5 Great Ways to Invest $1,000


There are countless ways to make some money these days. People often get a full-time job so that they can earn money for their living. But it is no secret that many people are not satisfied with what they earn. So they start looking at other things that will get them some money. They are usually inclined to get a side hustle. It can be anything like being a mystery shopper for some of the best mystery shopping websites or being a tester for websites that hire testers to give reviews on user experience about apps and websites. One of the things that they can also do is investing. Investing is one of the best ways to earn money these days. 

But people are reluctant as they are afraid that they may lose money. This is just a fear that people must overcome. Investing is a lot easier than how it used to be back in the day. More and more millennials are getting into investing as they know that it is one of the best ways to achieve financial freedom in a short amount of time. One common myth about investing is that you need a lot of money to start investing. This is not at all true in this day and age.

You may know many ways to invest $100,000 but do know that there are also several ways to invest $1000. If you don’t then stick till the end of this article to find out. 

Pay off your debts

This is something that people do not see as invest but it actually is. By paying off your debt you will be able to ensure a safe financial future for yourself and your family. If you have a high-interest debt then it is better to pay it off then use the money to invest in something. Let’s say if you invest it in stocks and incur losses then you will be losing money on your investments. But if you use the money to pay off your debt then you can at least be less stressed about your financial situation. 

If you have a high-interest debt on your credit card then you must do this immediately as it impacts your credit score ranges. Paying off your debt credit is one of the best ways to increase your credit score. Besides that, you won’t be losing extra money by paying the interest if you clear the debt as soon as possible. This will help you save a lot of money that you can put into use for other things.

Peer to peer lending

You can immediately start investing through peer-to-peer lending platforms if you have $1000. It is actually a lot of money if you want to invest in peer-to-peer lending platforms. For those who don’t know about peer-to-peer lending, these are applications or websites that will allow you to lend money to other people. If someone wants to borrow money they will post the amount they need. By looking at their post you will have to decide if you want to lend them money or not. You don’t necessarily have to lend the complete amount that they are requesting. One can fund the loan along with several other members on the platform. 

When the person pays off the loan the lender receives the money along with interest. You don’t have to worry about things like identity theft as these platforms keep the identity of borrowers and lenders confidential. The person can only see what they are required to see. You won’t know even if you lend money to someone you know. If you are interested then just look up the internet you can find the best peer-to-peer lending platforms that are available out there.

Stock market

The stock market is the first thing when it comes to people’s minds when someone says investing. This is mostly for all the wrong reasons. People think of the stock market as the fastest way to lose their money as they have already heard stories of people losing their money by investing in stocks. This is just an exaggeration of reality. While there is a chance of losing your money there is also a great chance of getting more money. People lose money in the stock market only when they don’t know anything about the stock market. This is because people don’t have complete knowledge about the opening and closing time of the stock market. But it is something that is not that difficult to learn.

 One thing is for sure you have to be patient when it comes to investing in the stock market. Look at how the best investors of all time dealt with stocks. If you think you don’t have experience then choose a micro investing app to learn how to invest in stocks. Choose one of the best micro investing apps to start investing. There are also Robo advisors or financial advisors that will help you in making the right investment decisions.

Online real estate

Many people don’t even know what online real estate is. It is definitely not dealing with real estate through the internet. Online real estate means owning a website or blog site and making money through it. A lot of people think that this is something that is very hard to do. But people will be shocked to know how much money a website can actually bring in. A website or blog post with a decent amount of traffic can easily bring in hundreds of dollars every month. So all you have to do is find a money-making website and see if you could purchase it for a thousand dollars. 

Invest in yourself

There are various ways in which you can benefit by investing the money on yourself. You can simply put that money in your emergency fund so that it can be of use when you need money the most. Apart from that, you can invest it in learning a course that will help you with your career. You may gain or lose money but the skills you develop will stay with you forever. There are many online platforms that will offer you online courses for a portion of that amount. Sign up to one of those websites and learn a skill that will allow you to have a change in your career. 


Investing has been made very easy for people of this generation. It is easy to invest and track your progress using mobile phones. There are several ways to start investing using $100. If you still feel like you don’t have enough knowledge about Investments then read some of the best books written on investing. They will definitely teach you a lot about investing. 

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