5 Google Jobs From Home

Google was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998. It’s no surprise Google is the popular and most-used search engine. As per the recent analysis, Google process over 3.5 billion searches every day. Users search for various reasons – finding the best product online, surf for beauty tips, information about shares, stream favourite videos and what not? Within a short period of time, Google has become the favourite search engine for online users.

The company is earning money from multiple ways such as Google Adwords, Google Shopping Ads and more. Businesses bid a certain amount to make their campaign visible top position on Google. Whenever the user search query matches with the ad campaign keywords, Google will display the ad and make money when a user clicks on the ad.  Google’s income amounted to over 160.74 billion US dollars. Imagine, finding a high paying job at Google. Excellent right!!!

Working for Google can be a proud moment for many of them. Google employees can get multiple benefits such as medical insurance, maternity benefit, paid vacation, pension plan. Working for Google at the comfort of home sounds like heaven. Let’s discuss what are the popular Google jobs from home?

Blogger monetizing with Google AdSense

It’s no surprise Google is earning primary revenue from AdSense. As Google stands as the largest and popular network across the world, the ads appear on every edge of the web. If you’re a blogger and have better traffic for your website, you can become and an AdSense 

One of the top ways to make money with Google is by earning ad revenue with AdSense. As one of the largest ad networks in the world, AdSense displays quality ads in every corner of the Web. Bloggers can earn upto $100,000 every month. At the beginning of blogging, you may earn little money but after 6 months you can double your earnings. If you can spend spare time to start an amazing blog, you can earn passive income along with your 9 to 5 job. Keep an eye on other blogs, how they’re earning money by running ads on their blogs. Implement Google AdSense on your blog and earn better passive income. If you’re hardworking and capable to learn new things, you can do wonders with Google AdSense.

Ads Quality Rater

The popular search engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing often hire for “Ads Quality Rater”. 

Ads quality rater is considered as the human fact-checker for Google’s algorithm. It’s no secret, Google is one of the popular search engines accessed by billion people across around the world., Therefore Google hire excellent ads quality rater for multiple languages. If you’re planning to apply for Ads Quality Rater at Google, you need to have complete knowledge of your local language. Make sure, you can listen, talk and write without errors. Though the position is Google Ad Rater, you might not get hired by Google. Instead, you’ll be interviewed by contracted companies such as Appen, Lionbridge, etc.

An applicant complete diploma and familiar with social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Gmail and Twitter. Access to a high-speed internet connection. Also, the applicant should have a PC or laptop to work from home. Google Ads Quality Rater need to use Google tool and review the content online – text, images, audio or video. As per Glassdoor reviews, every Ad Rater is earning a minimum of $16 every hour.

Video Creator

Google acquired YouTube in 2006. It’s considered as one of the craziest moves by Google. Now, YouTube is the world-second most visited platform on the web. If you can create attractive videos, apply for “YouTube Video Publisher” position. All you need to do is create unique and engaging video content. Make necessary changes if required. Proceed to upload the video on YouTube.

Keep a note, in order to make money with your YouTube videos with Google AdSense, you should meet the eligibility criteria. Let’s discuss them

  • Your YouTube channel needs to have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers.
  • More than 4,000 watch hours of one year.
  • Be compliant and obedient with the “YouTube Partner Program” policies.

The best part of earning money on YouTube – No investment. As long as you can create outstanding videos and internet connection, you can earn billions of dollars.

Search Engine Evaluator

Become a “Search Engine Evaluator” and make money easily from the comfort of your couch. Search Engine Evaluator and Ad Raters work in a similar way. In this role, they need to evaluate and estimate the search engine results. Also, ensures that the displayed search results are quality and relevant to the user’s search query. You can apply for Search Engine Evaluator position on Appen and Lionbridge. As per the analysis, Search Engine Evaluator is earning a maximum of $15 per hour. You should be familiar with relevant search results and have complete knowledge about Google products.

Google writing jobs

Are you working as a content writer? Do you write quality and effective content? Looking to earn passive income through Google? Yes!!! Google writing job is just for you. This is one of the easiest ways to get a job at Google. The company is offering content writing opportunities. No matter whether you’re good at storytelling or technical writing, apply for a content writing position and make money. You need to have a bachelor degree, 2 years of experience in content writing. Apart from creating content, you need to proofread the articles and blogs for Google. Have a look at Google Careers for more information about writing position. The salary may vary depending upon the skills and experience you’ve in this position.


Google is the best place to work with no worries. As long as the company provide you with work-from-home opportunities, you can earn a great income at the comfort of your home. There are several work-from-home opportunities available for you – Blogging, AdSense, Content Writing, Video Creator, Ads Quality Rater and more. Depending on your skill and experience, apply for the desired position. Start earning with investment. All you need to have creative skills and hardworking nature.

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