content or the platform. However, one thing they must remember is if you’re doing it without any proof then there is no doubt that this fight will turn ugly and will lead to legal proceedings.
However, you must remember that during the dispute the content in question will be anyway user-banned or removed.

Once the case is closed and if you have proved that the content belongs to you then it will be restored but one must remember that fighting legal battles can take a lot of both your time and effort. Get into it, only if you’re highly confident and have a solid case to back you up.

What is DMCA protected? 

Now it is the time to understand what is DMCA protected and how it will protect your website. is an online service that assists you in taking down your stolen content. If your content is protected by DMCA then you have nothing to worry about. You can be assured that everything you can post on your website will be well protected and nobody can ever think of stealing your hard work again. This online service is protecting 1.13 million websites every single day. 

Wondering how DMCA protects your website? Then stick till the end to find out.

DMCA badge

It is protection placed on your website that prevents thieves from stealing your content from your websites. Not only that you will have access to all the tools and other resources that will help you in taking down content that is used in other websites without any authorization. They’re offering both free badges and pro badges.

Installing the badge is also quite simple, all you have to do is to copy and paste the embedded code that offers into your website and once you add the badge to the pages they will verify whether it is placed right or not. If it is installed properly then they take the screenshot of the source code and encrypt it. Simply put, it becomes the digital signature of the page. Once the badge stays on your page for 30 days then your website becomes protected by the DMCA.Com. The interesting part is that you can create your badge. Cool, right? 

Wondering what is DMCA protected, it means that whenever someone steals your content they will take it down for free. 

It provides your content with ultimate protection services. Under this program, you are provided with unlimited image watermarking, do-it-yourself takedowns, premium badges, and simple and easy-to-use management systems. It also offers users a copy scanner, which makes it easy for you to find the unauthorized copies of your content by scanning the web. This is just the surface of what it can do, here is a complete list of services it offers.

Differences between basic and pro protection

Protection basic/free

This program offers standard badges, it has a huge collection of protection badges for you to choose from, you can even create one of your own. It will offer you a website certificate that provides you with a copyright statement of your content ownership. Under the basic plan, you will get one free takedown per year. You will also have access to protected page tracking. With protected page tracking you can keep a track of your protected pages. You will get a 10% discount on all professional takedown services. One of the main purposes of the protection badge is that content thieves and online criminals will think twice before copying your original content. This plan is perfect for website owners and small personal websites, who are looking for ways to avoid any content thefts.

Protection pro

This is the paid version, it provides you with access to both standard and premium badges. You can choose from the premium badges selection too. You will get 10 free takedowns per year. It also offers you unlimited scans of the web so that you can find copies of your content online. It will also provide you with a verified website copyright statement that proves your content ownership. With pro protection, you can create and manage multiple takedowns easily. One most important feature it offers is the website detective. With this tool, you can find out who is stealing your content. When you sign up for the protection pro, you can protect your website with the best content protection services. This program is thorough efficient deterrent management, resolution, and reporting system. It is designed with businesses and professional websites in mind. They can be assured they have the best defence with them to protect their content.

More features protection pro offers

Premium Badges

With premium badges, you can get access to the subscribers’ only selection along with certificate management. Under the certificate management, you can easily manage all your certificates. Most importantly with this feature, you will also get the status of the verified account. Once you make your first payment, they will verify your address with PayPal and account status. 

DIY Case Management 

This feature offers both a case management system and the takedown generator. Handling the takedowns or counterclaims is not as easy as it seems. Not to mention it is extremely tiring and time-taking. However, with the case management system, it is easy as a breeze. With a takedown generator, you can create takedown notices. It offers exportable templates including the PDF’s. This tool is used by experts and professionals to remove your stolen content every day.

Website Scanner & WaterMarker

The website scanner provides you with a copy scanner. It scans the internet to find all the duplicates of your content. All you have to do is enter the search term and scan for the copies of your content. The best thing is that it is available 24×7, 365 days. So you can check whether your content is stolen or not anytime you want. WaterMarker provides you with the DMCA WaterMarker. This tool adds the watermark to all the photos present in your website. It protects all your media from getting stolen as it adds all the copyrighted information to all your images.

Website Detective

If you want to remove your content from someone else’s website, first you must know who is hosting that particular website without that particular information you cannot get it removed. This is where website detectives come into the picture. With this tool, you can find the information relating to the ISP’s that are hosting the website that infringed. 

No badge protection

No badge protection is the simplest and the quickest way to get things done. You don’t even have to go through the extensive process to add the protection badge to your website. All you need to do is add the URL of your website and they will take care of the rest. Without adding any code to your website, you can get protection. You won’t even need the page indexing, you just have to add your website to the and they will take care of all your work. With a simple login, you can see all your web pages protected. Even if there is no badge, all your web pages are thoroughly protected and people can see the Protection Certificate by URL. 

Why should you join the protection plan?

