5 Genius Ways to Earn Free PayPal Money Fast

In order to earn money, you either need to have money or work hard, right? No! Yes, you’ve heard it right! You don’t have to have money or work for 8-10 hours a day to make money.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can earn money and grow money. Thanks to advancements in technology. You can make money right from your home and right from your mobile. Nope, this is not a scam. There are some legit ways to make money, okay, actually some free money to your PayPal account.

You can earn free PayPal money easily depending on the time you invest in. Sounds cool? You can see money coming into your PayPal account without doing much. So, wondering if this is really possible and legit? Well, it is. Earning free PayPal money is not that hard. All you have to do is invest your time smartly in the ways you encounter here in this article.

Of course, your efforts will always pay for you in the end. So, it’s simple, the more time you spend, the more money you earn. Although you can’t make a living with such free PayPal money, you can anyways pay gas, electricity, or dinner bills with the little money you earn. So, no matter if you are a mom staying home to raise your child but want to bring some income to your home or a college student who wants to manage expenses or an employee who wants some extra cash to pay bills. Moreover, it is always good to have a side hustle and multiple income streams to reach your financial goals faster. Don’t you agree?

So, ready to learn 5 genius ways to earn free PayPal money fast? Let’s get started…


So, making PayPal money here means converting your points into PayPal cash. Wondering how? Swagbucks is a popular survey site that lets you earn free money in exchange for doing simple and short tasks. All you have to do sign up for Swagbucks, take surveys, watch videos, browse, invite friends, and earn Swagbuck Points (SB). You can redeem those points for PayPal cash.

So, this is a great way to earn free PayPal money. You just need to do simple things online to earn points. You can redeem your points after you reach 300 SBs which is $3. It takes 10-14 business days for the money to reflect in your PayPal account. The advantage here is that you can earn money even during your coffee breaks in office or commercial breaks when watching TV.


The other genius way to make easy PayPal money is to take surveys on InboxDollars. This is another legit paid survey site in which you can also make money online doing other simple things you do every day. So, you can earn money by taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online, playing games, reading emails, etc. Instead of points, you earn money directly here. However, it takes 10-15 days to receive your payments.

The best part is you will earn $5 as a welcome bonus. After you reach a threshold, you can redeem the money for PayPal cash.

Survey Junkie

Loved the idea of getting paid for taking surveys? Then let your opinions make money for you. Survey Junkie is also a paid survey site that pays you for sharing your opinion. You will earn points in exchange for your feedback or reviews. Apart from participating in surveys, you can also make money by letting their software track your digital browsing activity.

Survey Junkie issues your money very instantly. You can redeem your money after you reach the threshold limit.

You just need to sign up, build your portfolio to see the relevant surveys to answer. The alternative payment options available are e-gift cards for popular brands.


MyPoints is a rewards site that offers cash back and points for answering surveys. So, you just need to sign up for it, build your portfolio, and take surveys to make points. Additionally, you can avail cashback which you can later redeem for gift cards or cash by shopping through their links. MyPoints credits you points for every dollar you spend on shopping via their links.

MyPoints also offers a $10 bonus on signing up.

It generally takes 2-20 minutes of time for answering surveys on any above websites. The pay varies depending on how long the surveys take and the brands. However, you have the option of what and when to choose. Also, the number of surveys you can access depends on your demographics like region, age, etc.


Rakuten, previously Ebates is one of the famous rewards sites that send you cashback in the form of PayPal money. You need to just shop whatever you want online through their links and receive cashback. Additionally, you can avail coupons and promo codes of high discounts on Rakuten.

Rakuten also offers a $10 bonus when you sign up. So, what are you waiting for? Join Rakuten today. The minimum amount you need to have in your account to redeem is $5. So, it’s a great deal to earn some quick cash.

Also, you do not need to spend your time here but follow their links when you are shopping. Meaning, you are earning for doing something you love and planned to do already. Isn’t it a smart way to make some cash?

Bottom Line

Hope these 5 genius ways to make free PayPal money help you in overcoming your tiny expenses. However, the best part is you are not limited to choose one among the above 5 ways. You can simply sign up for all the websites and finish tasks in your spare time. Moreover, you don’t need to have specific skills or experience to make free money. All you need to do is invest some time. Apart from earning free PayPal money by taking surveys and availing cashback, you can also choose to sell your used stuff or sell your services in your free time to make money. These instant money-making ideas come in rescue whenever you feel like I need money now. So, take time and think about how much money you need and how much time you can spend each day to grow your money.

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