How to make money from Pinterest

Do you still think Pinterest as a photo-sharing network or your recipe guide? Yes? Then it’s high time you need to learn that you can actually make money from Pinterest. Who doesn’t love making money, that too extra money in free time for vacation funds or clearing debts?

This article teaches you 8 effective ways to make money from Pinterest. So, let’s get started…

7 Ways you can Make Money from Pinterest

As said Pinterest is not just a photo-sharing platform, in fact, it is more like a search engine. With over 320 million active users, the social networking platform is serving people with almost all kinds of solutions. People search for cute cat pictures, finance solutions, technology hacks, and much more on Pinterest. 

Where there are people, there are opportunities (for businesses). With this detail alone, Pinterest has become one of the cool ways to make money for businesses. It doesn’t mean only businesses can monetize Pinterest, even you who has no dedicated blog can make money. However, you can’t make a full-time living from Pinterest alone and moreover it is not recommended to rely on a single platform to make money.

Let’s see the ultimate ways to earn some bucks ($50 – $500 per month) from Pinterest.

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Sell your Products

Do you have an online store? Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic to it, in fact, potential customers to it. Create beautiful pins of your products, link them to your store, and describe them with right and relevant keywords. Chances are high that people click on it for its appealing view and end up purchasing them if they feel worthy. 

Create a business account for free on Pinterest and check analytics such as traffic, clicks, etc.

In order to have consistent traffic to your website for your every pin, you need to have a huge number of followers. So, create a board for yourself and join in relevant boards to win visibility for your pins.

Don’t have a store? Know how to sell your products online and make money.

Drive Traffic to your Blog

Create a monetizing blog and drive unlimited traffic to it. Already have a blog that is struggling to gain visibility? Pinterest helps you with visibility and traffic again. Pin your blogs and start monetizing it through affiliate marketing or sponsored posts or ads. You have huge audiences on Pinterest to generate page views and sales. 

If you are a fresh blogger or a struggler to start a blog, pick a niche of your passion, and start posting 3-5 blogs per week. Pin them on Pinterest and drive traffic to it. While picking the niche make sure you have some skills related to it and it has a market. With affiliate marketing, Adsense, and sponsor ads you can make chunks of money (passive income) with little efforts.

Become a Pinterest VA

As Pinterest is growing its popularity as a marketing tool and traffic-driving tool, there are companies or businesses that are looking for assistants who can manage their Pinterest accounts. So, you can become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant to manage tasks such as creating pins, boards, set up Pinterest ads, joining boards, improving their brand visibility, scheduling pins either manually or Tailwind, etc. You can easily make upto $400 doing these simple chores. You can learn to manage this on yourself by creating a Pinterest and experiment. Reach out to businesses or update your expertise on Job Boards.

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Become an Affiliate Marketer

Pinterest lets you promote your affiliate products on its platform. All you need to do is create beautiful pins and promote them on your board. 

However, you need to ensure you follow all the guidelines of Pinterest to not to get into trouble.

To be on the safe side, mention is as #affiliate in your description so that people get to know what they are clicking on. 

On the other hand, you don’t know when this amazing networking platform can change or update its policies. So list your affiliate links on your blog or page as well.

Want to know the best affiliate programs that earn you lucrative money? Read here.

Improve your Visibility

Undoubtedly, Pinterest is one of the most profitable ways to boost your visibility and hence network. Optimize your profile, you can write about 500 characters about you, use keywords in them to appear faster for related searches. Do little SEO to your account and get results faster. You can use tools like Google Analytics, SEMrush, etc. to know the trending keywords, topics, and many useful insights that help you make some cash.

Also, the more you pin, the more you appear, the more followers you get and the more you can make.

Pitch to Brands with Sponsorship

After you get a good number of followers brands will reach you to pin and promote them. But before that, don’t wait till they arrive. Though you have a minimum number of followers but good traffic to your blog or affiliate products, you can proactively reach out and pitch brands in your niche to work with them. This way you gain experience working with brands while making a good amount of money. The commission or pay completely depends on your following and your pin analytics. Don’t hesitate to show them how you are performing on Pinterest.

Create a free business account to enjoy the benefits of free analytics, ads, and insights.

Manage your Pins

With that said, you need to pin often to enjoy more fruits, it is difficult to pin regularly manually. So, to avoid the stress you can create pins with Canva or Photoshop that you want to post for this week all at once. Schedule the pins with Tailwind and watch them get pinned automatically. This way you can save your time so that you can focus on other important things like finding affiliates and brands within your niche to make deals.

Bottom Line

This is again not a get-rich-quick scheme, so you will have to wait at least a year or luckily 5-6 months to see your income generating. So, don’t lose hope, try actively, who knows you might discover successful strategies from making money from Pinterest on your own.
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