You must have already understood how protecting your website the protection badge will keep your content protected from getting stolen. By joining the protection plan you can not only protect the content theft. You can even react to it quickly, take action fast, and react quickly. Get tools such as anti-piracy tools, website detectives. With these tools, you can easily find if anybody has stolen or copied your content. And most importantly you can take down content for free. However, if you want additional features you can sign-up for the protection pro and get all the exclusive features that will help you in keeping your content safe from thefts.

DIY DMCA Takedown 

The Website protection pro is designed especially for content creators or website owners to perform their takedowns, takedown research, and counterclaims. In case you’re someone who needs to do takedowns frequently, then money can be a real pain. Not only that depending on someone else to get things done can also be quite problematic. However, if you know how to perform the Takedown then you don’t need to depend on others and you can also save lots of money too. So with the DIY (Do-it-yourself) takedowns, you will get takedown templates that are easy to fill/ So all you have to do is create the takedown and send it where it is due.

Professional Takedown

If you don’t have enough time to take care of the takedown process. Then the experts and professionals of the DMCA to perform takedowns for you. They use all the tools mentioned above daily, so they can take down content in less time. So most people wonder, what is the point of taking a complete plan when you only need to do just one takedown? For all those people, here is the answer for you, the DMCA is the best takedown service provider, so you can get your content removed for one time too. The price for the one-time takedown is $199.

Features that are offered in the free, pro and no badge plans

Although all the three plans are good and help you in taking down your content not all of them offer the same features. So here is a detailed explanation of all the features offered by each of these plans. 


  • Custom protection badges
  • Protection badges
  • Content theft protections- 1/year
  • Tracked Badges IDs – 1
  • Real-time image watermarking- 24 hours limited
  • Right-click blocker
  • Website copy scanner- 2
  • WordPress Plugin
  • e blogger plugin
  • Wix, Shopify, LinkedIn, and other platforms- customize
  • HTTPS Delivery


  • Text monitoring- 50
  • Image monitoring- 50
  • Protection Badges- 100+ Premium badges
  • Custom Protection Badges
  • Content theft Protection- 10/year
  • Tracked Badges IDs- 10
  • Multiple Badge Management
  • DIY DMCA takedowns
  • PDF Export takedowns
  • DMCA takedown templates
  • Real-time image watermarking- unlimited
  • Custom branded watermark
  • Content delivery network
  • Delete and reprocess pages
  • Account verification
  • Right-click blocker
  • Verified account status
  • Website detective tool
  • Website copy scanner
  • WordPress Plugin
  • e blogger plugin
  • Wix, Shopify, LinkedIn, and other platforms- customize
  • HTTPS Delivery
  • HTTPS Validation

No badge plans 

  • Text monitoring- 50
  • Image monitoring- 50
  • Protection Badges- 100+ Premium badges
  • Custom Protection Badges
  • Content theft Protection- 10/year
  • Tracked Badges IDs- 10
  • Multiple Badge Management
  • DIY DMCA takedowns
  • PDF Export takedowns
  • DMCA takedown templates
  • Real-time image watermarking- unlimited
  • Custom branded watermark
  • Content delivery network
  • Delete and reprocess pages
  • Account verification
  • Right-click blocker
  • Verified account status
  • Website detective tool
  • Website copy scanner
  • WordPress Plugin- code not required
  • e blogger plugin- code not required
  • Wix, Shopify, LinkedIn, and other platforms

Services offered for the Domains and Platforms

The services offered for the domains and the platforms have a slight difference. The domains and platforms can either go free or sign up for the pro. Although both pro and free plans will help you in taking down your original content from other websites. 

Here is the list of services offered by DMCA for both Domains and Platforms.


  • Free badge service
  • Badge service
  • No-badge service
  • Manual Index service for the badge
  • Scheduled Index service for the badge
  • Manual Index Service for No-
  • Scheduled Index Service for No-
  • Site profile
  • Site claim
  • Protect single item


  • Free badge service
  • Badge service
  • Manual Index service for the badge
  • Scheduled Index service for the badge
  • Manual Index Service for No-
  • Scheduled Index Service for No-
  • Protect single item

Brand Protection services is offering a complete line of Brand protection services. It has been offering protection services and enforcement for many organizations across the world. Some of the organizations that use these services are Public & private corporations, Governments, VIPs, Executives or Board groups, NGOs, Corporate Legal Counsel offices, or Law Firm, Non-profit organizations. It offers protection, research, monitoring, legal support, reporting, takedowns. 


The protection services offered by the range from the simple website protection to complete comprehensive customized support that fits the enterprise solution. If you’re a large organization then it is quite hard for them to locate the content that has been stolen and published without your content, even if it is being posted on websites that are under the difficult jurisdiction. 

The corporation boards and management groups also require a formal report regarding the degree of their content being stolen online. Even law firms also need technical internet services to find and remove their stolen content online. The executives are also monitoring and tracking their reputation and work that is being stolen. So with the help of this protection service, they can protect their content from getting stolen and issuing notice and processing takedowns too. 

