How to Increase the Typing Speed?


The digital era has emerged in our lives in a blink, now there is no turning back. Every day to day activities includes the digital aspect. The Internet has taken over our lives completely. Starting from the schools and colleges itself everybody is tech-savvy. Typing is the main factor through which people can communicate with each other. The upcoming mobile applications we use are accessible to one and all. Children to adults everyone is getting accustomed to typing to communicate. Schools and colleges have writing skills assessments which boost the student to perform better and get a better typing skill. E-mails, presentations, etc these are the main mode of communication these days. Typing is a very common thing moreover people are getting used to this. Remember when we were kids and we had to write down the important notes from the board quickly? We were always worried about, How to increase typing speed in computer classes? The competitiveness had started from then itself. Schools have e-learning which inclines the students more into technology usage. Some of the competitive examinations are also held online these days which includes a faster typing capacity. How to increase typing speed? It is relative to how much one is involved in technology as there are various ways with which we can develop our typing skills. Some of the ways are as follows- 

Tips On How To  Increase Typing speed


As simple as this word might seem to be. This is the most important factor for all the people who are successful in their lives. Anything and everything can be achieved with regular practice. Typing speed differs from person to person some people tend to have a good typing speed while others may be a little slower. It is just a matter of time typing can be easily learned through regular practice. Regular typing sets your hand, gives you an idea about the letters which is very helpful if one is new to typing. How to increase typing speed shall not be a difficult question to answer now!

Alphabet placement

Alphabets are the key to sentence formation. Keyboard has a specific layout of the alphabets. It is very important to place the alphabet when one is typing. As soon as the placement of the alphabets is understood, typing will be a very easy task at a good speed. Speed is relative to understanding the keyboard. How to increase typing speed will have an answer, if the placement of the alphabet is identified People may skip the letters while typing which will be a task for them as they have to go back and make the corrections which are time-consuming. To save time and type correctly the board knowledge is very important.

Type first, check later

How to increase typing speed? While typing people tend to make mistakes, skip words and letters. It will be easy to type faster if one focuses on the typing rather than checking the words and spellings. If we keep on checking the errors, typing speed will be slow. It is better to finish the task as soon as possible and rectify the errors later. Errors might take a little less time to rectify and we will get enough time to go through the details as the task will be completed already.

Typing without seeing the keyboard

This might seem to be a very tricky tactic to use but some of the typing classes teach you to type without seeing the keyboard. It might seem to be impossible to type in the initial days and one would wonder, how to increase typing speed but gradually it will be very easy to type after one develops the habit to type without seeing the keyboard. They make you practice one sentence at a time with which one can understand the keyboard better and the layout of the keyboard which will be automatically understood in the mind.

Free typing

The best way to overcome the thought of how to increase typing speed is free typing. Free typing means there is no specific subject or topic provided. Anything that comes to the mind can be typed by the individual as fast as he/she can which should make sense at the end of the sentence. It analyzes the speed of the individual and continuing it for a period of time helps to get a hold on typing at a good speed. One can also count their words per minute with this technique. WPM helps you to beat your score. Motivates to perform better the next time. Free typing is best for those who have just started to write or are planning to take a typist job or be a blogger, etc.


Typing is a time taking process only with regular practice one can easily increase the capacity to type with a good speed. There are various online applications that are very helpful for the new budding writers who are willing to increase their speed of typing worrying about how to increase typing speed The steps included are helpful to understand the keyboard better. Typing is fun only after one gets the right speed to deliver. Initially, everyone has to struggle a bit but as we know the continuous flow of water cuts the rock!
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