20 Surprising Hobbies that can Make Money


People love to try different things!!! In fact, they enjoy and have lots of fun while doing such things. Few people are passionate about capturing beautiful pictures and few people love to cook delicious food. However, they might be busy running at 9 to 5 job and clearing their debt. In this way, people might ignore their passion without knowing. Don’t ignore your hobbies, with your passion you can make money without hassles.

Following are the surprising hobbies that can make money


Are you planning to make some passive income during your free time? Start freelancing!!! There are few gig economy websites such as Fiverr and Upwork are the best places to start your freelancing career. These websites help you to earn money from freelancing. Whether you’re good at graphic designing or social media marketing, check the best freelancing job for you. Find the job at Upwork or Fiverr and place a bid. When a client is satisfied with your skills and bid, they will assign a task for you. After completing the given task, you’ll get paid.

Content writing

If you’re the one who writes quality, engaging and curated content, a content writing job is for you. There are many businesses who are looking for freelance writers. Apply for the job at Copify or Fiverr and make money just by writing the content sitting at home. If you can write an effective research paper and SEO content writer, your payout would be more. As per the analysis, content writers are earning more than $100,000 every year through content writing.


Content writing is a profitable way to earn passive income. However, it’s not just restricted to writing or publishing the blog posts, you can keep your writing skills for correction. It means you can use your writing and grammatical skills by correcting or editing other content writer’s work. As a proofreader, you need to read the blog pots, check grammatical mistakes or spelling errors. Proofreading other’s work is the best way to make some extra income. You don’t require to have a bachelor or the master’s degree to become a proofreader.

Graphic designing

If content writing is not your cup of tea, don’t limit yourself to finding the way to earning passive income. If you can create attractive visuals and enjoy illustration, become a freelance graphic designer and make money within a short period of time. Finding a graphic designing job that pays a high salary can be possible with Upwork, Fiveer and DesignCrowd. Get registered and create your profile on these job platforms. When you’re profile meets with clients requirements, they will reach you. Create banners, images or infographics according to their requirement and make money with your designing skills.

Website designing

Having an online presence allows a business to promote its products or services. A powerful website is vital to improve credibility. The business considers the website as a powerful marketing tool to run their business successfully. As small and large businesses need a website to showcase their products or services, they’re actively looking for website designers. If you can design user-friendly and user experience website, this job is for you. Create an appealing website and mobile application to make a good income.


How about earning money while sleeping or having a cup of coffee? Amazing right!!! Start a blog or website to make money. There are several ways to earn money with your blog or website. Let’s consider, you can promote other businesses products or services on your blog. You’ll earn commission on every referred sale. Keep a note, your website or blog should have more number to traffic to generate more number of referred sales.


Did you know that top photographers are earning $70,000 every year? Yes, you’ve heard it right!!! If you have a habit of creating beautiful photos, choosing photography is the best side hustle business for you. Choose the niche that according to your interest, it can be travel, food, wedding, etc. Start capturing attractive images and upload them on Freepik, iStockphoto, Shutterstock and more. Whenever a user purchases your photos, you will make money.

The stock market

The stock market is interesting, people are earning limitless profit. Though investing in the stock market sounds simple, but not easy. If you’re a beginner, you need to understand and research the stock market. The more you learn about the stock market the more knowledge you can gain. Start with small and make your money double in no time.

Video making

Video is the future of the internet. If you have a hobby of making videos for a wedding or other events, you can make money through video making. You don’t need to have a master degree or valuable equipment to make a video. All you need is a video editing software for editing or giving a special effect to the video. Upload the video on YouTube and make money. When your video reaches 1000 views, you will earn $5. The more views your video reach, the more money you can earn on YouTube.

Surf the Internet

Surfing the internet and getting paid is the best thing ever. If you have a hobby of surfing the internet, turn your hobby into making-money opportunity. Visit Swagbucks and Bing Rewards and make money on surfing the web, watching videos, playing games and more. These money-making programs pay higher when compared to other programs.