Research & Monitoring

The also offers professional research services. They have a research page and white papers available for the users upon the request. All you have to do is register and send the mails. It is also offering monitoring services too. They have both DIY and professionally managed monitoring services under an engagement. The monitoring services will help you in regularly keeping a track of your content online. If you’re opting for a professional service then all the monitoring process will continue only based on the content supplied by the clients. 

Reporting & Takedown

With the research and monitoring, they will provide you reports on the infringements, in case any of them occur. These reports consist of all the information about the results. It is used by many organizations across the globe. However, the reporting frequency changes based on the client’s requirement and content. The takedown is the fundamental part of The takedown services vary from business to business. So if you want the pricing details you can request a quote.


The price is different for the three different services offered by the DMCA.

Here are the pricing details of the different plans.

Protection Pro

More than 1.3 billion websites are using protection pro to protect their content. Under this plan, you can protect the contents of your website such as images, text, graphics and codes. To the protection badge, you can either add the protection badge to the web pages or simply submit the website link to add auto protection. It offers free protection to regular, publisher, and ICG sites. You can either add a protection badge for your site or you can get protection without any badges. No badge protection is the new feature. You don’t have to copy the code to your website page but they will still protect your website.

With Badge protection

Regular- $10

Publisher- $20

UCG site- $50

No badge

Regular- $15


UCG site-$90

Multiple Badges Pricing schedule

7+ domains- $9/domain per month, $7.50/domain per year

25+ domains- $8/domain per month, $6.50/domain per year

50+domains- $7/domain per month, $5.50/domain per year

100+domains-$6/domain per month, $5/domain per year

250+domains-$5/domain per month, $4/domain per year

500+domains-$4/domain per month, $3/domain per year


You can get the original content of yours published without authorization to be removed from the world wide web. DIY Takedown for an unlimited number of notices is $10/month. 

Notice only

1-9 Notices – $99

10-25 Notices- $90

26-50 Notices – $85

Full services

1-9 Notices – $199

10-25 Notices – $179

26-50 Notices – $165


The price changes based on the requirements. So if you want to have the prices then raise a quote. It also offers other non-standard services too that starts at $ 199. Check out the list from the website.


With monitoring, you can track the exposure of your content such as images and texts. You will receive alerts from DMCA if they find matches on the internet to your text monitoring. Not only for texts you will also receive alerts when finds matches to your images on the internet. Monitoring image scan prices at $1/image/month.

Monitoring- $10/month

Keywords (standard)

15 Keywords per scan- $1.00

150 Keywords per scan- $0.85

1050 Keywords per scan-$0.65

10,500 Keywords per scan-$0.45

1,00,000 Keywords per scan-$0.25

1,50,000 Keywords per scan-$0.09

2,50,000 Keywords per scan-$0.04

Keywords (Google)

15 Keywords per scan- $1.27

150 Keywords per scan- $0.68

1050 Keywords per scan-$0.39

10,500 Keywords per scan-$0.23

1,00,000 Keywords per scan-$0.15

1,50,000 Keywords per scan-$0.11

2,50,000 Keywords per scan-$0.08

Both the Standard and Google

15 Keywords per scan- $2.53

150 Keywords per scan- $1.37

1050 Keywords per scan-$0.78

10,500 Keywords per scan-$0.46

1,00,000 Keywords per scan-$0.29

1,50,000 Keywords per scan-$0.22

2,50,000 Keywords per scan-$0.15

For one Domain 

15 Keywords per scan- $1.00

150 Keywords per scan- $0.85

1050 Keywords per scan-$0.65

10,500 Keywords per scan-$0.45

1,00,000 Keywords per scan-$0.25

1,50,000 Keywords per scan-$0.09

2,50,000 Keywords per scan-$0.04

Enterprise Monitoring services

It offers monitoring services to more than 5000+ phrases, images, articles, titles. This service comes with a calculator which includes customization and set up costs. You can request a quote if you want to know the price of all the services your website requires.


With compliance, you can reduce the tension of the takedown processing. Your takedown notice will be compliant in 5 minutes or less. If you’re an organization that receives more than 1000 takedown notices per day then the complete takedown compliance notice processing service is apt for you.

Compliance- 10/month or 100/yr

Basic- 5 cases- $10

Business- 150 cases- $50

Enterprise- 1000 cases- $500

Final Words

One of the main grievances of people posting or creating content is not being about to protect their content. There goes a lot of hard work and creativity into creating a piece of content. Be it an image, poem, story, or text displayed on the website. It is hard to digest that someone else can steal your content and claim to be there’s. Through this article, you must have understood what is DMCA, what is DMCA protected, and what is DMCA notice. So with the help of DMCA, you can protect your content from getting stolen or take it down in case it is stolen. You can either DIY with DMCA or their professionals will take care of this. So DMCA is perfect for your website if you want to protect your content from thefts. You can no more be worried about your content being stolen as you have DMCA at your rescue.
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