How to Promote YouTube Videos?


Youtube is one of the most visited and active websites which is used by one and all. A lot of people are downloading and uploading videos on youtube every minute. People have their channels on youtube with which they earn their living. Youtube is a massive platform that can be easily visited and accessed. People upload videos on various subjects most of which include informational, entertainment, sports, games, motivational videos. There is a lot of content on youtube as well as some of the repetitive ones as well. Quality is more important than quantity. Viewers like and subscribe to channels that give them quality content. How will you get more users and subscribers? How will people come to know about a channel? Well, there are a lot of keywords that one can add while uploading the videos. Every time a user uses the keywords they will be directed to the videos who have those keywords. This enhances the video’s views and promotes the videos for further users. There are various ways with which youtube videos can be made a hit among the users. Some of the best ways on how to promote youtube videos are as follows :

Tips On How To Promote Youtube Videos

Adding the keywords

All the youtube videos have a subject. The video has something to deliver to the audience. For example, if a youtube channel is based on makeup, the videos uploaded will be related to makeup or the makeup product, or tutorials on applying makeup, etc. Therefore if we add the keywords such as “Makeup” “Tutorials” while uploading the videos and add hashtags in the description box provided, this shall be helpful for the recognition of the videos when the users would search any of these keywords. The visibility of the videos will be shown in the drop-down list. This is an add on to how to promote youtube videos. 

Interesting Titles

What do people search on youtube? Interesting videos? Funny videos? Inspiring videos? Yes, all of the above are some of the common interests of the people while they are online on youtube. Any videos having such titles have a higher chance of popping, while a user searches for them. The title plays a major role on youtube as they represent the videos. The motive is to attract users and increase the visibility of the uploaded videos. Even adding interesting thumbnails can add and help compliment the videos along with the title added. This is one of the answers on, how to promote youtube videos.

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Social Media Promotions

Social Media is one of the biggest platforms for any promotions and the highest number of active members are found on social media. Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. These platforms are very accessible for one and all. People share information both private and public in their respective feeds. Any news posted reaches a large number of people in just a click. The most convenient way on how to promote youtube videos and to reach such a huge audience is a social media platform. People can share with word of mouth or share links and posts which helps cover people known and unknown. Promoting videos in such platforms benefit the newcomers a lot.

Major Sources of Traffic

Youtube analytics helps to gain a good number of viewers. After one login to their respective youtube account then clicking on to the profile icon, it will be directed towards the Creator studio. There will be the analytics menu on the left sidebar where we can click on Traffic Sources which will help us to know the number of traffic for the particular video. Another way to attract more sources is by promoting the video to all the email ids in the contact list. This shall be a very personal way to approach as everybody checks their mails on a regular basis. Another way of public promotion is by posting on the company website or common mail. This will be forwarded to all the employees and they can check the content whenever they want and enjoy! Next time anyone has a question on how to promote youtube videos? You have an answer for that!


How would you attract new customers to view your content? Will they come to know about the new video uploaded? How to promote youtube videos? Well, collaborating with new people and advertising the content on their channels is another brilliant way to add more views to your content! Everybody is looking for something new, some different ideas and content. Sharing a glimpse of the content on other channels will advertise the video on a new platform. Viewers will open the link which shall lead to the original channel where they can check the other related videos as well. This will help gain more subscribers. The best way to pitch is to find a channel that shares similar content as yours. Channels that have a lot of subscribers already would emphasize on the quality of videos, which would help them as well.

Live Chats

Live chats are the best way to connect with your viewers. This will give a personal touch. They can communicate with you directly and ask questions or enquire about the channel. They can request the content that they are expecting from the channel and rate the channel accordingly. This is the best way to get more subscribers as people like to get involved more often and they can give better ideas about, how to promote youtube videos. Another reason includes the questions are answered then and there, which will allow the viewers to have a better knowledge about the channel. Suggestions are a must when one is new in building a channel. People can give new ideas of content or any upcoming trends. Therefore live chats are important to reach out to the audience.

Frequent Uploads

The best way to compete with the other channels is to be updated and upload videos more frequently. Frequent uploads lead to new content that attracts the viewers. Active channels have a higher chance to get more views and subscriptions. Anything new is always exciting and people are curious to know what’s in store! This is a way of experimenting with various contents to find out what interests the audience more. This way it is easier to provide similar content and engage the viewers as well as attract new viewers to the channel. The question of, how to promote youtube videos shall be better understood with the help of frequent uploads.

Commenting On Other Channels

Every video has a comment section in which viewers can write their opinions and suggestions and their likes and dislikes for the particular video along with new ideas on how to promote the youtube videos. Each comment is checked not only by the channel but the viewers as well to get an overall idea about the video. In such a platform a single comment can allow viewers to check the link which is attached and then they shall be directed to the original page where they can check the channel along with the other videos. This is another way to reach out to new viewers as there are a lot of channels that upload content on a daily basis. One comment can make a difference!


Youtube is growing at a rapid speed and there are a lot of channels coming up almost regularly. This is the best platform for people who have new ideas and want to share it on a public platform. People have successfully built their careers on youtube and have started earning! All the above-mentioned ways are some of the tips that can be helpful to increase the visibility of youtube videos. As the whole agenda is based on the number of people who are viewing the videos and subscribing to the respective channels.  Hopefully, How to promote youtube videos, is answered in this article.
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