5 Ways to Watch Ads for Money and Earn Cash in Your Spare Time


There are many ways to earn money these days. You have a number of applications and websites where you have to complete small and simple tasks to earn some cash. Many people in the world are signing up to websites that offer micro jobs. You cannot even imagine the kind of jobs that these websites are offering. Would you believe if someone told you that you can earn money by watching videos in your spare time? Most probably no, because this something you have never heard of. Nevertheless, this is true. You can actually earn money by watching advertisements. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money. 

But if you have to consider a few things before starting your new side hustle. Once you are sure that you can get into the money stuff. The most important thing to remember is that you are getting paid for watching ads. So don’t expect too much in return. This is a job that doesn’t require any special skills. But on the bright side, you are just earning money for doing what people do in their spare time. Keep in mind that not all platforms pay the same amount. Your earnings differ from platform to platform. Some websites even offer bonuses. These platforms usually have various payment methods with PayPal being one of the most common ones. So make sure you have a PayPal account before signing up for one of these websites. 

Here are some of the ways in which you can earn money by watching videos. 

Neilsen TV ratings

The first website on this list is Neilsen TV ratings. This is one of the most popular systems that is used for rating TV shows in the USA. If you are a resident of the USA and you own a TV then you are eligible to be a member of the Neilsen family. This company sells the data related to the viewership of TV shows to media, advertisers, and cable networks. It does this by measuring the number of people watching TV shows.

However, there is no way for you to get the job by yourself. That means you cannot join or sign up for Neilsen TV ratings. The only way you can join is if you get an email from them. Look out for invitations in your mailbox. If you receive an invitation then make sure to accept it. But this job doesn’t pay much as you will receive $200 per year. This is also good because there will not be many tasks that will be assigned to you.


Unlike Neilsen TV ratings this is a website where you can make a decent amount of money by watching advertisements. iRazoo has the reputation of making good payments to its members. This website claims that it has paid out more than $55 million to its users. iRazoo is absolutely free to join and it will pay you money for advertisements. The best part about this is you can do this on your phone. There is more to it than just watching ads. If you want you can also share your opinion on the latest movie trailers, app trailers, short film trailers, cooking tutorials, etc. 

With more than 50 channels and daily refreshing inventory, you will have plenty of content to watch. For each activity, you complete you will earn points. You can even earn money for entering promo codes and other stuff. You have to earn at least 3000 points to cash out. Once you do that you can opt for cash via PayPal or get gift cards for Amazon.


Swagbucks is one of the most popular websites not only on this list but also in general. This is a great website for earning online rewards. Like any other website of its kind, Swagbucks requires you to watch ads to earn points or in this case Swagbucks to get paid. Not only ads but Swagbucks is one of the best websites for where you can watch videos to earn money. You can watch either short videos or long videos according to your choice. There are so many categories in Swagbucks like food, fashion, news, garden, home, politics, sports, and even parenting. With these many categories, you can watch the type of videos you like. One can even earn money by taking surveys and using coupons. You have to earn at least $5 to get paid through cash via PayPal.


This is another website where you can get paid for watching videos. SuccessBux is absolutely free for you to join. Once you join this website you will have a lot more tasks to perform for earning money. Apart from watching ads you can take surveys, participate in contests, and perform other tasks to earn money. By performing all these various tasks you will earn points. The best part is there is no limit for you in earning cash. But the only problem is you do not know how much it is going to pay you for completing each task. You will only know after the task is completed. The points for every task is different and you have to earn points that equal up to at least $1 to cash out. You will get paid via PayPal.


InboxDollars is another website that is very popular among websites of this kind. This is one of the easiest websites where you can earn money for watching videos. One can daily earn rewards by watching various kinds of short videos. Not only by watching ads or videos you can earn money by answering online surveys, performing web searches, playing games, and more. InboxDollars even pays you $5 Just for signing up. A person has to earn a minimum of $30 in order to cash out. InboxDollars also has various payment methods. You can get paid via gift cards, checks, PayPal, prepaid Visa cards, or charity donations. But if you opt for a check then it might take at least 10 business days to arrive.


There are so many micro-jobs that you can do from your home to earn some extra cash. Earning a little extra money is always helpful for you. There are even websites that pay people for testing apps and websites. But not all people are eligible for those kinds of jobs. So there are these jobs like watching videos that give you an opportunity to make some money. Choose one of the above websites and start earning money by watching ads.

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