How College Students Can Earn Passive Income

Are you a college student finding ways to make money in your free time?

You are on the right path to building a financially secure future. In fact, college time is the best time to start your earnings as you can pay out any debts or save some for your future before even you land a job. Moreover, you have plenty of time to test things and grow your income. While passive income is something that doesn’t require you to work for a long time in a day, you can set up your income sources and also attend classes or exams. 

So, shall we see how you can earn passive income and secure your future financially? 

7 Ways How College Student Can Earn Passive Income

Become a Blogger

If you have a passion to write, then you can make a living writing something you love. Of course, you need to learn how to do copywriting to attract readers to your content. Once you are ready with what to write and how to write, pick a profitable niche, and start a blog. 

Blogging is fun and a creative way to make money faster. You can make money from your blog by advertising other brands in your space through affiliate links, ads, etc. Once your blog gets monetized you can bring a passive income to your bank account. You need to put in some time and effort to create content and engage users though. So, pick a niche that you are passionate about and will do well such as any of the subjects you are expertise in or a travel blog if travel often. 

Sell your Work

So, if you can tell stories effectively, you can consider writing stories and publishing as your passive income stream. All you need to do is write stories of any genre of your interest and sell them through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. The best part is you can edit the story even after publishing. You need to ensure if the genre you pick is in the top-selling list. You get points for publishing your eBook on Amazon.

On the other hand, if you are good at making crafts. Then you can make a decent income selling your crafts. Websites such as Etsy, Amazon Handmade, etc., let you sell your products on their large platforms.

Thus you can make money at home adding a little effort to your hobbies.

Start a YouTube Channel

If you have good content and passion to entertain the audience, YouTube is the money-generating platform for you. Thousands of YouTubers are making a luxury living through their YouTube channel with their talent. In the same way, if you can spend your time on the platform to create engaging videos you can make a decent income from it.

If your content is really good and you are serving your niche audience well, brands will reach you to promote them. At the same time, you can also promote affiliate products related to your niche and make money whenever someone purchases the product through your link.

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Start Investing

If you are serious about making money and already have some cash within your hands. Well, investing that to get a high return is the best option. Learn about investing and growing your money. Or you can rely on Robo advisors that act as your financial advisor to invest and grow your money. You might feel investing is a bit tricky, but learning about it is very useful. You will find it important when you hit your 30s.

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Think about Starting a Small Business

Starting a business is not an impossible task if you are just a college student. You can become an entrepreneur at any age if you plan properly. So, think of what you can do well, what are your strengths and weaknesses to start building a business. Think of if you can create e-learning courses of any subject you are expert in.

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The other way you can start a business is by selling your services. You can either sell copywriting services or computer repair services, or pet walking services. You can find these kinds of gigs on websites such as Fiverr, UpWork,, etc.

Rent your Car

If you want to make cash without having to lift your finger, then renting your used stuff is what you can do. You can rent out your car on Getaround which is a platform that connects you with people who need a car. You can register and list the availability of your car on the platform. Meaning you can choose when you want to rent out your car. So, this is the best way to make money without putting any effort.

Sell your Pictures

If you love taking pictures with your camera or smartphone whenever you see something beautiful. Then you must have a good number of quality and awesome photos on your mobile right? The thing is you can actually sell them for money on different platforms such as Adobe Stock, Etsy, Shutterstock, Fotomoto, Snapped4u let you promote your pictures on their space for brands to buy. You get a percentage when someone buys your photos.  Read 5 ways to get paid to take pictures here.

Become an Influencer

Becoming an influencer is the other way around to earn passive income. However, you need to have a good follower base to become an influencer. So, start building your brand in a specific niche you are good at the same as you’ve seen in starting a blog and YouTube channel. When you start engaging the audience to your post, small and medium brands start reaching you for brand awareness and brand promotions. This way and by promoting affiliate links on your posts you can earn a decent passive income.

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Bottom Line

As a college student, you can earn passive income while also spending time on your studies and parties. While enjoying your college days you could also build passive income sources to secure your financial life.  This way you can clear off your student loans or any other debts or even save money for your future. In case you don’t have time to invest for a side hustle to make money, you can earn doing something such as shopping, taking surveys, watching videos, ads, etc that you already planned to do.
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