14 Ways to Get More Airbnb Bookings

So, one of the easiest ways to make money sitting at home is definitely renting out your space. Fortunately, you don’t have to search around for ways to rent out your spare room, Airbnb is one of the best platforms to list your space. It is an American vacation rental online Marketplace with a large number of users, both hosts and guests. Of course, it doesn’t need an introduction, for the past few years, Airbnb has become a household name. Many people in the U.S and other parts of the world are making decent passive income with Airbnb.

So, need some quick cash or want to start a side hustle that contributes more to your financial goals? If you own a house with one or more spare rooms or can get an agreement from your landowner if you are a tenant, you can make money renting it. However, in order to make more money, you need to get more bookings. Wondering how you can make more money with Airbnb?  Here are 14 effective ways to get more bookings on Airbnb. Let’ get started…

Fill Appropriate Details

To get a booking you need to appear first. So, start with filling details about your property. No matter if you are going to rent out a single room or entire space, provide accurate information. Anyhow, firstly ensure you mention the accurate address. Next, provide information about your neighborhood so that guests can get to see if they are nearer to essential localities and places. Also, remember to list the appropriate details of your property, like how many rooms, is it fully furnished, maintained properly etc.

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Rank your Listing on Top

Now, as said, your listing should appear on the first page. Else you don’t stand chances to get bookings. So, make sure you put relevant keywords about your listing, update your calendar regularly about availability, quickly respond to queries and finally maintain positive reviews for your listing. Reviewing these factors, Airbnb pushes your listing to the top, so that you gain more visibility, hence more bookings.

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Upload High-Quality Pictures

One of the most important things you need to consider when listing your property is to upload accurate and high-quality photos of your property. Listings with no or low-quality photos are likely ignored by users. So, ensure you upload pleasing and maximum photos to get more Airbnb bookings. This doesn’t mean you have to edit or add more filters to make your house look better. In fact, this may harm you because this disappoints the guest after they walk in. And they might give a negative review warning  the other users. So, just click pictures with high-quality camera with maximum sunlight in the room to let users know how exactly your room looks like.

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Make it Easy for your Guest to Reach your Place

Providing positive experiences for your guests can help you get more bookings because user reviews matter the most to other guests when deciding where to stay. So, you need to ease the process and living easy for your guests at your place. Therefore, make it easy for guests to reach your place. Be within their reach either on Airbnb App or on call to guide them to your place. Also, make it easy for them to find the keys so that they don’t get exhausted to find keys as they are already tired by traveling.

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Set Reasonable Pricing

One of the smart ways to increase your Airbnb bookings is to set prices that are pleasing and seem reasonable. You can get access to Airbnb’s smart pricing or check your nearby property’s pricing to decide yours. If you want to get more bookings you can slightly lower the pricing comparatively. But make sure you don’t go into losses. Calculate everything and set the pricing.

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Never Cancel Booking in the Last Minute

As said you need to maintain a positive and highly recommended profile to get more bookings. While canceling the booking in the last minute or for ingenuine reasons can degrade your profile, you better avoid it.

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Answer Queries ASAP

In regards to maintaining a positive profile that attracts more guests, you need to be more active on the platform. All you need to do is enable notifications and reply to the queries related to the bookings as soon as possible. This way people realize you are a responsive host and get impressed to book your property.

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Activate Instant Book

It might be a bit impossible to accept bookings when you are busy doing other things. So, you can rely on Airbnb’s amazing feature here. Activate instant book, so that whenever your calendar is free, people can automatically book your property and you receive the details in notifications.

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Keep the Place Clean

The crucial thing that a guest looks for is if the place is neat and clean. So, make sure you maintain the property pretty clean. Declutter your home, sell away old stuff you are not using anymore (and make money) to make your home look more spacious and inviting. This way you can attract and please the guests by doing a little. Pleasing guests means positive reviews that invite more guests.

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Provide Essentials

Along with providing a clean and great room, you also need to care for essentials that guests may need. Provide bath towels, body wash, appliances like fridge, heater and kitchen supplies, toilet essentials etc. This way your guest do not need to go out for buying important stuff.

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Build a Positive Rapport

You need to build a positive relationship with your guests to please the more. The more you are connected to them, the higher chances they recommend you. So, be available whenever they need something important, ask if they reach the house if you are not around and help them with the best restaurants, shopping malls to save money and have the best holiday.

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Leave Instructions

So, whether if you are around or not, make sure you leave a printed instructions note in the room. That should include how to turn on the lights, open windows or operate appliances etc. This way they don’t end getting tired accessing such things.

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Promote through Social Media

After you win more positive feedback and reviews for your listing, spread the word on different social media channels to improve the visibility of your listing. Post the availability of your listing on social media groups and through word of mouth. Thus if someone who gets impressed with your listing might contact you when they visit your city.

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Respond to Feedback or Reviews Wisely

You need to be more conversational with your guests and other users to get more bookings. Respond to your guest’s reviews, thank them or apologize if something if they are dissatisfied. This way users think you care about guests and consider booking your property.

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Finally, Do Not Forget to Check your Listing Often

Now that you have made it to the end, so here is the bonus tip. Do not forget to check your profile and listing regularly. You might miss important notifications or forgot to update your calendar which creates a mess later. So, log in to your Airbnb account often.

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Bottom Line

In order to make more bookings and hence money, you need to know more about how the platform works, how is your area’s pricing and when are the times you can increase the pricing such as weekends or holidays. Doing so you can make the most out of the opportunities as well as the platform. Hope this article helps you get more bookings for the property you list on Airbnb.

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