5 Ways to Get Paid to Advertise Companies

Want to make some quick cash? How about making money while walking or driving your car? Of course, right?

Making money without having to do much has become real these days. It’s as simple as driving your car with an advertisement wrapped around it or walking with a t-shirt with a brand logo on it. You can even make money sharing your pictures on Instagram or other social media channels. Well, wondering how exactly you can make money doing the above mentioned things?

Many companies spend millions of dollars for just advertising their brands, and luckily you alone can be one of their advertising tools. Yes, you will get paid for advertising companies. Fortunately, you don’t need to invest a single penny to make money through advertising. All it takes is little time of yours and creativity. So, shall we see how to get paid to advertise companies? Stick around…

Companies or brands need exposure, the more visibility they gain, the more chances to make sales. Hence, they spend a lot of money to increase their brand awareness. Marketing strategies of a few brands are unique and quirky yet effective, right? People do remember them. This is how advertising on t-shirts or clothing came into picture. You can reach out to brands with a deal to get paid for wearing a t-shirt with their brand logo and slogan. Pitching to local and small businesses will work effectively.

Conversely, if you have a good following, brands may reach for doing that. However, assuming you are an ordinary individual, you can reach out to brands yourself.

Take sample pictures of wearing a t-shirt or reach them with a unique design for their business. So that if they are new to this concept, they will have an idea. However, what matters is where you are going wearing that t-shirt, how many people would see it and how relevant the audience would be. So, if you are someone who often visits events, then you can consider this option.

Car Wrap Advertising

So, as said you can get paid for just driving your car as usual. All you need to do is reach out to car wrapping advertisers and get an advertising banner warped around your car. This works well for someone who doesn’t mind wrapping their car with brand advertisements.

In order to make money with car wrap advertising, you need to meet the eligibility requirements below to ensure the brand’s image is not degraded due to someone who violates traffic laws and uses an under maintained vehicle.

  • You should be above 18 years old
  • Must have a clean driving license
  • Should live and drive car in populated and metropolitan areas
  • Need to drive for certain hours in a week to expose the banner
  • Finally, you should drive a latest and well-maintained vehicle

So if you tick all the points, then you can start earning money driving your car. Companies such as Carvertise, Car-Bucks, Wrapify etc., help you to get paid advertising with your car. You need to fill out proper details to help it match you with the right brands. So that both you and brands get beneficial. Generally, the contract term would be 3-12 months, you can choose one with which you are comfortable. Also, you have the option to accept or reject the match.

Sport a Tattoo & Advertise

One of the strangest ways to make money advertising is sporting a tattoo on your body. You can choose any area from forehead, nose and neck to sport a tattoo. Companies pay you for advertising their brand, hence they should be visible more clearly, right? Well, the best part is the tattoo will be a temporary one. So, if you are someone who doesn’t care any embarrassment from people seeing you differently, then you can choose this option. Moreover, the payment will be higher upto $5000.

Again you can either reach out to brands or sign up for advertisers such as LeaseYourBody. The company matches your profile, preferences (yes, you can mention your preferences about where you want to get the tattoo) with brands and gets the deal. You can set your own rates for each area of your body to sport the tattoo and the company takes some part of your price as a commission.

Get Paid for Advertising on Social Media

Now comes the easy part. If you have a good following on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, you can monetize your accounts. All you need to do is promote brands on your channels. You can either do it as a video ad placement, or directly promote the products or brands with unique and creative ideas. Make sure you also post your regular content after you start this program. Else you may lose your followers. Also, ensure there is good engagement like shares, comments and likes to your post.

Don’t worry if you don’t have thousands of followers on your social media channels, you can grow them with time (sometimes quickly) following some techniques. All you need to do is to post regularly and contribute some valuable content to your followers.

Use your Blog as a Place to Advertise Companies. There are three different ways to make money by advertising on your blog. The most popular way is Adsense. The other two ways are: sponsored posts and affiliate links.

Let’s see how those three work.

Adsense is selling space on your blog to other companies via Google. You will get paid for introducing those companies to your audience.

Sponsored posts is allowing other bloggers to publish some unique content with their links in it on your site. They pay you for allowing them to post and traffic you drive.

Anybody, even with low traffic to the site can also make money with affiliate marketing. All you have to do is register with an affiliate marketing program and promote the links you get in your articles. You will get paid when your readers click on it for making purchases.

It is pretty simple to start a blog, it takes just an hour or less to start writing on your blog.

Also, it takes some time to make money through blogging and also it requires you to invest some time each day. Yet, once your blog starts generating revenue, it will be more of passive income.

Bottom Line

Hope these 5 ways to get paid to advertise companies help you to start a side hustle. You just need to decide which one you want to choose, start working towards it. As you have to invest nothing but time, make sure you use it in the right thing. Doing so will help you continue a side hustle or even make it a full-time living in the long run.

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