5 Ways to Get Paid to Watch Videos Online


Are you a full-time employee but your salary is not enough? Do you feel like it would be better if you could a few extra bucks? Don’t worry you are not alone. There are a lot of people out there who need a little extra money. There are various things you could do to earn money. You can be hired by some of the best mystery shopping websites and shop for them. Apart from that, you can become a tester. There are many websites that hire testers to test websites and applications. But all of these things need you to put in a little effort. Not many people cannot do this as they are already tired after a day-long work. After being so tired you cannot expect them to work again. If they work again it will only make them more tired and may affect their health.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just make money by doing almost nothing? How cool would it be to earn money while you are getting entertained? It would be great right. Then you will be happy to hear that there is actually a way to do this. You can easily earn money by watching videos. Many people are shocked to know that they can earn money by watching videos. This is because not everyone knows about this. People only think of YouTubers when they think of making money watching videos. But this is completely wrong. There are actually many platforms out there that will pay you to watch movies or videos. If you are a movie buff then this kind of platform is great for you.

Let’s take a look at the ways in which you can earn money from watching videos

Get hired by Netflix

There is probably no millennial in the world that doesn’t know about Netflix. Netflix has changed the way people view films and TV shows forever. They are probably the largest and most movie streaming platform in the world currently. It has become so popular over the years that “Netflix and chill” has become a popular phrase among people for hanging out. It has got so many movies, TV shows, stand up specials and documentaries. Getting hired by Netflix will be a dream come true for movie buffs. Many people don’t even know that Netflix hires people to watch their content. This program is called Netflix Taggers and the people who are hired are known as Taggers. Unlike the other ways that are going to be featured on this list, this one is not like a side hustle. But you have to work for them as a full-time employee. 

Another important thing you should know is that you are not going to get paid just for watching their content. You have to do some other things. The actual job of the tagger is to watch a piece of content full and create the appropriate metadata for it. You have to see what type of genre the content is and observe how much profanity is present in it. Based on that you would be creating the tags that are relevant to the content. You should also have to provide data such as the date of release, cast, director, and language. If you think that you are only going to watch the movies or TV shows you like then you are completely wrong. A Tagger must watch the content that is assigned to them. You have to watch everything from horror films to kids shows if you want to get paid.

Watch movie previews and videos

If you want to take it up as a side hustle then it is a great thing as you will choosing one of the easiest side hustles. Wouldn’t it be great earning money watching videos and movie previews after get back to your home after work? Well, there are many websites that will let you sign up for them and pay money to do exactly that. One of the best websites that do this is InboxDollars. There are a lot of things that you can do on InboxDollars. You cannot only earn money by watching videos but you can also earn money by taking online surveys. 

The users even get a $5 bonus as soon as they sign up. All you have to do is select a playlist and watch it completely. The duration of the playlist can be anywhere between five minutes to half an hour. It will let you know the duration of the playlist in advance. But it is not compulsory to watch the entire playlist to get paid. All that you need is a good internet connection to make this your side hustle. You can earn more than $200 per month. 

Play the videos while you are working

If you don’t want to do this after you get back to your home then you can do it while you work. All you have to do is open the website you signed up to and play the videos. You don’t necessarily have to watch them as it would be really bad for your professional career if someone sees you watching videos. All you have to do is open the website turn off the sound, hit the play button, and let them play in the background. This will allow you to complete the playlist without watching videos. Swagbucks is a great website that pays to watch videos. Many people only know it as an online survey site but it also pays you for watching videos on them. 

Watch videos in your spare time

If you don’t want to take it up as a side hustle or full-time job you can just simply watch videos in your spare time. You will anyway be watching something in when you are free. So why not watch something that will earn you some money. You may not earn lots but it would still be great. Mypoints is one such platform. The great thing about it is this platform has a limit on the number of videos you can watch per day. Other than you can even get paid for reading emails, taking surveys, and searching the internet.

Become a theatre checker

If you don’t want to work on the weekdays then you can work on weekends. A theatre checker is hired by companies to take note of certain things that happen during a movie screening. As a theatre checker you may have to note down the list of trailers that are played before a movie starts, the number of that are attending the movie, and sometimes secretly record people’s reactions. 


This could probably be the easiest job in the world. All you have to do is just watch videos. There are plenty of websites that you sign up for and earn money for watching ads. So, subscribe to one of these platforms and start earning money today.


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