10 Ways to Make Money Selling on eBay

eBay is one of the popular e-commerce platforms to buy and sell products. No matter whether you’re looking for the latest fashion accessories or used mobile phone. eBay is the one-stop destination for you. Many people are selling their stuff on eBay and earning a good income.

Selling on eBay is straightforward. You will be amazed when people buy your items for a high cost.

Following are the hand-picked ways to make money selling on eBay

Choose your product

There are few sellers who buy items for less price and sell them for a high price. This way many successful sellers at eBay are making great profits. If you want to resell the items on eBay, stick with the products that you’re most familiar with. Consider, if you’re working at an electronics company, you might be familiar with the best electronics, while reselling on eBay, focusing more on grabbing the best deals on electronic products is advantageous for you.

List down the products that you’re familiar with. You can earn a good income by reselling those products. Avoid reselling the items that you don’t have enough knowledge.

Find reliable suppliers

Finding trustworthy suppliers will save you money and time. Always avoid suppliers that you cannot trust. When you choose a reliable supplier, you can save yourself. Since they will ship the items on or before the shipping date, provide good customer service, be responsible for everything, and more. Spend your time researching on finding the best suppliers before you start doing business with them. If you have time, meet your suppliers or call and discuss on the phone call. Ask them to explain their terms, policies, shipping information and more.

Buy cheap items and sell them at a high price

Selling unused things and making money is one of the best ways to earn profits. Apart from selling unused items on eBay, you can also buy cheap priced products. Later, sell them on eBay at higher prices.

Sounds like a cool idea right!!!

eBay offers great discounts on almost everything. Also, many sellers are taking advantage of a clearance sale. In which they buy products such as fashion clothes, footwear, electronic gadget and other products at a low price. Make the great use of these sales and buy as many products at the cheapest price. Your savings will be doubled when you resell them for a high price. For example, when you buy a mobile phone for $20 on sale, you can resell the mobile phone for $40 on eBay.

Use high-quality pictures

Capturing high-quality photos is important for sellers. There are two key benefits of using high-quality photos of your product – it will lead to better exposure and using accurate pictures, customers will understand how exactly does the product look like. It means listing the accurate photos will lead to fewer returns and more satisfaction.

Improve your profile on eBay

The extraordinary way to get started as an eBay seller is to become eBay buyer first. Because, when buyers check your history, they will recognize and assume you as a trustworthy person.

No matter what product you purchase on eBay, spend time on giving positive feedback to build your presence on eBay. Another important thing while improving your profile is choosing the right username. Be professional while choosing your user name and increase your potential customers.

Keep an eye on selling cost on eBay

Before starting earning on eBay, you should research the selling cost of every item. Does the cost really worth selling your items on eBay? If yes!!! You will earn a decent amount of profits. Beware of selling cost on eBay. Understand how much you should pay for every item listed and how much amount you need to pay for every sale.

According to research, sellers are allowed to list upto 1000 items/month, they don’t need to pay for listing their items. After listing 1000 items, sellers should pay 35p for each item. Also, eBay charges for extra features such as using large-size pictures, promoting your item on eBay home page and more.

Sell a few items

Test your luck by selling limited items on eBay. This allows you an opportunity to how eBay works and does it worth selling the item to get profit.

Select the item and capture good pictures and write descriptions for every item. Set an opening bid price. This will attract many bidders. Decide whether you would like to provide “easy returns” when the buyer is not satisfied with your product, they may return.

Plan your shipping policy in advance. Outline how the product will be delivered, who will pay you and how much does it cost. Great news!!! eBay is offering shipping calculator, use the calculator and help yourself. Also, research for other listings on eBay of simpler item. This is the best way to check out how other sellers are listing their product on eBay.

Don’t forget to send an invoice

With eBay interface, you can send an invoice to your buyer. There are few buyers who pay before you send an invoice. This is not a good practice for them, educate them by sending an invoice. Once you receive payments, pack the item and deliver it to buyers doorstep as soon as possible.

Request for feedback

Feedback plays a vital role in your success. When a buyer process payments and happy with your product, they would give positive feedback of your item using “eBay’s Feedback System”. When you ship an item, don’t forget to request your customer to provide feedback. Delivering quality item at a cost-effective price will ensure positive feedback from your customer.

Open an eBay Store

Are you earning great profits? Actively improving your sales? Yes!!! It’s time to open an eBay store.  Also, there are several advantages of eBay store rather than listing your product in a regular way. eBay store offers low fee, marketing tools, extended free listing and more.


There are several ways to sell your items, one of the easiest ways is selling online. It’s no surprise there are hundreds of e-commerce selling website available online, many of them prefer eBay to sell their products. If you’re planning to sell your stuff on eBay, don’t forget to implement these methods.

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