How to Get Paid to Write Reviews

Before buying a particular product don’t you search for the product details online? Yup, right? Before buying you will also check for the review regarding the product. Thanks to the Youtube and social media platforms there are reviewers everywhere. From electronics to the latest smartphones you will find reviews for everything. If you think this is it, then you’re quite wrong. 

You will find reviews of movies, tv shows, and books too. Writing reviews mean that you are someone who has used that particular product is sharing their experience with others. So genuine reviews can actually change the opinion of the viewers. It can improve the sales of the product or it can become the quite opposite. 

Buyers usually take time and go through reviews of other users before actually purchasing the product. Have you ever written a review for a product? Yes, No. Many people write reviews either when they are impressed by the product or when they are not satisfied with the products. 

So all in all, people truly depend on the review of the products. But not only the buyers, but the companies also depend on the genuine reviews of the customers. Wondering why? The user’s view of the product will help the company in understanding where the product excelled and where it needs improvement. So the feedback the users give can be quite crucial for the companies. 

But did you know you could make some good money by writing reviews? You, didn’t? Now you know. Many companies pay people to leave candid reviews on their pages.

Importance of Reviews

In this modern-day, many influencers are making good money by reviewing the products. Yup, you must have at least checked out one review before purchasing a product. So as you can see many major brands are including the reviews by such influencers in the promotions of a product. Reviews can be reassuring for the other buyers. So many people check for reviews before making a purchase. But did you know that you can make quick bucks by reviewing? Yes, if you’re looking for side hustles to make good money then writing reviews will do it for you. You can either build a following and the companies will reach you. But it can be quite hard for you to convince the company to pay directly for writing the reviews. Check out all these methods mentioned below and make good money.

What are you waiting for? Let’s dive in

How to get paid?

As above said it is quite hard for people to get paid by the companies directly for writing a review. However, if a company is willing they will approach you through an intermediary. 

Here are a few ways you can get paid by writing a review.

Google and Amazon

Yup, you have seen it right. You can get paid by writing reviews to Google and Amazon. These two are the most trusted companies on the internet for many users. There are many people who trust the reviews of these companies. So the companies are also willing to do many things to make the reviews good. Simply put, you can get paid for writing reviews. They will provide you with compensation for writing a good review. However, the requirement like leaving a good review violates the terms and conditions of the website. So you should consider all these things before taking up this offer. Consider all the possibilities and if you’re good with it you can make good money.

Life points 

Many websites pay you good money for writing reviews. Life points are one such website that pays you for completing surveys. These reviews can be about products you have purchased or other general topics. For every review you have finished you will earn life points. The questions on surveys may vary from demographics to preferences. Based on some demographics received you may be disqualified. But still, you will earn a few points. 

American Consumer Opinion 

American Consumer Opinion is a website that will pay for writing reviews. Simply put, you will get paid for sharing your views and opinions with them. It has paid out to more than $30 million. For every survey, you take you will earn points and once you accumulate enough points you can redeem them for Sweepstake entries, Cash, Paypal, etc. 

Review stream

Review stream is a platform on which you get paid based on what the other customers on the platform think about your reviews. So to get paid you must be detail-oriented and be completely candid. That is the only way to get paid. From products to movies you can review anything or everything. If the platform accepts your reviews you will get paid a small amount. So once the official review is posted people can vote whether it has been helpful or not. For every favorable vote, you will earn ten cents. The payments will be made through Paypal and minimum balances vary based on how much you have made for the previous review you have made. 

Reviews for clients 

You can make money by writing reviews for the clients. To find the clients you can do the online research on the websites that focuses on the product or services reviews. Once they notice you then you have to create a portfolio and pitch to multiple clients until you land up a gig. One thing you must make sure is that your submission to the clients should be extraordinary and this side hustle will lead to something more stable based on your submissions.

Wrapping up

If you’re someone who is looking for a side hustle to make good money then Review writing is undoubtedly the best method. These are a few ways in which you can earn by writing reviews. You must remember that your reviews should be completely candid and make sure you write high-quality reviews. You will get more opportunities based on the reviews you write. If you want to make money then check out the other articles in the make money section and earn good money.
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