5 Legit Ways to Make Money Answering Questions

If you are searching for ways to make money, you will be surprised to know that even answering someone’s questions can also get you some money. Yes, you can make money answering questions on the internet.

Nope, this is definitely not about paid survey sites. You will answer questions of people just like you, ordinary people who want some expert answers to their queries from different categories such as parenting, health, academics, cars, boats, home improvement etc. So, if you feel you can answer the questions from the categories you encounter every day, then you are almost eligible to get paid. However, you need to leave quality answers in order to get paid, else you might end up with negative reviews.

In order to make money answering questions, you will need to know the legit question and answer websites that connect questioners with responders. In this article, you will get to know 5 such legit websites to make money answering questions. So, are you game?

5 Best Question & Answer Sites to Make Money

So, here are question and answer sites that pay you for answering questions. While some pay a reasonable price, some pay less. Also, some sites may also require you to have degrees in areas you choose to answer. So, only spend time on these sites if you are aware of this fact already. Okay, let’s get started looking into sites to decide which one to choose and how to get started.


JustAnswer is a pool of experts and members who need answers to their questions. If you are in the list of tax, finance consultants, lawyers, doctors, nurses, vets, electricians, plumbers etc., you can right away sign up for JustAnswer to make money.

Users know the costs of consultations to any on-demand service, hence they take JustAnswer memberships. In fact, the company saved 3 billion dollars by providing such an easy-to-use platform for questioning and answering.

The best part is you can set your own time to answer questions. In addition, you can even choose which questions to answer. The more questions you answer, the more you earn. However, there are no limitations or deadlines. JustAnswer claims experts can earn upto $100k or even more per year if answered 120 questions a week.

Sign up for JustAnswer for free and get background verification done to start earning money.

JustAnswer pays you via PayPal every month.


Experts123 is the platform where you can find a lot of questions to answer and get paid. The best part is the site also lets you post articles about any subjects you are good at. You can either post an article about the questions asked or write random articles of your interest (but make sure those are helpful to Experts123 members).

If your articles generate traffic, you will get a share of the revenue it generated. Sounds cool, right? So, if you are choosing Experts123 as your side hustle and choose to write articles to make money through a revenue-sharing program, do not forget to optimize your articles. Because the more organic traffic it generates, the more money you can make. However, you need to qualify as an expert writer before you reach join revenue sharing program. Additionally, you can link to your website or blog in the article. So, it’s not any waste to start as a beginner. Moreover, you will earn for answering questions.


If you are an expert in any of the categories listed below, you can make money setting your own rates with PrestoExperts. The platform lets you help members via phone, email, or online chat. You just need to sign up and create a profile by filling out the areas you are expert in. The categories include:

  • Technology
  • Counseling
  • Tutoring
  • Health
  • Design
  • Business
  • Social Media
  • Shopping
  • Coaching
  • Legal
  • Home

So, if you feel this is the right fit for you, you can fill out your profile and wait for the work to come to you. You can either set your rates per minute or per hour and choose to answer people only when you wish to work.


Studypool is a micro tutoring platform where you can earn money by helping students of all levels with detailed answers. Thousands of students post questions in different areas such as mathematic, science, programming, humanities etc., along with budget. As a tutor, you need to answer the question more clearly and get paid. Same as other question and answer sites, you can work from anywhere and any time.

If you are a native English speaker and love to teach English, here are 5 ways to make money teaching English online.

You are eligible to become a Studypool tutor only if you are pursuing a degree or possess a higher degree.

Studypool claims that you can earn upto $7,500 USD monthly. Some even make a full time living with Studypool. So, what are you waiting for? Apply to become a tutor and start earning.


If you want to make money in your spare time by answering questions, then Weegy is one of the best question and answer site for you as a beginner. Weegy pays $0.20 for every answer you contribute. On registering with the platform, you will receive a notification when a new question is listed. You can choose to either answer or ignore based on your interest and schedule. Although the pay per each answer is less, it’s pretty a good way to start or keep it one of your go-to platforms to make money.

The only catch with the site is it works on AI, hence, it answers to every question from its database. It only turns to members like you if it doesn’t find answers in its database.

Conversely, it is also the best way to make money because once you get a notification and accept, and if the questioner has more than 1 question, you can continue to answer them and get paid for every extra question. Also, you can set the expiration date for your answer. Meaning, you can set a time period for your answer to staying in the knowledgebase. Therefore you will have a chance to answer the same question again.

Bottom Line

As you have seen these are the 5 legit websites that let you make money for answering questions. You can choose to sign up for one or more websites and create your profile. You can visit the sites whenever you are free and answer the questions to get paid.

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