People think they need trillions of dollars to make them happy. Everyone around the world wants to have 10 digit bank balance to fulfil their dreams.

Of course, you might be one of them.

It’s no surprise everyone spends their entire life chasing money. If you’re one of them, you might have a specific goal to save money. It can be for buying a car or house.

Imagine, you’ve won $1000 million in lucky draw. You would celebrate the moment and treat yourself as the luckiest person on the globe.

The question is, what are you planning to do with $1000 million?

Your answer would be “NOTHING”.

You cannot do anything. Because the one way you can exchange your money is with something that you don’t have. When you already have almost everything that is available on the earth, you end up throwing the money in your locker or deposit them in your bank account.

Let’s talk in general, everyone started their life with empty hands. They don’t have enough money to spend. At those times, they were struggling harder and harder to earn money to get access to the things they desire in their life. It can be buying a new house or vehicle. However, people move from “Nothing-to-Something” and “Good enough money-a lot of money”. And then they have “everything”.

It’s clear that the importance of money got decreased from the past few years. Because people have everything. They already have to build a new house, a dream car, a great vacation,  a second house, eating out and more.

The race of earning money

It’s no surprise “Money” play an important role in everyone’s life.  In fact, right from childhood, people think money is the only thing that makes them happy. Also, money is the only solution to everything. Subconsciously people are participating in the race of earning money. There are few people who participate in the race of earning money without setting a proper target.

There is a question running in your mind “how much money is enough?” If you’re looking for the answer, continue reading…

How much money do you need?

1 million, 10 million or thousand million?

Many people suggest setting a target number. Let that target number define your speed. Set a number that is “enough” for you!!! Lead a peaceful and comfortable life with that money. No matter whether you’ve 5 million or 500 million you’ll eat or dress similarly.

Let’s dive into the topic!!!

Question yourself

Are you ready to know how much money is enough for you? Hurray!!! Then find a peaceful location at your home or somewhere else where you’re comfortable. Take a book and a pen along with you. Now sit down with a cup of coffee. 

Get ready to answer below-mentioned questions. Don’t cheat, you need to honest while answering. Your answers will completely change over time.

  • What is my goal?
  • What kind of lifestyle do I need to live?
  • Anything do I love the most about?
  • What are the things that make me comfortable and happier?
  • What is the perfect day for me?
  • Whatever should I do with the money?

Write down the answers to these questions. After writing in a piece of paper, you can save the paper in a rack or create the file and save it on the cloud. Simply, you can email the question-and-answers to yourself.

Many successful people might have answered questions a few years ago. There desire changes according to their needs. Hence, they keep on updating these questions every year. In fact, it’s easier for them to analyse how much money they require when they have a clear idea about the type of lifestyle that they would like to live.

What is the role of money in your life?

Before earning money you should define “how much money is enough?. For example, having 10 crores is a pretty good amount of money for you once you retire.

  • If you work late hours just to earn incentives and bonus. And coming back t your home at 11 PM, it means you cannot wake early in the morning for yoga or exercise.
  • There are people who work in other places and stay away from the family. If you’re staying away from home just to make a better income, you’re missing something valuable. You can’t get back the time and spend time with your family.
  • There are few people who plan to go office on festivals so that they can get extra pay. It means they are spending more time at the office and less time at home. Spending time at the festival at home will make your family members happier.
  • When you don’t take your family on a vacation and save all the money in your bank account. You won’t have a memory with your family and also you don’t have something to discuss with your kids when they grow up.

There might be several instances in your life, where you need to decide between using the money and exchanging the money for something valuable.

Target money = 1000 times of your expenses per month

Sounds like a simple calculation right? Yes!!! When you accumulate 500 times of your monthly expenses, you’ll have enough money to the next 30 years. Considering 1000 times is the right amount of money that is enough for another 60 years. Know the target amount and earn money.

So make sure you’re pretty much clear and confident about the importance of money in everyday life and understand how much money is enough.


Earning a good amount of money is the best practise in life. But make sure you set a target goal on how much money is enough for you? Let’s talk in general, this number may vary from one person to another. The number may depend on their values, circumstances, lifestyle and more. As per the recent analysis, $75000 per year is enough to lead a happy life. Calculate the financial independence number and start making money. Fix the number and stick to it. Your money would help to fulfil your needs after your retirement.
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