If you’re good at testing the product or service, you can earn a good income out for your pocket. Testing websites allow you to earn more than $30 every hour. Testerwork is a popular platform to make money. Over 40,000 testers are earning a good income by testing websites and apps on Testerwork.

Sell unused stuff on eBay

Get rich by selling unused things on eBay. You don’t need to have a bachelor degree to create a seller account at eBay. Anybody can sell their unused things such as books, clothes, mobiles, furniture and more. Within a matter of minutes, customers will find your product and place an order. Earn $1000 dollars by selling unused or old things.

Sell handcrafted products on Amazon

Have you ever heard about “sell on amazon”? Of Course many times right. There are many people who are selling their customised stuff and make good passive income. As customised products are increasing in popularity, many customers prefer to buy customised products. No matter whether you design customised accessories or home decor, you can make money by selling handcrafted things on Amazon.

Complete Online Surveys

Business and website require content to stay up-to-date. Also, reviews help them to improve their business products or services. These companies pay money to survey takers for completing the survey. There are few websites such as Surveybucks and SurveyJunkie allow users to complete the survey and make money. Many people are making hundreds of dollars in a single day. Swagbucks is offering upto $35 by completing every survey.


Wikibuy is the popular extension available in the market. Many shoppers are installing Wikibuy and adding it as an extension. Wikibuy is the best place to find out discounts, coupons and offers from online retailers. Whenever the e-commerce platform is running a sale, it automatically displays the sale on their page. Whenever you shop online don’t forget to have a look at Wikibuy and grab discounts. This way you can save money in a simple manner.

Earn Cash Back with Ibotta

Do you love shopping online? Of Course, everyone loves to shop online and stay trendy. If you regularly shop online, you can save money on your purchase. But how? Download Ibotta application on your mobile phone. Check the app whenever you’re shopping online. The app offers you with discounts, offers and cashback. Yes, you’ve heard it right. You can earn an amazing cashback whenever you shop online. Ibotta is the legit app that provides cashback on every purchase. While shopping, visit Ibotta and capture the picture of the receipt and get cashback on your purchase. Download the app and get $25 as a welcome bonus.

App development

As mobile users are increasing every day, businesses are introducing mobile applications to grow their business. Whether their niche if food or travel, the mobile application is must and should. Small and large business are looking for app developers to build remarkable apps and grow. If you’re good at app development you can earn pretty good cash with your skill. All you need is hard work, patience and dedication while building an app.


Online education is now trending. Many high school teachers are earning good money by creating an online course on an expertise subject. If you’re a hobby of teaching to your friends, becoming an online instructor is the best way to monetize your skills and make money. Get registered to popular online teaching websites such as Tutor, Udemy and Uteach. Set flexible hours and make a good income by educating others. Online tutors are paid around $30 per hour.

Shop with Rakuten

Shopping online is a favourite thing for many people. But, many shopping websites don’t provide you discount or offers. Don’t worry!!! Download the Rakuten app on your mobiles and get cashback whenever you shop online through Rakuten. The cashback rate may range from 1% to 40%. If you’re a new user, you can earn $10 as a welcome bonus. The bonus will be reflected after your first purchase.

Become a grocery shopper

Thanks to the internet!!! People are enjoying comfort by placing the order of required things. No matter whether they would like to order food or book flight tickets, everything can be done within few simple clicks. Also, people are now placing grocery and household items. If you love travelling, become a grocery shopper. Make money by delivering groceries to others. As a grocery shopper, you can enjoy flexible working hours. There are few requirements to eligible for grocery shopper – you’re age must be 18+, valid driving license and own vehicle.


How about earning money during your free time? Sounds fantastic right. Earn a passive income from your hobbies. No matter your hobby could be writing blogs or surfing the internet. There are millions of people who are boosing their earning potential just with their hobbies. Find the best hobby that can earn passive income to your wallet.

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