5 Ways to Get Paid to Take Pictures

Do you know you can make a good amount of money if you love to click nice pictures often? 

Yes, you can actually make a living, ok at least a part-time living by taking pictures and you don’t have to be a professional photographer for that. Isn’t it interesting? No matter, if snapping pictures is your hobby or you are a pro photographer, you could actually earn money with your talent. After all, you need a smartphone with a good camera or a professional camera that has become affordable to buy these days, right? So, let’s look into how to get paid to take pictures.

5 ways to get paid to take pictures

So, if you are the one who loves clicking pictures and wanna make cash out with your pictures, there are some good ways to do that. Let’s see 5 best ways to get paid to take pictures. There are cool apps and websites that pay you well for your pictures. However, picture quality and details on pictures are important to make a pretty penny out of them.


EyeEm is a huge marketplace to upload and sell your photos. Or you can allow the EyeEm app to choose the best photos to sell from your camera roll. When someone purchases your photos EyeEm pays you 50% of the total value.

Any pictures such as wedding photos, adventure photos, professional, nature or scenery photos, travel photos sell well based on the quality of your picture and client you reach.

Benefits of using EyeEm

  • You can make 50% on every photo you sell.
  • EyeEm is partnered with other leading photo agencies such as Getty so that you have a wider audience to show your skills.
  • Retain copyright to your work.
  • You can even choose to book photoshoot and get paid.


Snapwire is one of the leading visual content production platforms that helps you make money with the photos you have shot. You can directly sell your photos creating a portfolio on Snapwire and in their stock photo marketplace.

As a photographer on Snapwire, you will keep 70% of profits on challenges and on-request photos. Whereas you earn 50% when an uploaded photo sells from either your portfolio or marketplace.

Benefits of using Snapwire

  • You can earn extra money by participating in Snapwire challenges.
  • Get paid photo requests after you level up.
  • Sell both on the marketplace and your portfolio.


Another app that lets you promote and sell your photos on its platform is Foap. All you need to do is upload your photos to sell it to well-known brands globally. Again you will get 50% of the price when your photo sells.

Create your portfolio, upload, sell and make quick cash!

Benefits of using Foap

  • Sell your pictures to top brands all over the world.
  • Easy cash withdrawals from Paypal
  • With Foap Mission, you can earn rewards starting at $50.


miPic is a social marketplace to print, share and sell the pictures in the art form on frames, fashion and lifestyle products. The best part here is you don’t have to worry about printing or selling, you just need to upload the pictures from your iPhone or desktop devices, that’s it. The team of miPic takes care of the rest. You will get a 20% commission for your work.

Benefits of using miPic

  • Though the commission is comparatively less, the pay for each picture is higher.
  • miPic transforms your work into print on the product before selling.


Share your pictures on Shutterstock and start earning. Shutterstock is a huge marketplace to buy and sell pictures. Yes, it is one of the popular stock photo sites and pay you a small fee for your work. But if you want to make money this is one of the cool options as there are thousands of buyers on the platform to see your work. You can also sell your photos on different platforms and make money. So, here anyone who can upload original, clean and clear photos can make money. However, if you want to consistently earn money through giant marketplace you need to consider what sells best and work on snapping those picture to sell well and make a pretty penny.

Benefits of using Shutterstock

  • Shutterstock is available as an easy to use app where you can register, upload and sell your photos.
  • When a non-subscription customer purchases your photo you get paid more. However, the pay is less when a person with monthly subscriptions buys it.

Alternatives for Shutterstock are iStock, and Adobe Stock.

A bonus tips to make money with your pictures

  • Sell pictures as art on Etsy.
  • Create your own WordPress website with a beautiful gallery to sell your pictures.

If you are not aware, there are many tools to make your pictures look beautiful and impressive. Lets’ look into those tools.


Canva is one of the best free photo editing tools to add filters or effects etc.  You can use this tool either on a web browser or on the app for free. You can access many other features with the Premium version.

Adobe Photoshop

A popular photo editing software is Adobe Photoshop. You can do a variety of editing stuff on the software for free with tons of useful features.


Pixlr is a free photoshop tool, available on a web browser as well on the mobile app. You can do advanced photo edits for free using Pixlr.

Key takeaway: Post the pictures you want to sell on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest to build your personal brand and drive buyers to take action on the websites you register. This way you can make photo-selling as a passive income stream.

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Bottom Line

Making money for paying your bills at the month-end or for reaching your long term financial goals has become easy as there are plentiful side hustles you can choose while following your passion. As mentioned above if your passion is photography, then you have a whole lot of options to make money, at the same time if you are a novice and photography is just your hobby, still you stand chances to make some money with your work.

Explore the top 5 sites discussed above, do some research, find which is flexible and register yourself on the sites to start getting paid to take pictures.

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