How to Make Money Selling Your Used Books?

Are you a vivid reader? How often do you read books? Oops!! Wrong question, how fast do you finish a book should be the right question? If you’re someone who loves reading books then you must have purchased a lot of books, right. Some old, some new, some received as gifts. Do you have enough space to store all these books?

Books are like babies to book lovers, they take good care of them because if they don’t they may end up ruining the book. Apart from novels and magazines, you must be having your textbooks practice guides, etc too. Where do you store these many books? Once the semester is done you’re not going to look for these books that are stored in a carton and placed somewhere you won’t even remember. Don’t you think decluttering your books will give you some space? The old textbooks are nothing more than dead weight. So most people give it away for goodwill. If you’re also someone who is about to do the same then wait for a minute. Don’t just go away and donate all your books because they can seriously bring some good cash into your pocket.

If you’re planning to empty out your attic or clear out your old books shelf that you’re not going to read anymore. Then you can make good money. 

Want to know more about it, deeply? Then stick till the end of this article.

Sell books and make money 

Everybody around you knows that you have a love for books. For your birthday they have decided to give you the latest book from your favorite author as a gift. But you have already purchased and read the book. Now you have two books of a novel and this is not the first time it has happened. With all these extra books taking up space in your book attic, you don’t have enough space to store your new books. No worries, by selling your used books now you can make money. But the question is how? Check out the below-mentioned methods.


Who isn’t familiar with this platform? You can find anything on this platform from electronics to groceries. It offers everything one needs. But did you know you can sell your used books on this platform? Yup, you can sell your used books on the Amazon Marketplace. Although right from the start you must not have high expectations of selling out all your books easily. Because quite frankly, it can be a little difficult as the market is ever-changing. But for novels and certain books, there is a high demand on Amazon. All the amount you will earn from this platform will make a decent amount.

But if you want to sell your books remember that they must be in good condition i.e, they should be free from any damages like marked pages, water damage, or damage in the spine or cover. In case your books are rejected Amazon will send it back to you for free. And most importantly there is no minimum order.

Become a professional seller

There is no doubt that the used books business is quite big. If you have good planning and resources you can make some good money. Purchase the books in summer as the prices will be low and then resell them in fall when the books are in high demand. When the new semester starts students flock around thrift shops or second-hand book shops to buy books. All these students check the price both offline and online compare prices and then make a purchase.

If you’re interested then you can sign up as a seller on platforms such as Amazon, Abe Books, and make good money. You can even sell your books on eBay. Some of them charge nothing for listing, while others take a fee from you. But if your books are vintage then sell them at the Etsy stores. Remember that you can only sell in Etsy if it is at least 20 years old.

Scouting sites 

These sites are perfect sources if you want to find the best buyback price. Scouting sites usually compare the prices that different bookselling platforms will pay you in just a single click. For any given book you can find the buyback price. One must note that these prices will not be permanent as they keep changing according to the market. All you have to do is enter the ISBN code on the book and see the prices that are offered by different sites. Note it down somewhere and then make comparisons before making the decision. They may even direct you to sell books with dealers too. But they may not be as accurate as you expect. Confirm the prices with the actual seller once you have come up with a price as sometimes these stores can be unreliable too.


As you already know there are many offline stores where you can sell your books. Similarly, there are online platforms too where you can sell your books. These spaces allow you to list your books and sell them. But one thing you must be careful of is that these platforms will not accept damaged books. So your books should be in perfect condition. You must create the listing with a complete description and pricing. Once the books meet the criteria of the platforms they would be live and buyers can check them out and buy. You will receive part of the final price as your payment.

Wrapping up 

Selling your used books is the most efficient way to make money. Why stuff the used books in your book rack and have clutter. You can declutter and make some space for new books. And it is a good side hustle to make money. So if you’re interested in other side hustles that will bring good money then check out the other articles in the make money section. you will find many articles that will help you in bringing passive income home.

Happy earning!!!
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