How to Make Money Proofreading?

One of the best things that writers get better over the years is grammar. Yup, with constant writing and editing they become better than they were before. However from the start, if you’re a grammar nazi, who is quite particular about commas, full stops then the proofreading job is perfect for you. You necessarily don’t have to be a writer to become a good proofreader.

There are many writers who are looking for proofreaders. The reason behind this is, whenever they write something no matter how many changes they make, it is still hard for them to find the errors in their own writing. So taking a third person opinion truly matters to them as they will be able to clear even the small errors that are missed. Although there are many proofreading tools that writers use while writing, having a proofreader truly makes their writing better. 

So if you’re looking for ways to make money then this side hustle is perfect for you. You can work from anywhere you want and make good money. Interested, wanna know how to make money by proofreading? Then stick till the end to find out.

This is an excellent side hustle, but before anything else, you must learn the few things about becoming a proofreader.


What is Proofreading? 

Proofreading is when someone reads and edits and marks the errors in the writer’s document. Which will be edited and corrected by a writer as it is a writer’s job. The proofreader’s primary job is to find the mistakes that the writer has not found. If you want to be a proofreader then you must pay attention to the details and another important thing is that they must be willing to communicate with the writers and explain why they want to change a particular sentence or why you think it is an error. By explaining these details you will help the writers from understanding their errors and will improve themself.

For a writer to write something amazing there is no doubt that the influence of a proofreader is also high. Writers are so confident that they will not read once the proofreader finishes reading the document. They believe that the proofreaders understand the audience’s pulse and if the proofreader doesn’t understand something it is likely that the audience will also not be able to understand. So they fix grammatical, punctuation errors and make sentences simple and easy to understand. But you must understand that copy editing is different from proofreading. If you as a proofreader don’t understand the difference, how will you charge?

As a proofreader, you will finalize the final draft, check for punctuation, grammatical and spelling errors, and fix them. Not only that you check for the consistency and fix formatting errors too. However, copyediting means reviewing the later draft. They even provide the writer with feedback on the sentence structure and fact-checking. The copyediting includes checking if the content matches with the usual style guide offered by the client.

How to become a proofreader?

As you already know this is one of the perfect work from home jobs. You can either take it up as a full-time job or a part-time job. It also provides you with a chance to work on two jobs at the same time. 

Review if you have skills to become a proofreader

First things first, you must check whether you have the skills to become a proofreader. This job is not for everyone, you must have exceptional attention to detail. It is a job that will cost the company a lot of money if not done properly. The proofreader should be able to be a multi-tasker, work fast, and handle a lot of work at the same time. So if you think this is a job that needs to only have skills like grammar and punctuation then you’re wrong. You will also require specialized skills, for transcript proofreading you must be able to know how to apply these rules for some tricky constructions. So first you must have to check whether you have the necessary skills to become a proofreader. 

Train yourself to become a proofreader 

So as you want to become a proofreader you must-have skills. If you want to become an ace proofreader then you must improve your proofreading skills. One of the best ways to improve your skills is to train yourself. So you can pick one style of writing. Be it Chicago or AP style. Rather than being half skilled in both styles, it is better to become well-versed in one particular style. So take free quizzes to test yourself, as there are not many places you test, take up the proofreading courses that will help you in improving the skills. These courses will help you in honing basic skills, apart from that they also help you in starting your business and get clients. 

Decide your niche 

Once you’re sure that you have skills for proofreading and you really like it then comes the time to explore niches. As you see there are several niches, choose a niche that matches your requirements and you’re quite knowledgeable about it. So make sure that you pick a niche that is a testament for your strength. There are different types of proofreading such as Print media proofreading, Academic proofreading, Legal transcript proofreading, Transcript proofreading. Marketing Proofreading, proofreading translations. So make sure you check out each of them and communicate with proofreaders in each of the niches so that you understand the job better.

Set the price 

This is also an important part, Set the prices according to the amount of work you have to proofread and the number of changes you will make. Because all this comes under your effort right. If you’re new to the job and have no clear idea of how much you must charge then follow the industry-standard or check out your peers in the industry and then decide the price accordingly.

Wrapping up 

There is no doubt that proofreading is a perfect side hustle for those who are interested in reading. Once you have finished all the above-mentioned steps you can start looking for clients and start working. You get to read interesting pieces of work and earn good money. If you’re interested in finding side hustles that will help you in earning good money then check out the articles to make money
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