5 Common Work-from-Home Scams to check

Remote working has become a popular trend now. More and more people are taking that leap of faith and joining work from home forces. All major corporations have also come to understand the importance and benefits of working from home. This is the reason why they insist on employees working from home at least once a week or thrice a month. 

People will come up with more creative ideas and there will be an increase in productivity. No more worrying about traffic, waking up early to catch the train or bus on time. The journey from your breakfast table to your home office is all that you have to travel to. Most people think that entrepreneurs or startup owners are the ones that have the privilege to work from home every day. But there are online platforms that are helping you find remote jobs. If you’re interested in knowing more about work from home jobs then check out the article, 10 best work from home jobs.

But as it is good there is an equal part of bad in this world, don’t you agree? So if you’re looking for remote working jobs then you must be aware that there are scams that will charm money out of your wallet but they either do not show you relevant jobs or disappear altogether. 

So if you’re someone who is planning to work from home then you need to be aware of these scams to stay clear of them. Wondering who you will know all this information. No worries you’re at the right place at the right time. In this article, you will be knowing about the 5 common work from home scams that you must check.

Let’s dive then.

Scams to check 

Be it a side hustle or a full-time opportunity, work from home jobs will bring in cash for you and as you don’t have to travel for long distances you will save money on fuel, vehicle or bus, or train ticket fare. But if you fall into the hands of the scammer you will not only lose the money you will waste your time too. 

Work from home jobs always sounds like a sweet deal. But many companies advertise fake jobs to steal your data and money. So no matter how tempting the job looks, check and go on the internet to find more about the job. Check out many reviews and once you’re clear that this is a real deal then only jump.

Let’s check out such scams you should be aware of. 

Medical Billing Scams 

Many sites lure people in by showing them the amount of money they will be making in the future. It would be great if this is true, but once you sign up they will ask you to pay some amount upfront. If you come across such offers, don’t even waste your time on such offers, because there are high chances of it being a scam. Medical billing is one such scam. They usually lure people with the perspective of making huge earnings.

But the reality is quite different, once you sign up they will ask you to pay money for the software and they even tell you to bring a huge list of doctors and hospitals. They will tell you that your job is to handle billing for these doctors or hospitals, but the truth is most of the hospitals have in-house billing. So once you sign up and pay for the software they take off with your money.

Pyramid schemes

This is one of the most common scams that you will find in every industry. And even if people know that there is a chance of it being a scam they still end up taking the bait. In this pyramid scheme apart from you end up being played in the fraudulent hands you’re dragging your family and acquaintances too. You make money when you recruit new people to join in. They attract people by showing huge rewards, but in reality, only 1% of the people involved make money, however, the rest lose money. 

Mystery shopping scams 

Mystery shopping sounds fun and interesting. Because all you have to do is a shop and eat at the stores. Frankly, you will get the money you spent back but this is where you should be careful. Although many genuine sites pay you good money for becoming a mystery shopper. However, some scams lure with this prospect. So there is nothing wrong with being extra careful or cautious. Never join a  company that asks you to pay money upfront for any purpose be it for training or a job. Because it is more likely for you to lose your money. 

Product testing scams

Product testing has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. In this job you just have to test the product be it a website or App or a physical product and give them your feedback. Many sites are legitimate and will bring in cash for you. However, there are equal number of scams out there you must be careful of. So skip any site that asks you for payment upfront. Because a legit site will not ask you for money upfront. Before signing up thoroughly research the web for information about such sites. Read all the reviews and only jump if you find it right.

Survey scams 

Surveys are some of the most common methods to earn money from work from home jobs. But as mentioned, every industry has scammers and they are becoming more and more intelligent with time. So they are now conning people intelligently. Several sites are legit and will pay the money you have earned. However, the only way to find out these scam sites is to read reviews and ask around to see how true is the paying system.


These are the common scams that you should stay clear of while searching for work from jobs. Interested in other side hustles that will bring some extra cash. Then check out our other articles

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