Collage can be pretty expensive!!! Though you get a scholarship and educational loan, you might still require cash for other expenses such as buying books, paying exam fees and more. If you’re running out of money during your college days, you need to be seriously prepared for making money. There are hundreds of opportunities in university or outside the campus to make extra money.

Become a Tutor

Do you’ve great knowledge about your academics? Tutoring your friends or other students helps to make money. Also, you can teach outside the campus and earn extra bucks. There are few online tutor jobs available online, go through the website and teach the students overseas. These websites will allow you to set flexible hours, payments, subject according to your interest.


Want to earn money online? Starting a blog is the right way for you. You can make a million dollars while sleeping. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Your blog will work for you. Many college students have a dream to start a website or blog. Therefore they can advertise other products and earn money. If you’ve zero technical skills, purchase the domain from Bluehost, they will make your process easy with the play-and-plug installation.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Small and large business are planning to hire assistant across the globe. The roles and responsibilities of an assistant are to respond to the emails, research tasks, data typing, handling calls and more. If you can manage these tasks, apply for a virtual assistant job at Indeed, Naukri and other job portals. Become a virtual assistant and earn a good income every month.

Freelance Writers

Working as a freelancer is the simplest way for college students. As they write thousands of lines during assignments and exams. Writing content for business is an easy task for them.

Freelance writing is a popular way to make money without investment. If you can write quality and engaging, there are multiple opportunities available online.

Businesses are looking beyond freelance writing for their websites and blogs. If you can write technical, business, General, health or real estate content, apply for a freelance writing job at Upwork.


Creating quality content can be the toughest job for many students. Don’t worry!!! If your freelance writing is not right for you, maybe proofreading is a good way to earn good money. There are few students whose first language is not English, for them editing other works is a great way.

Work in Campus IT

Working for your campus IT is another great choice for college students. Working in an IT lab is an advantage for you. Because you’ll get a chance to learn more. Also, you will learn and get technical knowledge when compared to other students on the campus. Sometimes, you might encounter useless questions from other students, be patient and give answers in a peaceful way.

You need to meet a few requirements to work at campus IT. For example, you should get A+ in your academics. Or at least you should know the basics of programming languages. While working at Campus IT ensure to have a good attitude.

Become a campus driver

Don’t feel shy!!! Your goal is to make a good income. No matter how you earn? All you need to concentrate on earning money during your college days. Whether you’re studying in a large or small university, your campus provides transportation to pick and drop students. Sometimes transportation is used to get equipment, furniture and office supplies. Driving for your campus transportation will help you in many ways. It includes earning money, driving experience, visiting places and more. Before becoming a campus driver you need to attend classes on “How to drive safely?”. Also, you need to have a driving license to get an opportunity as a campus driver.

Drive for Uber or Lyft

Do you own a car? Planning to earn money to pay your college fee? Drive for Uber, Lyft or other car-rental service is the best option for you. This way is immensely flexible for you because it allows you to drive according to your convenience. Become a member of Uber or Lyft and earn a good percentage on every fare. These companies are paying $25 per hour. Keep a note, the pay will depend on the number of horse you drive. Driving in a busy city will double your earnings. If you want to apply for Uber or Lyft, your age must be 21 and above. Also, you should have vehicle insurance, driving license and other important documents.

Web designing

Are you an artist? Have a great knowledge of graphic design? Hurray!!! Do designing work online for businesses to make money. Many businesses are looking for creative graphic designers to make graphic for their advertisements, website design and more. Check out the website “99Design” and become a part of the competition. Promote your graphic designs on 99Design. If your designs are attracted, you’ll win the competition. Ultimately, you’ll get paid.

Video Blogger

If you can create an attractive video, becoming a video blogger is the best way to make money. YouTube is a one-stop destination for you to become successful. Create a channel and upload engaging and excellent video content on YouTube. For every 1000 views, you can earn $7.60. Also, you can get paid for advertising other businesses products or services.

Design & Sell customized products

Customized things such as t-shirts, wallets, jewellery and other accessories have more craze than general products. If you can design customized products, you can earn money by selling them. There are few popular websites such as Cafepress and Zazzle used to promote your customized products.


Life in college is not as simple as it appears. There are multiple things to handle, students need to handle their classes, complete assignment and pay the college fee. While paying the college fee and library fee, many students suffer because of the high charges. If you’re facing such kind of situations, making money is the only way for you. Make money after your college or tuition hours. Follow the above-mentioned ways and earn money without investment. Ultimately, you can pay fees on time and also save for a future purpose.
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