10 Ways to Sell Cardboard for Cash

Do you purchase online frequently? Yes, then you must have a lot of cardboards at your place. As you see, anything you order from online, be it mobile or vacuum cleaner, everything comes in cardboard that fits the size of your item. This brings us to the question, what do you do with the cardboard boxes? Do you throw them out or use them to store unused things or just simply let them be.

Whatever you were doing before with them doesn’t matter. Wondering why? Because why do anything else with cardboard boxes when you can make money from them. Selling the cardboard boxes is undoubtedly one of the best methods for you to make money. Because of its abundance, you can easily make money. 

This brings us to the question of where to find the cardboard boxes. You can collect them from your friends or family. If not you can find them in your own house. Also, you will find them at grocery stores or restaurants because as they always purchase bulk items they have hard, good, big cardboard boxes. 

So where can you sell them then? Wait till the end to find out.


This is one of the most diverse platforms to sell cardboards. First things first, you must list your boxes on the platform for sale. The different types of cardboard boxes that you can sell on this platform are Regular boxes, Narrow boxes, Mailers, Wine Boxes, Pallets, Box Kits, Packing supplies, etc. Once you list the boxes, the BoxCycle will communicate with all the potential buyers. If any of the buyers are interested they will contact you. And the buyer picks up the boxes you will get paid. If you want to find the cardboard buyers near you then you can check out the wanted tab.


What shocked? Don’t be, because you can also sell used cardboard boxes on eBay. Be it plain old boxes, Amazon prime boxes, new boxes you can sell all of them on this platform. But before you fix a price make sure to add the price of the shipping and the seller fees into consideration. If you have a lot of boxes and the shipping is expensive in your area you can go for the eBay local pickup option. 


Yup, there is a site that is particularly for cardboards. Shocking, right? The specialty of usedcardboardboxes.com is that they accept even damaged boxes too. You can sell Gaylord totes and shipping boxes here. All you have to do is submit the size of the boxes along with a picture of your most common sized box. This is to ensure the quality of your boxes. Also most importantly you don’t have to worry about paying delivery or pick up fees. 

Duffy Box

Duffy boxes have been in the business for a long time. Yup, they have been in the market since 1930. They own around 200 trailers that will pick up the boxes and deliver them to your buyers. See this is perfect right? You can actually stop your home clutter and earn good money. In case you have boxes you can contact them to get the price quote.

Box smart

With Boxsmart you can clearly earn more. Wanna know how? This company sells unused cardboard boxes directly to other companies. That is why you will earn more than your usual amount I,e., more than 91% of what you earn. When they locate a buyer they will take care of your logistics too. You just have to load your boxes and get paid. 


Rebox platform specifically purchases cardboard boxes from Canadian and American sellers. This platform usually buys directly from the companies that have a huge amount of over-run, job lot, cardboard boxes. If you want to get prices for the cardboard boxes you can leave a comment with all the details of your inventory. Also, don’t forget to add your personal details.

Contain exchanger 

If you’re looking for a platform to Gaylord boxes then this is perfect for you. You can also sell the boxes that you have picked from the local factory. But the only condition to sell on this platform is that at a single time you must sell 200 boxes. The price of the boxes depends on the conditions and size of the boxes. Approximately the price of a box can be $35.


Craigslist is a perfect option if you want to sell your cardboards locally. This platform and the craigslist alternative are the best options for you. It is best because you don’t have to worry about shipping as the buyer directly comes to your doorstep to pick them. Cool, right? You can sell your cardboards to someone near you. So check out the platform and sell your cardboards without worrying.


U-Haul is the perfect platform for you to sell your used cardboards. With these platforms, you can sell the cardboard box to families that are moving soon. You can look for free boxes as most sellers are interested in selling their boxes for free. So check out the platform regularly for free boxes. This box exchange platform is perfect for you. Without spending a single penny you can sell your boxes to people who are actually in need.


Sadlers are a perfect option for people who live in the UK. If you’re staying in the UK then you can sell your cardboards to this platform without any worries. It is trustworthy because it has been in business for a long time. Yup, they have been doing it since 1952. Sadlers buy both new and used cardboards. If you have odd-sized boxes then you must first recycle them. Want to know how much you will make? You can find out by sending them a free quote.

Wrapping up

These are the 10 interesting ways to sell cardboards. Some of them accept used and damaged boxes too. So the next time you have cardboards lying around the house then sell them instead of cluttering your house. Use these methods and make good money. What are you waiting for then? Go and search if you have cardboards around the house that can bring in extra cash.

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