50+ Entrepreneurship Blogs Every Entrepreneur should Follow – Complete Guide

50+ Entrepreneurship Blogs Every Entrepreneur Should Follow – Complete Guide

To get into this topic on entrepreneurship blogs every entrepreneur should follow first we will know does it actually mean. This is purely to educate a fresher or an experienced in this field who has zero knowledge about it or who may want to be one.

Entrepreneur is a person who start and run a business on their own. No matter about the size of the business (small or large) they take it on their shoulders, whether it maybe a profit or loss they will be wholly and solely responsible for what they do.

Entrepreneurship means the ability to build a business, manage it and organize it even though knowing it might be risky. An entrepreneur should always be ready to tackle any difficulty in his way and always see to it that the company shouldn’t face a loss and always have high profits, this is always the prior responsibility and quality on a deserving entrepreneur. They should always remember that the risk may affect them in any way, that can be social, psychological and financial or anything.

If we are planning to start a business we should be surely following the listed thing for making it a possibly best one:

  1. Be innovative: Always be creative in what we want to do, never be a common person in a herd of people,always plan to think out of box, be the one whom people will want to follow be an example.
  2. Organize things: Learn to organize the resource in a better way be in labor, capital, resource or anything.  It will always help you to be an good entrepreneur and it will also help you to stay your business in the top list.
  3. Don’t limit: Never limit yourself in creative field, always innovate new products or services, then only it will attract people towards your firm. Make small changes to the products which you already have and try to make the best out of what you have. Know your customers, understand their requirement act accordingly.
  4. Create opportunity: Always be a good boss, create opportunity, hire efficient people who can help you out with meaningful ideas and even have capability to save your company at the time of risk. Hire a person with good skills which is always required to generate maximum profits. Always remember being a good boss and mingling with the staff will always make you successful never try to boss.
  5. Know your risks and be prepared: One should always know the depth of the business before entering into it. We should know both the odds and eves before starting a business. We need to be aware of all risks, uncertainties and always be prepared on beforehand to overcome the risk or future loss. This doesn’t only save your company from troubles but also helps you to not have major loss due to which you have to shut down your company and dismantle your dreams, be prepared, be ready and head straight to your goal.

Here are top 50 entrepreneurship blogs which may help you get an idea with their contact page and top blogs.

Entrepreneur: As the name says this blog helps a fresher to startup a business it gives all the required information to the fresher on how to market your product, how to be an successful entrepreneur and so on it gives you the best tips and motivational stories which may build up courage in you and take a step forward towards success.

Think entrepreneurship: This blog is created by Pete Sveen. This blog deal with articles related to inspirational blogs which boost up your will power to become an best entrepreneur. It uses the general terms in this filed helping everyone who is interested in this field to understand.

Entrepreneur’s journey: This blog is founded by Yaro Starak. It deals with providing tactics and tips on how one should start their blogging life, it gives you techniques on how to become a successful blogger. This is one of the popular blogs for people who aspire to become bloggers or want to start on online business, they can find few simplest ways.

Lifestyle entrepreneur: It is created by Jesse Krieger. In this blog one can find the best ways and technique to be an entrepreneur as the blogger himself is a top author and he offers many best ways for you to be one bet person in your filed.

Entrepreneur on fire: This blog is created by John Lee Dumas. It is mostly like a podcast where the blogger helps us with the interview tonnes from different expertise entrepreneurs like Seth Godin, Brian Tracy, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, etc. If you are into podcast this can be gp-to blog for you.

Suit case entrepreneur: It is founded by Natalie Sisson.This blog is purely based on travelling, the blogger herself did that and gives few very valuable suggestions to people who want to become travel entrepreneurs. She developed her business through this way.

Venture hacks: Venture hacks is created by two people Nivi Babak and Naval Ravi Kant. It is simple yet happening blog which gives good techniques for all startups.

Under 30 ceo: It is created by Matt Wilson. Under 30 ceo is a best place for people who love travelling and what to become entrepreneurs, the blogger himself travelled a lot with his co-founder and post different tips and techniques on this topic.

Blogtrepreneur: This blog is launched by Matthew and Adam Toren. It is both a website and blog which is very growing in present days. Also provides information about other blog entrepreneurs and their stories.

Startup Savant: It is started by Ryan James. It gives many tools as well tips to the entrepreneurs and the best feature of this blog is that it donates funds to needy organizations which is one such noticeable thing.

The next women: It is created by a woman Simone Brummelhuis. As the name indicates the blog concentrates much on women entrepreneurs much but as well as it even gives amazing tips to others too who are keenly interested in business.

Instigator blog: Instigator is founded by Ben Yoskovitz, it’s a special blog which helps us deal with analysis, investing, startup, product management and many other supporting things for an entrepreneur and has great profits with its uniqueness.

Women on business: This was founded by Susan Genelius in the year 2007, as it gives much focus for female entrepreneurs and providing valuable tips from a decade. It has been world widely familiar and convinced many websites.

Severs: Derek sivers is the founder of Severs. He is a programmer and an entrepreneur. It is important to read his blog because he shares his personal learning experiences that is very useful for a learner.

Braid creative: Kathleen Shannon and Tara Street are the founders and they are very creative in giving suggestions to people or working with them and offer many courses for all the people with different interests.

