Best Sites to Sell Clothes Online

Are you someone who constantly buys new clothes filling your closet? Do you wear all the clothes in your closet frequently? No, right? Because whenever you buy new clothes they occupy the throne in your closet pushing down the rest. This means that there are more clothes than necessary and your closet will look like an overflowing mess. 

The old clothes in your closet go missing or they just don’t fit you like before. Whatever the reason is if you start cleaning up your closet you will find lots of stuff that you don’t wear anymore.

But things bring us to the question. What if you can make yourself handsome money out of those clothes? Yup, you heard it right. You can make good money by selling your clothes online. It will bring extra cash to meet your needs and clean up your closet. 

There are many people who either donate their unwanted clothes or sell them online. Either of these methods will clean up the mess in your closet. Thanks to the evolving technology there are many platforms available online where you can sell your clothes.

Let’s dive in deep to find the best sites to sell clothes online

Where to sell?

As mentioned many platforms can help you in selling the clothes online. These apps have made it quite easy for the sellers to post their clothes and reap good benefits. But before selling you must check the reviews and ratings of the app. Not only that every business has its own set of rules so it is your responsibility to understand them and sell within these guidelines. is an online store that puts used clothes for sale. From women wear to babywear. You will find everything here. Not only that, but even toys are also available. You can declutter your closet by selling or donating your clothes here. If you have more than 250 high-quality items then you qualify for the Special Premium Seller Program. To join the program you must fill out an application and send your items for the test. Once your clothes have met the criteria then you will be invited to join the program. Even without this program you can join and sell your clothes online. It is a tightly knitted community where you will find used affordable, quality apparel. Every single piece is hand-inspected so make sure your clothes are in good quality. This thrift & consignment online store is one of the finest platforms to sell online.

Thread up 

Thread up is one of the largest online thrift and consignment stores. Here people can buy and sell clothes for major brands. One of the main reasons why most people love Thread up is because they don’t have to click a picture and upload it to the store. Because thread up will handle all this for you. You just have to order the free clean kit. They will inspect it personally, photograph it, and list the items on your behalf. Once they get sold, you will get paid through PayPal or Stripe or earn the thread up credits. In case you want to receive payment in cash, you will receive a percentage of the final price of the item. However, you must remember that the percentage may vary from item to item. In case you don’t want to sell your products you can donate them. For every kit, you donate the company will pay you $5. Remember that in case you want to get back your clothes from thread up then you must pay them around $10.99 fee. 


Poshmark has been in the market since 2011. This is an e-commerce place where people buy and sell used clothes. From women to children this platform has all of it. You can either use the app on the mobile or desktop. All you have to do is click a perfect picture, fill in the description, set price, and make it live. You can alter the price and time you want or offer private deals to the shoppers. The users can make a counteroffer, you can even make offer discounts to the users on bundles of items. Although it is free to list on this platform they take a fee for each sale. They charge $2.95 for each sale over $15. And for above $15 they take up around 20% of the final sale price. The company also provides you with a pre-addressed and prepaid label that you can drop off at your nearest mailbox.


eBay has been in the market for quite a long time. It was started back in 1995 and many people have started taking an interest in this platform and have started selling their clothes here. It has become popular as the online auction site. You can sell your used clothes here to make some extra dimes. If you have clothes that you’re interested in selling then click on the sell option then all you have to do is create a listing, add the description details and lastly add a payment method for the eBay fees. The buyers can get the item at the buy it now price mentioned by the seller. Another method to get the item is by participating in the auction. The shipping costs are also set by the sellers. You can either cover the expenses or make them pay. You can even select the payment modes too. But the access to funds depends on the payment method. In case there are any issues relating to the returns or payment disputes.

Wrapping up

Who knew instead of letting your old clothes rot in your closet you can sell them and earn good money? This is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of your old clothes. If you’re someone who is a shopaholic and cannot resist buying new collections then sell your old clothes and make room in your closet while making money to buy new stuff. Interested in learning new ways to make money, then click here to find articles that will help you in broadening your horizons of making money.
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