How to Make More Money as a Freelance Writer

Do you enjoy writing? Yes, then have you ever considered writing as a job or a side hustle. What? Yup, you heard it right. If you’re passionate about writing why don’t you do it seriously? Freelance writing is a boon for people who are quite interested in writing. You can earn money while you improve your skills. And freelance writing is one of the best work form jobs you could get your hands on.

If you have clients you can work based on your schedule. How many jobs have such a luxury? And you can also start working from a young i.e, this job is perfect for teens or college students too. This is an effective way to enter the industry and slowly get a hold of it.

But this brings us to the question, Although you can make good money through freelance writing. What should you do to make more from it?

No worries, If you’re already someone who is a freelance writer but is struggling to make a lot of money. Here is the answer for you. Wait till the end of this article and you will find numerous ways to make more money.

Tips to make more money as a freelance writing

Once you have a tight hold on the basics of becoming a freelance writer then comes the time to expand your skills and make more money. With these tips, you can make more money and boost your value and get more clients. 

Write for the Web

Writing for the web is one of the best ways to make money as a freelance writer. As you see from blogs to social media posts companies are using content to attract their audience. As a freelance writer, this is undoubtedly the best opportunity for you to grab this demand. So constantly improve yourself by learning how to write for the web. You will have hundreds of opportunities to write emails, landing pages, e-books but if you’re unable to grab that opportunity you will regret it. 


The more people you know the more references you will get. Yup, you heard it right. So every time you get a part-time, full-time, or freelance gig make sure that you maintain cordial relationships with the concerned parties even after the job is done. This is how you will be paving the way for jobs in the future. For a freelance writer networking and building new relationships is also a great asset. No matter which job you’re taking up, do your best, put your best foot forward, and eventually, people will recognize your talent and work. Once your work becomes your face, there will be many people who will refer your work to others.

Flexible rates 

Setting rates for your work can be quite complicated. With time you will get a grasp on how to charge your clients. So initially charge the industry standard. If you don’t know what is the standard you can ask your colleagues. Once you have successfully set your rates with the time you will get the knowledge of how to charge. But don’t deprive yourself of good and interesting projects just because your sole focus is on the money. There are times when you will receive projects that are quite interesting and can add to your growth so take up such jobs even if they pay you less than your rate. 

Keep a track of your work

The effective way to boost your income is keeping a track of your work. See if you just go on working without keeping a track of behind the scenes effort you will only receive peanuts for your hard work. Simply put, as a writer you will be spending a lot of time on a project apart from writing there are hundreds of other things you will do. So you must take all that into account while you’re charging.

Keeping a track will help you in understanding how much you should charge effectively. As a writer you will spend your time researching, understanding the client’s needs, etc. Once all of this is done then you will write. So if you only charge for the hours you write you will lose a lot of money. To boost your income by considering all the jobs you have done to successfully finish the job to satisfy the client’s needs.

Your Niche Matters 

You must take up a niche that you yourself are quite knowledgeable about. See if you take a niche that you have no idea about just for the sake of earning money you will be at loss. Because you don’t know anything about the niche you have to spend a lot of time conducting research, understand, and then write. However, in the time you spend on the niche you have no idea, you can write more than two articles of the niche you are knowledgeable about. See the difference, when you have an understanding about a particular topic you will naturally be fast in researching or writing. So think twice or thrice before picking your niche. Because your niche can also boost your income. 

Drop stingy clients 

If you want to improve your income then one of the best ways is to drop the clients that are stingy. If you have clients who are paying you less hourly rate but are highly detail-oriented, then drop them. Because they want you to make too many changes or research a lot for the content, but however, in the end, you will only be making a few bucks that are nowhere proportional to your effort. Instead of spending time on such clients drop them and find clients that are willing to pay you according to your rate. If you feel that a client is sucking up a lot of your time for non-billable works then simply drop them without hesitation for better opportunities.

Wrapping up 

These are a few tips for a freelancer to boost your income. Hope you have found these tips helpful. Implement these tips and see changes in your income. Apart from freelancing, there are many other interesting side hustles to make more money, then check out our articles.
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