Marco: This blog was introduced by Marco Arment. He is an app developer, author and podcaster who serves us with a lot of useful information. He works as head developer for tumblr and released many big projects. This blog is useful and interesting.

Dan martell: Dan Martell is founded by a Canadian blogger who was very successful in the year 2012 and the best investor known in Canada. Checkout his blog, it’s worth reading. One can gain information about current trends and strategies.

Creative something: Tanner Christensen is the founder of Creative Something. It has founded in 2007. This is very helpful blog for people who want to improve their creative skills and can also find few podcasts which are related on vast topics.

Self-made businessman: Dave Schneider is an amazing blogger, he offers much of his work experiences which can be very helpful to beginners and he even worked with Google for Google chrome extension.

For entrepreneurs: It was created by David Skok, this is one such great blog which will help you a lot in future of your business.

Smart passive income: Pat Flynn has earned a lot through this blog by giving such wonderful and yet useful information. If you haven’t checked this blog yet you should surely have a check.

On startups: Launched by Darmesh Shah. He is one of the famous blogger across the globe.  Did you know, Darmesh is the founder of Hub spot and few other things his blogs worth reading.

Small business brief: This blog was launched by Jennifer Laycock. It was introduced in 2004. It gives very reliable tips on marketing, operation, etc and is very useful.

Lean stack: Ash Maurya is the founder of this blog, it gives few important tools and strategies for beginners and has delivered many polished products and been successful all these years.

Chris ducker: Chris Ducker is the founder of this blog, it is all about growing your business and this blog have received many applause. If you’re planning to generate maximum revenue then you should have a look at it.

Grasshopper: David Hauser and Siamak Taghaddos are two best people who started this blog. This helps us to learn from basics and is very easy to understand and you may want to visit it again and again.

Read write: It was created by Richard MacManus, this blog is in use from 2003 and you can find cool stuff based on the cloud, social web and mobile technology.

Four hour workweek: This blog was founded by Timothy Ferriss. This is the best seller in NewYork, as the name says it is unique and helps one to avoid the dullness faced during 9-5, contains good articles.

Social triggers: Created by the enthusiast Derek Halpern, this blog suggests few tips which are very relevant and reliable for starting up a business and running it successfully.

All business: Richard Harroch, Keith Belling, and Jerry Engel are the creators, this is much similar to the blog small business trends and is very popular and has taken up to be big resources of people it has been showcased in many press releases.

Pro blogger: Darren Rowse an 41 year old man from Melbourne who created this blog, it covers a lot of areas, such as running a blog for newbies, ways to find readers for your blog, SEO, creating fantastic blog content, how to grow your blog, etc. It eventually helps to build up your entrepreneur

Internet business mastery: Jeremy Frandsen and Jason Van Orden are the founders. It is a help to people who try to escape the tired 9-5 hour it has network of entrepreneurs.

Small biz trends: This blog was founded by Anita Campbell. This hit the majority of viewers. This is because it covers a large area of interests and thus it became a best blog so far.

Mixergy: Andrew Warner is the founder you can learn a lot by seeing his interviews, you can surely learn a lot from experienced mentors, it helps you get inspired and build your business.

Copy blogger: It is founded by Brain Clark. It is also defined as bible of content was created in 2006 and over years it has increased its annual income a lot and helped people a lot with its services.

Next shark: This blog is launched by Benny Luo, it is a great mixture of individual growth and business tips and tends to see business with a new vision and be creative.

A VC: Fred Wilson is the founder of A VC. It is a very simple blog yet serves us with really good articles and you should have a check on it.

Both sides of the table: Mark Suster established this blog. Check out this blog and get information about marketing, sales and startups. This blog is just growing big year by year and definitely worth your time.

Duct tape marketing: Founded by John Jantsch,it is one best marketing blog, where you can find many courses related and even podcast.

Guy Kawasaki: The blog is named on the owner, he is a spiritual talker even an author and speaker, you can take up courses on his blog too.

Gary Vaynerchuk: The blog is named after the founder, he shares his learning experiences and entrepreneurial achievements all through his journey.

Sean ogle: Its name is its founders name, this blog was created for a reason to operate business things from anywhere and having a lifestyle worth it. You should surely have a look at it.

Eventual millionaire: Jaime Tardy runs this blog, he has his unique idea showing that even millionaires come from normal people and it is a best platform to get educated from them itself.

Steve blank: He named his blog on him, he has many life stories published and many videos, guides and publications on startups with a lot of experience and thus needs a check for much info.

Chris brogan: He has blog named on him and he is CEO of owner media group he offers many good articles in his blog on marketing and stuff.

Young startups: Daniel Goh founded Young Upstarts blog long ago. This blog concentrates on leadership values and thus concentrates on young generations and speaks about developing economy through startups.

Mike Michalowicz: He has his own blog on his name, he has educational blog and he exports toilet papers and he even published many books which would catch the eye of the reader for more business feed.

Epic launch: Ben Lang created this blog. It concentrates on online business and helps a lot to people who aspire to become successful.

Equity kicker: Nic Brisbourne is the founder of The Equity Kicker, he posts his views on raising business and latest business potentials and his blog contains info about future business model and digital world.

CDIXON: Chris Dixon is a recognized creator, he owns many technical startups and is an investor in many firms such as pinterest, uber, etc. His blogs would surely help you start up your own company.

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